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I did this last time I was on 2k5 during an Olympics, and I enjoyed it, and folks seemed to enjoy it, even the non-2k5ers, so I'll do again this year.

Anyway, every year, 2k5 has an Olympics where both sides call a truce and particpate in a bunch of games, plus have a combat tournament in 2-3 different weight classes (this year we've got four!). There are two types of tournaments: Gladatorial, which is melee only, and Full, which is, well, everything. This year we're also trying two vs. two team 'bouts as well.

This year, I am kind of hampered in that there are a lot of active OCs that I really haven't seen very often in combat. Also, this is the first year of a new combat system, one where knowing how to use it makes a big difference in outcome, thus there are times when the fight will not necessarily go to the most powerful but to the player who can play the system the best. On top of that, a couple of the heavy hitters just got a nerf, so it's hard to really guess how they'll fare, but I'll do my best.

Humans, by the way, have exo-suits.

Anyway, below cut is the line-ups and my picks.

Round 1: Glad Lightweight
Keeper VS Crosscheck
Kurtz Weiss VS Red Alert
Nightbeat VS Barkida
Nate Briar VS Vigil

OC extravaganza! I'm going to go with Keeper, Kurtz Weiss, Nightbeat, and Nate Briar. Red isn't well suited for gladatorial combat at all. The rest are really just guesses - I've never seen Barkida (from the planet Fema) in combat, but her player knows how to work the system. Then again, so does Nightbeat's, so that one should be pretty interesting. Keeper is a security guard and Crosscheck is a sciency type, so that's why I'm leaning with him. Vigil is... abjectly terrible.

Round 1: Glad Middleweight
Weirdwolf VS Fleet
Swoop VS Blot
Excise VS Blueshift
Fulcrum VS Crash

Weirdwolf is, I suspect, far more suited for melee than Fleet, who is mostly a ranged monkey, although the fact that none of his melee attacks are very expensive (unless he has stun turned on) and the fact that he has a forcefield may upset that one. Result: Weirdwolf.

Blot can't dodge. Ever. At all. Swoop is pretty hard to hit. Result: Swoop.

Excise has happily fought Dinobots (not won, but fought), but then, so has Blueshift. Both pretty potent builds, but I'm going with Blueshift, who is damned hard to hit.

Don't know much about Crash, I'll go with Fulcrum, who has, over the years, slowly but surely given himself a decently solid build.

Round 1: Glad Heavyweight
Catechism VS Scourge
Slag VS Hot Spot
Snapdragon VS Broadside
Avalanche VS Kup

I would go with Scourge, but his accuracy took a dive during conversion, and Catechism is wicked hard to hit. On the other hand, Scourge's player has connection problems, and he may be replaced by another OC, Bandit. If he is, I'll have to go with him over Catechism.

Slag's going to cream Spoot. Sorry.

Snap vs. Broadside was in progress when I logged off, and from the sounds of it, Broadside was ahead, but I had predicted that one before hand.

Avalanche is an OC who turns into a giant Saber Toothed Tiger and has been known to beat up Dinobots. Kup, on the other hand, has beaten Avalanche. I'm betting on him doing so again.

Round 1: Glad Super-Heavyweight
Fortress Maximus VS Rodimus Prime
Galvatron VS Sky Lynx
Scorponok VS Grimlock

One thing to keep in mind is that Fort Max and Scorpo are sized more to their Marvel counterparts than their cartoon ones, so while they're big, they're not overwhelming. That'll be a very close fight, and actually, I would vote for Fort Max, except I think I'm better at playing TACS which may give me the edge, so I'm going with, well, me. But it'll be a close one.

If Fort Max is iffy with the new combat system, Sky Lynx is downright horrid with it, even when being paged by other players and offered advice. Galvatron.

The last one will also be darned close, but I'm going to go with Scorpo.

Round 1: Full Lightweight
Reflector VS Kurtz Weiss
Fury VS Photon
Americon VS Compile

I have absolutely no idea about the first two, so I'm going with Kurtz and Fury.

Americon and Compile are both Deceptitapes, and they're both surprisingly potent OC Deceptitapes, but... Americon is f'ing tough. I think he's going to win this one.

Round 1: Full Middleweight
Crash VS Fusillade
Blueshift VS Redshift
Excise VS Weirdwolf
Red Alert VS Nate Briar

First fight, I'm going with Fusillade, 'cos she hits firking *hard*. I will note, however, that the new combat system appears to unfairly hate her for no clear reason, so she might be done in by the Gods of Rand().

Blueshift pretty much always beats Redshift.

I'm going Weirdwolf over Excise, but I'm not sure.

Red Alert over Nate, because this time he's got access to all his weapons, and Red packs a pretty decent punch and lands his hits regularly.

Round 1 Full Heavyweight
Avalanche VS Catechism
Hot Spot VS Dirge
Slag VS Boomslang
Swoop VS Bandit

If this was Glad, I'd go with Avalanche over Catechism, no problem, but she has some nasty weapons in alt mode, where she gets a dodging bonus against melee, and melee is all Avalanche can really do.

Dirge over Spoot. The Coneheads are all unholy terrors.

Slag over Boomslang, although Boomslang's knowledge of the new combat system may upset that fight.

Poor Swoop is going to get creamed by Bandit. :(

Round 1: Full Super-Heavyweight
Fortress Maximus VS Scorponok
Galvatron VS Grimlock
Rodimus Prime VS Sky Lynx

I have seen Fort Max vs. Scorpo fights go either way, but those were previous players, both of whom understood the combat system. I suspect Scorpo has a better idea what he's doing than Max, and so I'm betting on him.

Galvatron's going to defeat Grimlock, but is going to hurt for it.

If this was Glad, I'd actually consider Lynx, but as it is, I'll have to vote for Rodimus.

Round 1: Team Lightweight
Redshift with Blueshift VS Sunstreaker with Sideswipe
Blot with Mindwipe VS Marissa Faireborn with Nate Briar
Monstereo with Vigil VS ???
Fury with Swoop VS Fusillade with Fulcrum

Blueshift and Redshift are both hella hard to hit. I expect those twins to upset the other twins.

Blot and Mindwipe over Faireborn and Briar, although Blots inability to dodge anything, ever, may cause his side problems.

I'm going with ??? over Monstereo and Vigil.

Fusillade and Fulcrum over Fury and Swoop. F-buddy solidarity, yo.

Date: 2009-08-10 02:11 pm (UTC)
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I like the 'all attacks are fair game' rule in the full-combat.

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