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I've edited through Final Stroke and have finally posted the entire thing to Now, this is not to say it's perfect - it's still just my own edits, plus those suggestions that have come from the feedback I got while it was a WIP on this blog. Now I'm going to go on a feedback whoring spree, and mention it, oh... here, [ profile] transficsation, the Cell, the Art and Fiction board of Deadzone. So if you see me in any of those places, just ignore me (well, okay. If you do read it, I'd appreciate feedback somewhere, if I haven't heard from you already, but not everywhere).

Title: Final Stroke
Series: Transformers, G1 Cartoon, Post S4
Sub-genre: Tragedy
Length: 16,800 words in 25 short chapters
Summary: The Decepticons are scattered about the galaxy, and nothing stands between Omega Supreme and his pursuit of the Constructicons. The builders come up with an unusual plan to bring an end to the eons old chase.
Warnings: See sub-genre.
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So here is Deadzone Long Haul in alt mode. Now, to cut off the two questions I anticipate:

"But he doesn't look anything like his War Within self?" and, "But there's no way he can transform into that?"

I don't have War Within with me, and have no intention of trying that style or level of detail, anyway. For this, I had only the G1 treatment of Cybertronian alt modes in mind: rounded, recognizable, and generally impossible for their robot modes to actually transform into. My primary references were, consequently, Long Haul's Earth alt mode and Kup's alt mode (as I believe Kup to be a Cybertronian pick-up truck, and thus would have some simularities in build). Inked with Sharpies. >_> And you can see clearly why I don't often ink.

Pic behind cut. )
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I've been running Microsoft Word's "Autosummarize" function on a few of my fics, and laughing hard about some of the results.

This is how it summarizes Final Stroke in 100 words or less:

Capstone interrupted.

“Yes! “Oh, Scrapper?” Long Haul, Capstone, and even Scavenger answered as one.

Capstone recovered and trained. Capstone recovered and trained. Capstone recovered and trained. Omega Supreme is coming.”


Long Haul was emptied. Long Haul grumbled. “Capstone! Capstone, it’s okay! Both Capstone and Guardian screamed.

Scrapper sighed. “Yuh,” agreed Long Haul. “Long Haul!” Scrapper snapped. Capstone snapped back. Long Haul argued. Capstone sighed. “Really, Capstone,” Hook sighed. Capstone nodded dumbly.

"Constructicons! Capstone yelled, darting forward. Reluctantly, Omega Supreme agreed. Capstone had been right. Long Haul shook his head.

This isn't quite as good as the one where it has Bonecrusher declaring himself to be Peter Pan, though.
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Use the Final Stroke tag for the story so far.

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Just because I am updating regularly again now should not be interpreted to mean I will continue to update regularly!

The story so far.

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Okay. My first warning is that I am both drunk and high on chocolate. I've had two bottles of wine over the last few hours, and am still so far out of it that when I started the previous sentence, my first instinct was to spell "My" as "Mi." So what follows is, in all likiehood, complete and utter crap.

Apparently it takes a bottle of wine and a bar of speciality chocolate to get slash out of me. Sadly, at two bottles of wine, I get tired and cut off my fic-bits or mini-fics or claims or whatever early. So anyways... yeah, I gave out early. Feel free to imagine a lot of wing-stroking and hand-rubbing as follow-up. I will. I'm just not in a mood to type it out.

If anything underneath the cut is even vaugely coherent, it should be counted as a minor miracle. It should also be counted as vaugue sequel to a ficbit Luna has already posted.

These only need to be a hundred words, right? I'm over 300, so I should still be good, right? )
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Sorry. No Fleetwind claims today. Instead you get Capstone.

The Story So Far

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Hey, look! It's a Final Stroke update! And it's only been six and a half months! XD

And what do you guys get for your six and a half month wait? Another really short update and no action! Hoorah!

In other news, I'm thinking of changing the title.

The story so far.

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So [ profile] beckyh2112 is working on a bboard-based RPG, and I seem to have fallen into helping out. And, erm, hounding them, because I've kinda gotten the bug to play now. The application is up, and I've gone ahead and replied as G1 cartoon Long Haul. Good G1 cartoon Long Haul. How did I do that? Well, they allow you to pluck a character from any point along their established timeline that you want to, and I've chosen to go with pre-Robo-Smasher. "Wait now. Robo-Smasher's official in this canon?" Yup! Because they let me write the RPG G1 cartoon history file, the fools! And how I hath abused my power! Muahahaha! Not only do I treat Secret of Omega Supreme as canon, I treat the fact that the Constructicons had Decepticon symbols and Earth-based alternate modes millions of years ago on Cybertron as animation errors! Because I am that evil!

Unlike Long Haul. Who is not evil. Because he's pre-Robo-Smasher. Which is canon, because I'm evil.

Anyway, just in case anyone might be interested/amused, I've decided to share my app. For those thinking, "I need to write all that!?!" probably not. I used to MUSH back in the days when the quality of applications were measured in the kb of the text files, and it's hard to get out of that habit... I expect considerably less detail will be the norm.

App behind cut. )

I'm also writing out the descriptions for the starting locations. I've only done two so far: "Expansive Plains," and "Swamplands." They're perhaps a bit overdone, but I like 'em. Check them out if you wanna!
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Sorry, this is all I remember. I'm a bad girl and don't write down what I remember about my dreams when I first wake up, so by the time I get to this time of day, they're pretty well gone.

Dreams that read like the plots to really, really bad fanfic behind cut. You have been warned. )


Jan. 30th, 2007 09:14 pm
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So... I got Sims 2. Because I really, really needed another time-waster. And, because I'm a goober, I've been building families based on [ profile] lunatron's Transformers-as-Supers reality. So far I've only done Art and Alya. I started on Omar and Xene, but because I was insane, I decided to start their six kids as babies. After I finally figured out that taking care of six babies isn't fun even if you're just playing Sims, I scrapped them and rebuilt them, only making the kids, well, kids this time (which is a little less annoying, because children are able to put themselves to bed, use the bathroom, and shower). And then I decided I didn't like the house I had put them in, so I built a new one. The thing is, as far as Sim houses go, I tend to prefer them big and impractical.

Pictures behind here. )
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Gin, Sodomy, and the Lash

The Constructicons were exploring a cave. On the moon.

"Hey, Hook!" Bonecrusher shouted. "Why the hell are we in here?"

Hook stopped suddenly and frowned, stroking his chin. Confusion overtook his expression. "You know, I don't really know..." he replied.

Bonecrusher shrugged, and was about to ask Scrapper if he knew when suddenly a boy with a pony tail and ragged brown clothes jumped out of nowhere and flew up towards the ceiling, crowing. He then bowed forward in mid-air and declared, "Welcome! I'm Peter Pan!"

However, before anyone could react to the new arrival, an entirely different boy who wore a garment of tattered leaves leapt out of a random side-cave and flew at the first boy, dagger drawn. "No you aren't!" he shouted. "I'm Peter Pan!"

Then both boys suddenly remembered something very important: they weren't on the Neverland moon, which is inhabited by The Girl Who Lives In The Moon (whose real name is Mary Sue). No, this was the real moon, which had no breathable air. Peter Pans, all of them, had notoriously bad memories, and it was very understandable that they might have forgotten a minor detail such as that. Indeed, it would have been better if that had stayed forgotten, for as soon as they remembered, both boys immediately dropped down to the cave bottom, dead!

Mixmaster stared and opened his mouth to ask what the smelt that was all about, but no sound came out. This was because once it was remembered that there was no air on the moon, sound ceased to carry.

Meanwhile, on the wall of the cave, Vetinari's clock ticked, tocked, and sputtered it's uneven way through time. Or rather, it would, if it could make any sound at all.

Just then, somewhere further down the Hypertime stream, someone (probably Mr. and Mrs. Beaver) built a dam. This caused the cave to fill up with so much extra time that the entire scene was washed right of existence before anyone could figure out why the story was titled, "Gin, Sodomy, and the Lash!"

Eventually, the dam in the Hypertime stream caused it to change course, meaning that no one was dead after all, and all those involved never realized that it happened. Er, didn't happen. Er...

Ah, forget it!

The End.

Erm, yeah... sorry about this one. Nothing was coming to me! Well, nothing but this silliness, anyway.

I am still open for further suggestions, however.
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This would be the results of Luna's suggestion. If you don't know much about Magic, much of this probably won't make sense.

Edit: Oh, yeah. Also, this would be my next entry in the whole Advent ficlet/drabble/whatever meme (although so far I've been doing considerably more than 100 words).

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First advant scenelet thingus. I don't think it's very good, but I'm posting it anyway.

Technically, this is Devi's request for Capstone, 'cos it doesn't have any flagstones or Trokair in it. I was inspired, largely, by a general "ruins" theme.

I s'pose you're supposed to put your suggestions for the next one up in response to this, but to be honest, I'm having a real hard time with this already.

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