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The (mostly) spoilerless verict: Pretty good. A nice, solid example of that all too rare animal: Western, traditional cell animation not made for kids (they show blood! Gasp!).

The negatives: Not as good as the series/graphic novel, and there's some concern on my part that viewers who haven't read said graphic novel might get a bit confused on some points. Anyone who's seen the cartoon first, or saw the cartoon before reading the graphic novel is encouraged to chime in.

Edit: I will point out that the graphic novel is amazingly awesome, dense (material-wise), and [i]long[/i]. So I do understand that they did have to cut a lot out of it, and that they squeezed in as much as possible. So 'not as good' isn't really that strong a negative.
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At the end of the Cybertron series, the Autobots are re-initiating the Spacebridge project. Seen in the right light, this is a far more ominous move than the cartoon suggests.

The first time Vector Prime ever explains how the Cyber Keys work to the Autobots, he claims that they are able to "turn any planet into a mirror image of Cybertron." This almost makes them sound akin to the Key to Vector Sigma! When he explains what they do to the children, however, he changes his story almost completely. Funny, that.

Supposition: the Spacebridge project was, in fact, one of conquest. Easier to hold together an empire if you've got good roads, after all. Just ask the Romans.

Further Supposition: if you were to revisit that universe a hundred years or so after the ending of the Cybertron series, you'd find that the human race has been turned into Transformers.

This is ominous, but... not entirely uncool.

So, with that question in mind, I ask you all this: what's your alternate mode?

I'm a robot archaeopteryx. For one, that was one of my first ever OCs, back when I was a little girl and watching G1 for the first time. For two, like the G1 Dinobots, I would still be able to eat fish, because fish is nummy.

So what about you?
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This episode makes it very clear that the Dinobots are still being kept in the closet at this point in time, only letting them out when they need the Dinobots to go smash the Decepticons. Which makes it rather unshocking when Grimlock is surly over being given orders. Wheeljack, in response to Grimlock's obstinence, grumbles, "I have got to work on their personality circuits!"

Conclusions drawn:
1) It really is no wonder that the Dinobots like Rodimus Prime so much better. In his time, they spend their time either fishing or actually hanging out with the other Autobots (Grimlock often doing the second more or less by himself).

2) Wheeljack's reaction to them is pretty strong canon evidence against the, "Wheeljack is a loving and caring father" fanon mindset.

3) Wheeljack's reaction is also strong canon evidence against the, "Wheeljack didn't program the Dinobots" fanon idea.
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All bow and arrow wielding superhero-types must have at least one scene where they are firing while upside-down during the moment of apex during an aerial flip.

They must.


(Looks like my standards for awesome are pretty high sometimes, too. ¬_¬ )
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Random and disjointed observations and notes made while watching G1 Transformers, More Than Meets The Eye pt 3 )

As a random side note, the more I rewatch old cartoons or read old comics with Optimus Prime, the more I like Rodimus. Funny how that works... ¬_¬
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*dodges various rotten vegetables thrown at her by her f-list, cackling.*

As mentioned previously, I'm an obsessive-compulsive purchaser of cartoony-art books. Recently, I've decided to work through some of them in the hopes of actually, you know, learning something. I'm not just starting with one and going through it page by page, though, because this is usually how I end up getting bored with them. No, I'm jumping around from book to book, doing one page, and then switching to another book. Real effective learning method, I'm sure. I also have a few assorted magazines for drawing or tracing real people interspersed amongst all the instructional books.

The downside: the vast majority of cartoony-art books on the market, and therefore a large percentage of the ones I actually own, are manga/anime style. When I was buying them this wasn't as much of a problem because I was a lot more interested in learning manga-style back then. However, since my original purchase of a good many of books, my enthusiasm for the style has died down considerably. Overexposure to the style is a likely culprit. Also, the Teen Titans.1

In some cases, this isn't so bad. Books that focus on things like, say, hands, or the way clothing folds when being worn are pretty useful no matter what art style I'm trying to develop, and there really are no good Western-cartoony "How to Draw Giant Robots" books out there, so the Manga/Anime ones work in a pinch. But for the rest, I'm mostly just reading them, looking at the pictures, and then trying to draw it my own way.

Today's selection of nonsense comes from the first page of How to Draw Manga 3 (notice I seem to have skipped right over 1 and 2) by Ben Dunn. Naturally, this book starts with How to Draw Catgirls. Because knowing how to take an otherwise ordinary looking female and shoving a tail and cat ears on her is absolutely essential to being able to draw Manga.

So, being the art-zombie that I am, I naturally tried my hand at it. Mew mew mew. )

1 I have seen several episodes of the Teen Titans, and no, I do not consider the writing and storylines universally bad. However, Timm-style and full-out Anime is a marriage made in Hell, and many episodes that I would have considered good were, for me, nearly ruined by the overuse of such absurd Anime shticks such as sudden switches to super-deformed style, ridiculously large sweat drops, normal sized mouths suddenly growing to take over the entire face, and similar crap.
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And in answer to the quiz I posted two days ago, the female in the picture is...

The one on the far left!

At four, this answer came in second, but one of the voters was me, and another was someone I had told before I even came up with the idea of posting it as a poll, so I'm not sure how valid you'd call those results.

The most popular answer was middle-left. Middle right and right-with-funky-dish-gun tied for third, and left-with-funky-dish-gun was behind them. For some reason, no one figured it was the far right one.

Reason I dislike that it's the one on the far left? She's the only one without a weapon out! Reason that's not so bad? Because she's too busy ordering around the guys with weapons instead. She's the boss!

Mostly I just did this because the fact that the series didn't have special female designs for their cop armor pleased me, and posting the poll amused me. (The series in question, by the by, was the Superman animated series from... late '90's, wasn't it?)

You can tell she's female with her helmet up, though. )
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[Poll #997900]

"Right" and "Left" is from the viewer's perspective, not the cops'. If you want (or care about) the right answer, ask in comments and I'll give you a screened response. Or you can just wait until tomorrow and I'll post a picture where I circle it.
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Finally got ahold of the old Dungeons & Dragons cartoons. They're pretty bad, which is pretty much as I expected. I'm still looking for the one that resulted in me, my brother, and my sister jumping to our beds from several feet away for, oh, years.

Anyways... well, as you guys know, I'm not much of a slasher.

Still, some screencaps just beg to be made. )

As a side note, "Bobby the Barbarian" is an amusing title, but it would be more amusing if there were less people who tried to use similar gags in actual RPGs.
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I got my Christmas presents from my parents. I got a ninja Barbie (no, I'm not kidding), the Superman Returns DVD, a DVD with Justice League cartoons on it, a bunch more recorded DVDs of the sort I've mentioned before, monies, and nuts. I was incredibly pleased! Such wonderful gifts!

The movies reminded me that I haven't been watching the last batch of movies my dad sent, so I picked up the next one on my pile.

House of 1000 Corpses )

Cartoons! )

Anyway, that's it. So remember: if it's a choice between Rob Zombie or early Warner Brothers cartoons, pick the cartoons! (They make a lot more sense, too.)
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Like anyone cares. )

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