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It's the Enterprise vs. Unicron!

Well, not really, but there are any number of lines in this episode that sound like they could be describing him.

The crew heads to a solar system that, for some reason, isn't a solar system anymore and come on the remains of a derelict Constellation class starship (that is, same type of Starship as the Enterprise). In fact, it is the Constellation! The only person on board is one Commodore Decker, apparently an old friend of Captain Kirk's. Now, as a quick note, the rank of "Commodore" doesn't exist in the modern Navy, but used to be what we now call Rear Admiral, Lower Half (more or less). It's the lowest rank of Admiral, the one right above a Captain. The idea of someone outranking Kirk and commanding the same type of starship isn't that far fetched, though, as it happens fairly often that certain positions can be filled by more than one actual ranks. Just explaining things so that we can establish that Decker does outrank Kirk.

Anyway, Kirk questions Decker about what happened, and Decker describes their encounter with a giant planet-killing machine, explains how the ship was damaged, about how he ordered the abandon ship when things looked hopeless and stayed behind to go down with his ship, and...

I'll include that quote later.

Kirk, Scotty, and a small damage control team stay on the other ship to try to get it mobile while Decker, Spock, and McCoy return to the Enterprise so Decker can get checked out. Unfortunately, the Doomsday device returns and starts running down the Enterprise, while Decker, guilt ridden, goes vengeful and, basically, nutty. He tries to kamikaze the Enterprise, and when the crew won't let him do that, he manages it in a shuttle instead. Spock is able to observe, however, that the damage done the shuttle is more significant than it appears visually, and Kirk gets the idea to try the same thing with Decker's old ship. He's beamed off just in time, and the planet killer is destroyed.

Apparently a matter-anti-matter explosion works as well as a Matrix in a pinch.

SULU: Sir, we're now within the limits of System L-370, but I can't seem to locate
SPOCK: Captain, sensors show this entire solar system has been destroyed. Nothing left but rubble and asteroids.
KIRK: But that's incredible. The star in this system is still intact. Only a nova could destroy like that.
SPOCK: Nonetheless, Captain, sensors show nothing but debris where we charted seven planets last year.

KIRK: She was attacked. Red alert! Red alert! Man your battle stations!

It's an indicator that I've been RPing Red Alert too much lately that my first thought is, "Gee, why only him?"

DECKER: We tried to contact Starfleet. No one heard. No one! We couldn't run.
KIRK: What happened to your crew?
DECKER: Oh, I had to beam them down. We were dead. No power, our phasers useless. I stayed behind, the last man. The Captain, the last man aboard the ship. That's what you're supposed to do, isn't it? And then it hit again and the transporter went out. They were down there, and I'm up here.
KIRK: What hit? What attacked you?
DECKER: They say there's no devil, Jim, but there is. Right out of hell, I saw it.
KIRK: Matt, where's your crew?
DECKER: On the third planet.
KIRK: There is no third planet.
DECKER: Don't you think I know that? There was, but not anymore. They called me. They begged me for help, four hundred of them. I couldn't. I couldn't. (breaks down in tears)

I... really feel for Decker here.

KIRK: What does it look like?
DECKER: Well, it's miles long, with a maw that could swallow a dozen starships. It destroys planets, chops them into rubble.
KIRK: What is it, an alien ship? Or is it alive, or is it
DECKER: Both or neither. I don't know.


SPOCK: She was attacked by what appears to be essentially a robot, an automated weapon of immense size and power. Its apparent function is to smash planets to rubble and then digest the debris for fuel. It is, therefore, self-sustaining as long as there are planetary bodies for it to feed on.
KIRK: A robot weapon that purposely destroys entire solar systems. Why?


MCCOY: This whole thing's incredible. A robot? A machine like that, who would build it?
KIRK: We don't know. An alien race, apparently from another galaxy.
MCCOY: But why?
KIRK: Bones, did you ever hear of a doomsday machine?
MCCOY: No. I'm a doctor, not a mechanic.

You also don't poke your head outside of that borderline-xenophobic shell of yours very often, do you, Bones?

KIRK: It's a weapon built primarily as a bluff. It's never meant to be used. So strong, it could destroy both sides in a war. Something like the old H-Bomb was supposed to be. That's what I think this is. A doomsday machine that somebody used in a war uncounted years ago. They don't exist anymore, but the machine is still destroying.

SPOCK: It came up on us fast, Captain, but we seem able to maintain our distance.
KIRK [OC]: We're blind here. What's it look like?
(Decker and McCoy enter. The viewscreen shows a thing with a big yellow maw, that tapers down along it's body to a pointed tail.)
SPOCK: It looks very much like Commodore Decker's planet killer. And it is pursuing us.
(The viewscreen now shows it head-on. A round opening with a small sun partway down the gullet.)

Whoops! Not Unicron! Okay. Unicron if he looked like a giant stone leech sort of thing.

DECKER: Status report.
SPOCK: Impulse and warp engines operative, transporter and communications under repair. Random chance seems to have operated in our favour.
MCCOY: In plain, non-Vulcan English, we've been lucky.
SPOCK: I believe I said that, Doctor.

SPOCK: Evidently programmed to ignore anything as small as a ship beyond a certain radius. We'll maintain a discreet distance and circle back to pick up the Captain.
DECKER: You can't let that reach Rigel. Why, millions of innocent people would die.
SPOCK: I am aware of the Rigel system's population, Commodore, but we are only one ship. Our deflector shields are strained, our subspace transmitter is useless. Logically, our primary duty is to survive in order to warn Starfleet Command.
DECKER: Our primary duty is to maintain life and safety of Federation planets. Do you deny that?
SPOCK: Mister Sulu, you will lay in an evasive course back to the Constellation.
SULU: Aye, aye, sir.
DECKER: Belay that last order, helmsman. One hundred and eighty degree turn, hard about. We're going to attack.
(The whole Bridge holds its breath.)
SPOCK: You will carry out my last order, Mister Sulu.
DECKER: Mister Spock, I'm officially notifying you that I'm exercising my option under regulations as a Starfleet Commodore, and that I am assuming command of the Enterprise.
SPOCK: You have the right to do so, but I would advise against it.
DECKER: That thing must be destroyed.
SPOCK: You tried to destroy it once before, Commodore. The result was a wrecked ship and a dead crew.

SPOCK: Unfortunately, Starfleet Order 104, Section B, leaves me no alternative. Paragraph 1A clearly states
MCCOY: To blazes with regulations! You can't let him take command when you know he's wrong!
SPOCK: If you can certify Commodore Decker medically or psychologically unfit for command, I can relieve him under Section C.
MCCOY: I'll certify that right now.
SPOCK: You'll also be asked to produce your medical records to prove it.
MCCOY: Now, you know I haven't had time to run an examination on him.
SPOCK: Then your statement would not be considered valid.

SULU: Closing fast.
SPOCK: Deflector shields at full power. They can't take much more of this.
DECKER: Helmsman, hold your course. Stand by all phaser banks.
SULU: Aye, aye, sir.
(The planet killer fires at them.)
SPOCK: Deflectors holding, but weakening. We must retreat, Commodore. The energy drain
DECKER: I'm in command here, Mister Spock. Maintain your course, helmsman. Get us in closer.

(Two phaser beams strafe the machine's body.)
SULU: Direct hit. It just bounced off.
SPOCK: Commodore, I urgently recommend immediate withdrawal.
DECKER: Recommendation noted. Maintain course. Fire!

SPOCK; Sir, deflector shields are gone.
PALMER: (to Spock) Sir, Deck seven reports power failure in main energisers. Implementing emergency procedures. (another hit) Severe casualties reported on decks three and four. Damage control party sealing off inner hull rupture.
SPOCK: It has ceased fire. We're being held in a tractor beam. We're being pulled inside, Commodore. You must veer off.
DECKER: Maintain phaser fire, helmsman.
SPOCK: We have lost warp power. If we don't break the tractor beam within sixty seconds, we never will.
DECKER: But don't you understand? We've got to destroy it!
SPOCK: That, sir, is illogical. It is suicide. Attempted suicide would be proof that you are psychologically unfit for command. If you don't veer off, I shall relieve you on that basis.
DECKER: Veer off.

Spock wins!

On the Constellation:
KIRK: We're moving, the Enterprise isn't. Maybe that thing will see us and let the Enterprise go. If I only had some phasers.
SCOTT: Phasers? You've got 'em. I have one bank recharged.
KIRK: Scotty, you've just earned your pay for the week. Stand by. Fire phasers.

Just the week, Kirk?

Over the communicator:
DECKER [OC]: Commodore Decker speaking.
KIRK: Matt. What's going on? Give me Mister Spock.
DECKER: I'm in command here, Jim.
KIRK [OC]: What happened to Spock?
DECKER: Nothing. I assumed command according to regulations
DECKER [OC]: Since your first officer was reluctant to take aggressive action against the
KIRK: You mean you're the lunatic who's responsible for almost destroying my ship?
DECKER: You are speaking to a senior officer, Kirk.
KIRK: Give me Spock.
DECKER: I told you, I am in command here, according to every rule in the book, Captain. Anything you have to say at all, you will say to me.
KIRK: There's only one thing I want to say to you, Commodore. Get my ship out of there.

Kirk is not a happy Kirk!

Again, Kirk is still on the Constellation. Everyone else is on the Enterprise.
KIRK: Take evasive action, Mister Sulu.
DECKER: I told you, I am in command here and I will give the orders, Captain. We're going to turn and attack.
KIRK [OC]: Not with my ship, you don't.
KIRK: Mister Spock, relieve Commodore Decker immediately. That's a direct order.
DECKER: You can't relieve me and you know it. According to regulations
KIRK: Blast regulations! Mister Spock, I order you to assume command on my personal authority as Captain of the Enterprise.
SPOCK: Commodore Decker, you are relieved of command.
DECKER: I don't recognise your authority to relieve me.
SPOCK: You may file a formal protest with Starfleet Command, assuming we survive to reach a Starbase. But you are relieved. Commodore. I do not wish to place you under arrest.
DECKER: You wouldn't dare. (Spock signals the guards forward) You're bluffing.
SPOCK: Vulcans never bluff.

BULLSHIT! However, I suspect he's not bluffing in this case, at the very least.

Spock on Enterprise, Decker on shuttlecraft entering the Doomsday Machine's mouth, and Kirk on the Constellation.

KIRK: This is Kirk. Matt, you'll be killed.
DECKER: I've been prepared for death ever since I, ever since I killed my crew.
KIRK: No one expects you to die for an error in judgment.
DECKER: The commander is responsible for the lives of his crew, and for their deaths. Well, I should have died with mine.
SPOCK: You cannot succeed, Commodore. Your only logical alternative is to return to the ship.
KIRK: Matt. Matt, listen to me. You can't throw your life away like this. Matt, you're a starship commander. That makes you a valuable commodity.
KIRK [OC]: We need you, your experience, your judgment. Matt! (Decker turns off the intercom)
KIRK: We're stronger with you than without you!
(The shuttlecraft enters the planet killer, and Decker dies in agony from the radiation.)
Spock: He's gone.

SPOCK: Captain, you're getting dangerously close to the planet killer.
KIRK: I intend to get a lot closer. I'm going to ram her right down that thing's throat.
SPOCK: Jim, you'll be killed, just like Decker.
KIRK: No. No, I don't intend to die, Mister Spock. We've rigged a delay detonation device. You'll have thirty seconds to beam me aboard the Enterprise before the Constellation's impulse engines blow.

SPOCK: Thirty seconds is very slim timing.
KIRK: A chance I'll have to take. Kirk out.
SCOTT: A cranky transporter's a mighty finicky piece of machinery to be gambling your life on, sir.

KIRK: Gentlemen, beam me aboard.
SPOCK [OC]: We can't, Captain. Transporter is out again.


KIRK: Gentlemen, I suggest you beam me aboard.

Kirk's starting to sweat it here. :)

SPOCK: Welcome aboard, Captain. Sensors show all energy sources deactivated. It's quite dead.
KIRK: Mister Sulu, ease us back to minimum headway. Conserve power as much as possible. Lieutenant Palmer, tell Mister Scott to expedite repairs on the warp drive. Poor Matt. He gave his life in an attempt to save others. Not the worst way to go.
SPOCK: Indeed, Captain. I presume your log will show that Commodore Decker died in the line of duty.
KIRK: Indeed it shall, Mister Spock.

SPOCK: Appropriate, Captain. However, I can't help wondering if there are any more of those weapons wandering around the universe.
KIRK: Well, I certainly hope not. I found one quite sufficient.


The Doomsday Machine
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