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I've edited through Final Stroke and have finally posted the entire thing to Now, this is not to say it's perfect - it's still just my own edits, plus those suggestions that have come from the feedback I got while it was a WIP on this blog. Now I'm going to go on a feedback whoring spree, and mention it, oh... here, [ profile] transficsation, the Cell, the Art and Fiction board of Deadzone. So if you see me in any of those places, just ignore me (well, okay. If you do read it, I'd appreciate feedback somewhere, if I haven't heard from you already, but not everywhere).

Title: Final Stroke
Series: Transformers, G1 Cartoon, Post S4
Sub-genre: Tragedy
Length: 16,800 words in 25 short chapters
Summary: The Decepticons are scattered about the galaxy, and nothing stands between Omega Supreme and his pursuit of the Constructicons. The builders come up with an unusual plan to bring an end to the eons old chase.
Warnings: See sub-genre.
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I've been running Microsoft Word's "Autosummarize" function on a few of my fics, and laughing hard about some of the results.

This is how it summarizes Final Stroke in 100 words or less:

Capstone interrupted.

“Yes! “Oh, Scrapper?” Long Haul, Capstone, and even Scavenger answered as one.

Capstone recovered and trained. Capstone recovered and trained. Capstone recovered and trained. Omega Supreme is coming.”


Long Haul was emptied. Long Haul grumbled. “Capstone! Capstone, it’s okay! Both Capstone and Guardian screamed.

Scrapper sighed. “Yuh,” agreed Long Haul. “Long Haul!” Scrapper snapped. Capstone snapped back. Long Haul argued. Capstone sighed. “Really, Capstone,” Hook sighed. Capstone nodded dumbly.

"Constructicons! Capstone yelled, darting forward. Reluctantly, Omega Supreme agreed. Capstone had been right. Long Haul shook his head.

This isn't quite as good as the one where it has Bonecrusher declaring himself to be Peter Pan, though.
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Use the Final Stroke tag for the story so far.

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Just because I am updating regularly again now should not be interpreted to mean I will continue to update regularly!

The story so far.

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Sorry. No Fleetwind claims today. Instead you get Capstone.

The Story So Far

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Hey, look! It's a Final Stroke update! And it's only been six and a half months! XD

And what do you guys get for your six and a half month wait? Another really short update and no action! Hoorah!

In other news, I'm thinking of changing the title.

The story so far.

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First advant scenelet thingus. I don't think it's very good, but I'm posting it anyway.

Technically, this is Devi's request for Capstone, 'cos it doesn't have any flagstones or Trokair in it. I was inspired, largely, by a general "ruins" theme.

I s'pose you're supposed to put your suggestions for the next one up in response to this, but to be honest, I'm having a real hard time with this already.

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Yay! Finally!

Nothing really to this one. Just a long, rambling conversation that doesn't really go anywhere. I claim "character development" in self defense.

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I know. Not only did I take forever with this, but there's not much to it, either.

Uhm... sorry?

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Apparently the key to productivity is to avoid internet drama, but all too often you can't really tell a conversation is going to become drama until it's already happened. Of course, it's also easier to be productive if you're not, like, talking to other people to begin with. :)

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Yeah, two in one day. Go fig.

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Prologue )


Just kidding. I'd just rather tell the story as a flashback than deal with Mixmaster's interruptions of Hook's corrections. I be lame!

Also... Capstone icon!
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Not by me. I commissioned Wayward for it! For anyone who wants to see, it's over at deviantArt. Omega Supreme's in it too, and although I didn't ask for him, I'm not complaining for having gotten him! :)
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Fear. I have written something that vaugely resembles a combat scene. Before anyone asks, no, this is not the end.

The story so far.

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The story so far.

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