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Don't expect anymore Advent fics from me this year. They've become too much of a chore and too little of a fun. I think next year I'm going to try a fic Advent Wreath instead of a fic Advent Calendar. :)

Mom pointed out to me that House of 1000 Corpses is meant as an homage of sorts to horror movies in general, which explains why it has all the obvious horror movie clich├ęs in it. That said, I'd still rate really really old Warner Brother's cartoons over it.

Among the recorded tapes my dad sent me was a documentary called, "Superheroes Unmasked." It was, of course, about the history of superheroes. They were respectful of the subject; the only time "Pow!" "Bang!" or "Zoom!" were mentioned was in reference to the Adam West TV show where they talked about what that show did to the image of Comic Books. It was also very fascinating, with a very large number of interviews with a lot of real notables in the field. What they chose to include and what they left out seemed a little strange at times. For example, while they mentioned the 12 year lawsuit between Superman and the company that produced the comics that Captain Marvel starred in, and talked about how that lawsuit ended with the company agreeing not to publish Captain Marvel anymore, there was no mention at all about how DC later purchased the company and the rights to the character and have, themselves, made Captain Marvel stories since. Also, despite having Joe Quesada and Stan Lee as interviewees, it seemed very DC-centric, and I'm not just talking about before the creation of the Fantastic Four (although Marvel, obviously, did get a fair degree of attention from then on). As one example, although Wolverine was listed as a forerunner to the grim and gritty era of comics, the primary triggers for that age were listed as Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns. Of course, this is probably pretty accurate, anyway, so I guess that's all right.

Anyway, fascinating, if incomplete viewing. It's a History Channel one, so if they ever show it again and any of you guys get a chance to watch it (or order from their site or whatever), I highly recommend it. Especially to my fellow comic geeks.
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I just don't feel like writing one today. Sorry.

This is not to say none of the suggestions are good. I just don't want to write. It happens (and for the record, I made it a lot longer than I expected).

I also have no particular urge to eat an Advent chocolate today.
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Not really as funny as it should be, I fear. There may be edits for it at a later time, when I can think properly.

I made up the name "Nidran." The Forest of Skund, though, is actually a canon location; the name translates into, "Your Finger You Fool," and was named when an early explorer pointed at it and asked, "What is That?"

What Comes First )
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The story books called them the Fair Folk. Those who knew what they were really like, however, had much worse names for them. They had had a rough time of it lately, what with more and more humans taking the proper precautions against them. Of course, for them, 'a rough time' means they were forced to dine on dumb beast instead of tender young human, their preferred meat.

And so these two, small ones with wings of gossamyr and teeth of needles, were delighted to find a house unwarded against them. They scrambled inside through the gaps in the ancient wooden walls and were further pleased to find that this house, this house without mystic protections, held a family, and that family included a young one, very young indeed.

The Fair Folk, the Faeries, looked down on the babe greedily, smiling their needle sharp smiles. One removed her thin, sharp blade, while the other prepared a spell to put the little human down into a much deeper slumber. The little fools had forgotten that a house lacking magical wards doesn't always lack protection. Neither saw the glowing eyes until it was far too late.

The family cat ate very well that night.

I think I'm getting a little burnt out on these (which is why the last few have been too short). I really would like to do a Discworld one before it's over with (that being one of my few major fandoms that I haven't covered yet), but right now I'm just feeling drained. :/

Tonight's entry combines Devi and Becky's suggestions.
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The Knowledge of Stars

Some said the stars could think. Though without brains, they still had minds, and that over the course of their long, long lifetimes, they pondered many things.

Some said the stars thought hard and thought deep. That over their countless eons of existence they learned many incredible things, things that could destroy worlds, or create them - perhaps both at once. The knowledge of the stars, it was said, could enlighten a man or drive him insane. Just as both life and death flowed from their physical being, both salvation and destruction could be gleaned by their intellects.

This was in part true. The stars could think, and they certainly had a long time to do it in, but being a huge ball of energy really wasn't conducive to higher learning. While on the outside the stars shone with a light beyond countless candles, on the inside they, well, they weren't very bright.

Mostly, they just thought, "Gee, I'm really, really hot."

I was originally thinking about doing something based off of Narnia (in one of the books the characters meet a person who is normally a star), but then this goofy-arse gag popped into my head and demanded to be told.

Suggestion by Devi. To make suggestions for tomorrow, reply to this message.
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Yes, I am aware that the families described in the story have something of a modern-day American feel, and I am also aware that historically, no armies fitting this description never appeared on American soil. Now ask me if I care. I'm just making crap up here. It is, after all, fiction.

Inspiration comes from Luna's suggestion. To make suggestions for tomorrow, include them in the replies to this post.

The Battle of the Town of Twicebuilt )
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Suggestion by Luna. I... really have no idea where this came from, beside the phrase, "Angel Holograms."

Make suggestions for tomorrow by replying to this post.

Sky Lights )
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Request by Luna. Takes place in my Transformers: War of the Gods AU *points to the 'war of the gods' tag.*

Fleeting )
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Whew! Half way through these things!

Today's suggestion is taken from [ profile] raisedbymoogles request that I turn something human, but I'm interpreting her, "a Structie, say," to mean, "You can humanize something else if you'd rather. That's just a suggestion."

As usual, reply to this post with suggestions for tomorrow.

The Humanification Transfixator )
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The Dayspring

Winter bowed. Summer curtsied. They approached each other, then stopped. Each rose to their toes and began circling left around a common center.

As they circled, they began to vary their moves. One foot would hang in the air just a bit longer. Another gave a double tap as it came down. Sometimes they would spin, Summer throwing off the sent of flowers, Winter washing it away with frost. The ground grew cold where Winter tread, and warmed up once more when Summer's foot fell upon it.

They never touched. Always dancing, never touching, they danced their dance throughout the year. Equals and opposites, each longing for the other, kept forever separate. Only twice a year did their dance bring even bring them close.

Summer and Winter paused and looked across the center of the circle at each other. Winter looked into the deep warmth of Summer's eyes while Summer was entranced by the pale sparkle in Winter's. They reached toward each other, closer, closer, so close that Summer's fingertips iced, while Winter's began to melt... and then they stopped. They held still, almost but not touching, for just the briefest of moments, then dropped their arm.

Summer curtsied. Winter bowed. Each turned and danced away, as the song brought them further apart. But the next day dawned a bit warmer. The dayspring.

Yes, I am in the middle of reading Wintersmith right now. Why do you ask? ;) Topic suggested by Luna, although she was referring to a somewhat different Dayspring. :)
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Very short. So short I'm not cutting it. Suggestion by Luna.


"It's not really a puzzle," Alya said sourly as she closed her book and set it aside.

Artemus looked up from the computer. The tilt of his head hinted at the confusion his face couldn't show. "What was that?" he asked.

Alya pointed at her book. "This book. One of the other pilots claims he likes mysteries because he enjoys the challenge of trying to solve the puzzle in them before it's revealed, but these 'Sherlock Holmes' mysteries hide all the pieces. The text of the story has to serve as our eyes and ears in that world, but this dim fellow they have narrating it, Watson, he doesn't see or hear much, really. If we're lucky, he sees that Holmes has noticed something out of place, but he's too dumb to figure out what it is. Being told that a puzzle piece exists isn't enough to let you know how they fit together! All the reader knows is that 'clues exist' right up until the end, when Holmes himself is ready to describe them."

Artemus stopped to consider this. He tapped one finger against the desk while his gaze drifted towards the ceiling fan. Finally he shrugged and told Alya, "I think you're taking your silly stories a little too seriously."

Alya made a face (and not a very pleased one) at the man to whom she was legally married, then leaned back, picked up the remote, and turned on the TV.
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Yeah, this one's kind of weird. It's probably best to view it as taking place in its own little reality, as I certainly wasn't concerned with anything resembling historical accuracy. It's also not fanfiction. Using [ profile] raisedbymoogle's request for mermaids.

As usual, make your suggestion for tomorrow in response to this one.

Depth )
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ElfQuest, specifically, Two-Edge. This is set just prior to the events in the Shards series, largely because that's the best reference I have on hand at the moment for Two-Edge. Beyond that, I'm going off of very distant memory for the guy, so it may not be entirely accurate. For anyone curious about this character, Wikipedia's article about him is pretty decent.

Today's prompt comes from Becca. Feel free to suggest something for tomorrow in the comments for this.

Master of Games )
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Joyride )

Suggestion by Luna and [ profile] beckyh2112. The only references for Golden Girl that I could find are the descriptions on the back of the toy boxes and a child's story book that's missing a page. Apparently Golden Girl fanfiction that doesn't involve Blanche and Rose simply does not exist.

Make suggestions for tomorrow's entry in response to this one.
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Using [ profile] invisiblemoose's suggestion for something involving Batman. Don't worry, Moose! There are no Care Bears involved!

Respond to this entry with suggestions for tomorrow. Or just comments on the ficlet. I like those, too.

Half A Smile )
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Gin, Sodomy, and the Lash

The Constructicons were exploring a cave. On the moon.

"Hey, Hook!" Bonecrusher shouted. "Why the hell are we in here?"

Hook stopped suddenly and frowned, stroking his chin. Confusion overtook his expression. "You know, I don't really know..." he replied.

Bonecrusher shrugged, and was about to ask Scrapper if he knew when suddenly a boy with a pony tail and ragged brown clothes jumped out of nowhere and flew up towards the ceiling, crowing. He then bowed forward in mid-air and declared, "Welcome! I'm Peter Pan!"

However, before anyone could react to the new arrival, an entirely different boy who wore a garment of tattered leaves leapt out of a random side-cave and flew at the first boy, dagger drawn. "No you aren't!" he shouted. "I'm Peter Pan!"

Then both boys suddenly remembered something very important: they weren't on the Neverland moon, which is inhabited by The Girl Who Lives In The Moon (whose real name is Mary Sue). No, this was the real moon, which had no breathable air. Peter Pans, all of them, had notoriously bad memories, and it was very understandable that they might have forgotten a minor detail such as that. Indeed, it would have been better if that had stayed forgotten, for as soon as they remembered, both boys immediately dropped down to the cave bottom, dead!

Mixmaster stared and opened his mouth to ask what the smelt that was all about, but no sound came out. This was because once it was remembered that there was no air on the moon, sound ceased to carry.

Meanwhile, on the wall of the cave, Vetinari's clock ticked, tocked, and sputtered it's uneven way through time. Or rather, it would, if it could make any sound at all.

Just then, somewhere further down the Hypertime stream, someone (probably Mr. and Mrs. Beaver) built a dam. This caused the cave to fill up with so much extra time that the entire scene was washed right of existence before anyone could figure out why the story was titled, "Gin, Sodomy, and the Lash!"

Eventually, the dam in the Hypertime stream caused it to change course, meaning that no one was dead after all, and all those involved never realized that it happened. Er, didn't happen. Er...

Ah, forget it!

The End.

Erm, yeah... sorry about this one. Nothing was coming to me! Well, nothing but this silliness, anyway.

I am still open for further suggestions, however.
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Taken from [ profile] beckyh2112 and [ profile] lunatron's suggestions from yesterday, although in Luna's case, I paraphrased.

From Becky: "Captain Hook and mermaids"
From Luna: "Trapped in safety is still trapped"

Still Time )
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Today's ficlet is the result of [ profile] raisedbymoogles's suggestion, proving I will take suggestions from people besides [ profile] lunatron. I would say it proves I can write something besides Constructicons, but I'm not really sure it does... it's been many years since I've read the Chronicles of Narnia, and Lucy and Tumnus have never been my favorites, anyway. Aravis and Jill have always been my favorite female characters in the series, and I even like Polly more than the sweet-but-personality-free Lucy. This is actually one of the reasons I prefer reading the books in published order instead of chronological order. It's interesting to see how much better Lewis gets at writing females over time.

Edit: Oh, yeah. If you want to make suggestions/prompts for tomorrow, make them in response to this post. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up, though... I'm finding these very difficult. :/

The Most Important Part )
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This would be the results of Luna's suggestion. If you don't know much about Magic, much of this probably won't make sense.

Edit: Oh, yeah. Also, this would be my next entry in the whole Advent ficlet/drabble/whatever meme (although so far I've been doing considerably more than 100 words).

Protection From Red )
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First advant scenelet thingus. I don't think it's very good, but I'm posting it anyway.

Technically, this is Devi's request for Capstone, 'cos it doesn't have any flagstones or Trokair in it. I was inspired, largely, by a general "ruins" theme.

I s'pose you're supposed to put your suggestions for the next one up in response to this, but to be honest, I'm having a real hard time with this already.

Protection or Possession )

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