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Righto. Because I don't have enough random things eating my time, this weekend, on an impulse buy, I picked up a computer game called "Fashion Solitaire." Because, of course, I know sooooooo much about fashion. You have these dolls that you have to dress, and a deck of various clothing items. Like with most solitaire games, you can only access certain items, and the rest are covered up until you uncover them. Meanwhile, the fashion models themselves has various desires concerning what they want to wear. The object is to dress the gals with stuff from your deck while matching as many of their desires (colors, items, etc) as you can. Of course, since you only have a few open cards from a shuffled deck, you can't always match things up quite as well as you might want, a fact which tends to lead me to doing things like giving models very, very clashing accessories in order to hit their 'want' colors. After each round, you pick a favorite outfit, and then after you've picked six favorites, you have a clothing line completed. Yay!

A nerfed version of the game can played on the web for free, but it's missing a lot of features:

So. Anyway. I would show you the godawful stuff I've been coming up with, except that I can't get into my photobucket account. Ohwell!

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