Mar. 15th, 2009 01:46 pm
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Some people may remember my reviews on the Radical Comics Caliber and Hercules, both titles which I enjoyed mightily. Well, now I've decided to give another of their titles a try. "Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead." The art is fantastic, which appears to be the norm for Radical, and I think its possible that some of you may recognize the author's name. Warren something-or-another, I dunno.

Not really all that spoilerish, but cut anyway. )

So in summary, I like it, I'll definitely be buying issue #2, and with 28 pages of beautifully colored art and only four pages of ads (five if you count the inside back cover) for $2.99, I recommend it to anyone with an interest in unusual setting cop stories or the Cyberpunk/dark near-future genre in general.


Jan. 21st, 2009 08:21 am
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Okay. So apparently reading Final Crisis #6 right before going to bed leads to a crazy mix-mash of dreams/nightmares. Considering Final Crisis #6 reads like a crazy mix-mash of dreams/nightmares, this shouldn't be shocking.

(Seriously. When one of the moments used to slow the pace of a book involves the three Flashes, something's gone weird.)

This brings to mind a comment made by one of the guys who works the counter at my comic store a few weeks back, when he realized that Morrison was behind both Batman RIP and Final Crisis: "What, did DiDio just hand the keys to the DC Universe over to a crazy Scottsman and say, 'Here, have fun, and don't worry about scuffing it up'?" My answer (after a Google session confirmed that Morrison is, indeed, from Scottland and not England) was, "That's about what it looks like."

In other news. That Batman: Battle for the Cowl ad at the end. Well, you guys know what portion of it has this little fangirl excited. The thing is, in those style ads, supposedly just about everything is a clue, from where the characters are standing to what each character is looking at to everything else, and the fact that his raised hand covers the good part of his face is a bad omen. I can not even guess what most of the other stuff means, although I'm pretty sure the Batman-with-guns is Deadshot, especially when you consider that he once tried to set himself up as a Batman-replacement.

The actual ad-image behinc cut. )

Edit: Poking around the interwebs, it looks like just about everyone but me seems to htink Batman-with-guns is Jason Todd (except for the ones who think he was the Demon Bat). The two more generic looking Batmen are probably Tim Drake and Dick Grayson.
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Well, okay, technically she's going biblical. I just read too many Transformers comics. >_>
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With honorable mention to Superman Beyond 3-D, which is getting delayed for the same reason as Last Will and Testament. Full review to come, but a quick note of: I really, really liked it. Also, some of the pages looked pretty darned awesome with the 3-D glasses on, but for best impact you should already have them on the first time you turn to those pages.

Erm. Potential for spoilers.

Robin #177 )

Rann-Thanagar Holy War #4 )

Reign In Hell #2 )
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I pick up my comics every other week these days, and I'm not even close to working my way through the latest batch, but I figured I'd make a few comments over what I've been reading so far. Spoilers ahoy!

Transformers Animated: The Arrival #1 )

DC Universe Last Will and Testament - While I've read it, I won't be posting my thoughts until it gets added to the Final Crisis Annotations blog, since it is apparently scheduled to be added. Mostly because I want to see what they have to say first, and because I'm hoping it'll clear up some personal confusion, such as when the heck this takes place. By the way, for anyone following any of the Final Crisis books or tie-ins, I highly recommend that blog. Do I consider it essential to make sense of Final Crisis? No, I don't. But it's nice for clearing up the small points. And for pointing out continuity errors that I might not have picked up on otherwise. As a side note, Final Crisis, and DC comics in general, is an example of books that provide enough enjoyable content (stories, action, characterization, etc) that I'm willing to tolerate quite a bit in the way of continuity self-contradiction.

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, 1 of 5 )

Runaways - Runaways ends old runs and starts again at number one on a regular basis, and this is their newest number one. I don't know what the hell volume they're on at this point. I do know that the new art style just does not do it for me. What's more, they seem to have lost... something. I'm not sure. But the level of wit that I've seen in previous runs just isn't there. I'll give it one or two more issues, but this book is definitely on the, "In danger of being dropped" list.

Batman/Superman #51 )
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Aaaaah, young mad scientists in love!

<3 Girl Genius. ^_^
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... but for some strange reason, I find this page to be one of the creepier comic book pages I've seen in awhile. Like I said, I don't even understand it affects me this way, and I don't expect other people to have the same reaction... I suppose it in part plays to my technophilic nature.

Final Crisis #3 Spoiler Page )

In other news, Booster Gold spoiler )
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Just finished reading Booster Gold #1,000,000, which is, I believe, the issue between 9 and 10. It's hard to keep track, what with all their numbering oddness.

This one issue had me both tearing up and laughing out loud (though not at the same moment). Yeah, yeah, I know I'm a sap, but still... soooooooooooooooooo good. It's seriously vying for a spot on my top five list.

And apparently the book is set to continue for another year. Huzzah!
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The (mostly) spoilerless verict: Pretty good. A nice, solid example of that all too rare animal: Western, traditional cell animation not made for kids (they show blood! Gasp!).

The negatives: Not as good as the series/graphic novel, and there's some concern on my part that viewers who haven't read said graphic novel might get a bit confused on some points. Anyone who's seen the cartoon first, or saw the cartoon before reading the graphic novel is encouraged to chime in.

Edit: I will point out that the graphic novel is amazingly awesome, dense (material-wise), and [i]long[/i]. So I do understand that they did have to cut a lot out of it, and that they squeezed in as much as possible. So 'not as good' isn't really that strong a negative.
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Radical is a new company starting up this year and going for a very slick image, and I picked up Caliber yesterday on the advice of Mike, the owner of my local shop.

Potential spoilers and pics.. )

32 pages, no ads, high quality paper, thick cover, beautiful art, promising story, and a cover price of $1.00. Even if this series doesn't pan out, for one dollar? I strongly recommend giving this issue a try. Personally, I'll be buying issue 2 a try, but for everyone else, there's no reason not to. Well, besides non-availability, that is.
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For anyone who, like, cares about my comic book reading habits, I will be dropping DC's Infinity Inc. for the following reasons:

1) They've got a whole X-Men-like "Let's use superpowers as a metaphor for every issue that's ever made any young person feel like an outsider, and then have popular opinion be suspicious of said young people over those superpowers, so those young people have to prove that people need to be judged as individuals and not just because they've got powers" thing going on, and the X-Men made me completely sick of that theme. The added bonus of, "Let's tie their superpowers into their individual psychosis!" is... not really a bonus.

2) The book and its characters are, for the most part, not really that interesting otherwise.

3) One of the few characters in the book that I do like, in fact, the only reason I was reading it in the first place, is John Henry Irons. He, however, is acting as an armchair advisor (the team's Professor X, if you will), and is neither wearing the suit nor wielding the hammer.

4) If you're going to give me a book with John Henry Irons, I want the hammer as well, damn it!!

Four is the most important point.


Jan. 24th, 2008 06:47 pm
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From Justice League #14. Yes, I know that was a couple of months back. I'm behind.

Squee Behind Cut. )

It's funny. When I was in my teens and early twenties, this belonged to that portion of the superhero genre that was too childish and silly and kiddy and that I was much too mature for.

Now? Seeing it again, and canon, makes me squee.
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I love it when Dini writes Batman. He uses the same characterization for most of these characters as he did in B:TAS (naturally), so when I'm reading the comic, I can hear the B:TAS VAs saying the lines in my head.

That said, the following lines made me cringe:

Talia: How did you find this?
Batman: Echo-location. The ice around this part of the glacier has been deliberately cut to reflect on optical illusion. It looked like a solid wall when it wasn't. I sent a radar signal through the circuitry in my cowl. The waves bounced back, showing the outline of the opening. Light can't fool sound.

Erm, Mr. Dini? Radar =/= echo-location, and sound =/= radio waves.
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There's both good and bad in this mini-series (Bad: ARGH! DC! Stop it with all these 52/Countdown/Final Crisis tie-in mini-series, damn it!), but to me, at least, part of the good is just in the way that Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman interact with each other. The dialogue is very sparse and written in such a way that it conveys the idea that these three don't need to use a lot of words with each other. They know each other well enough that they can, to an extent, predict how each other think. Also, while there's obvious friendship, it's also obvious that they don't always agree, and that none of them have any problems expressing their disapproval of the others.

Really, for me, the series would be worth it just for their interaction alone, which is good, since it doesn't have all that much else going for it.

Sample from issue #2 behind cut. )

Well, I enjoyed it, anyway. ¬_¬
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So I finally got around to watching Spider-Man 2 (yeah, I know. 'Bout time, huh?) and all I've got to say is this:

How the heck do they manage to make Doc Ock that cool, and then make an inherently awesome villain like Doctor Doom suck?
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Righto. Largely just to let people know I'm not dead, I'll post arts.

I'm more amused than I should be by the Marvel version of Arcee. While comic books often... enhance certain feminine attributes, Marvel's version of Arcee is flat. Flatter than her cartoon counterpart. Flatter than most of the male Transformers. Flatter, indeed, then any other version of Arcee that's popped up since. So, randomly, I decided to sketch up some cheesecake poses of her to see if she can still be sexy. Well, you know. For a robot in candy-pink and white. Right away I ran into problems with her poses, though, because her those bits that stick up... they're not attached to her back behind her shoulders, as they are in just about every other version of Arcee out there, but they're on her shoulders/part of her arms, and twist when she moves her arms. Kind of a pain for some of these postes!

Oh well. At least she has girly-girl legs.

Scribbly-sketches behind cut. )
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Righto. I just got approved for Rodimus Prime on Deadzone, so of course I made a few RP (which, in this case, stands for role-play or Rodimus Prime - they bth work!) icons to switch out between on the bboard. Since icons that fit there also fit here, I'm uploading them here as well. All the pictures are from Marvel comics because, well, I'm playing Marvel Rodimus.

The facepalm one and goggles one are equivilents to Luna's Scourge facepalm and goggles icons. The last one is actually Primus. See, I always knew that Marvel Primus looked like Rodimus anytime they showed him in flashback and stuff, but to me, the big old Primus head in the center of Cybertron never looked particularly like him. Until Luna pointed out the helmet design. So I grabbed it, photoshopped out all the random colors at the bottom of his face, and changed all the yellows in the picture to red, and there we have it. Even big ol' Primus head inna middle of Cybertron looks like Rodimus! (Or Rodimus looks like Primus, if you want more in-universe accuracy).

If you want them, grab them. If you don't want to credit to me, at least credit to Marvel.

Many Rodimii Behind Cut )


Sep. 17th, 2007 10:35 am
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*Reads JSA #9.*

*Gets to last page.*

*Falls over. With a 'thud.'*

Spoiler. )

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