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So, not only is this embarrassing to admit, but Tai may well kill me for what I did with her character (if I don't kill her with laughter first). So of course this post isn't even going to be locked, because it's technically a reviewish thing, and I leave those unlocked.

[ profile] jazzchyk is to blame for this. She linked the game Pony Island in her journal, I followed the link, and now I'm caught, too. And just when I was finally ridding myself of Neopets! (Again.)

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We're running an evil alternate universe type plot here shortly, so I decided to make up a special icon for it. Now, mind you... not all alternates have the other-faction eye colors. For example, Anti-Kup's got normal Kup's blue eyes. But for Rodimus, I wanted to go with red eyes. As for the orange chevron, if you'll notice from my default icon, one of the actual Marvel covers had him with an orange chevron. I decided I really liked that look, and hey, there's one canon source for it, right? So now I'm just randomly declaring that my Rodimus has the orange bit.

Credit to Luna. She's the one who Photoshopped his eyes red and his chevron orange. I then darked the background, adjusted the colors, and added the animation.

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... I would totally approve a female original-character from the Marvel G1-verse whose explanation for being female was, "Like all Transformers, he never really understood the concept of gender one way or another, but after going to Earth and meeting Arcee, he decided he, or rather, she, has always been a female but just never realized it."

That'd be cool. ^_^

(Well, okay, it still need to be a good application otherwise. I'm just saying that such a background would contribute to it being a good application.)


Oct. 15th, 2007 09:56 am
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Could someone explain to me what is up with shy-skittish-clingy-little girl type characters who are afraid of other females? I mean, seriously. Why is this even a trend?
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Righto. I just got approved for Rodimus Prime on Deadzone, so of course I made a few RP (which, in this case, stands for role-play or Rodimus Prime - they bth work!) icons to switch out between on the bboard. Since icons that fit there also fit here, I'm uploading them here as well. All the pictures are from Marvel comics because, well, I'm playing Marvel Rodimus.

The facepalm one and goggles one are equivilents to Luna's Scourge facepalm and goggles icons. The last one is actually Primus. See, I always knew that Marvel Primus looked like Rodimus anytime they showed him in flashback and stuff, but to me, the big old Primus head in the center of Cybertron never looked particularly like him. Until Luna pointed out the helmet design. So I grabbed it, photoshopped out all the random colors at the bottom of his face, and changed all the yellows in the picture to red, and there we have it. Even big ol' Primus head inna middle of Cybertron looks like Rodimus! (Or Rodimus looks like Primus, if you want more in-universe accuracy).

If you want them, grab them. If you don't want to credit to me, at least credit to Marvel.

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Deadzone related ficbit posted today in the (where else?) Deadzone comm. Set during the theoretical "re-aging" plot that oft gets discussed in chat. Rodimus Prime makes a very disconcerting discovery concerning young Kup's behavior. Slash, but nothing explicit. Apologies for those getting doublespammed, and remember that this is not a complete fic - just a scene.

Link to fic, yay.
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Inspired by conversation in DZchat. Unrefined ficbit. Cartoon universe past, set sometime between the Second and Third Great War on Cybertron.

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Decided to go ahead and upload my icons for my other Deadzone characters. The exception is Needlenose; the Needlenose icon I use was a gift for someone else, and although I have her permission to use it on the board, I don't want to use it here.

In addition to cranky old Kup, I've also added Screwdriver.

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Kup lay facedown and offline next to the water's edge for only a short while, but when he booted up he took a moment to wonder why he had shut off to begin with. That fall shouldn't have done it... that dunking shouldn't have done it... his diagnostics showed nothing wrong with his internal systems (in fact, a few minor but persistent faults seemed to have mysteriously cleared), but he still couldn't shake the feeling that something was off.

Well, his optics were off, for one thing. He activated them and began to push himself up, spotting his right arm in the process. That's when he paused again. At first he thought he was still wet, but that wasn't enough explanation. He was darker; his usual faded green-gray had deepened into a rich, forest green. The color was more consistent, too - where before he had sported several different shades of green-grey or blue-grey or just plain grey, now he was deep green all over, except for a few accents in a brilliant, electric blue-green. And he gleamed. It wasn't a trick of the water. His paint now shined with a freshly waxed look so bright it almost glowed.

Confusion gave way to a faint smile of delight on a face whose seams now fell in a distinctly different pattern, and Kup pushed himself back onto his knees so as to examine the rest of him. The new paint job applied to his whole body, and on his chest, he could see that the lighter accents were even more dramatic than he had originally thought. The entire edge of what would be his alternate mode's front end was the brighter color, and coming off of it was an intense, complicated, electric design that danced its way up along his edges and crowded in close to frame his now-brighter Autobot symbol. Looking down, he noticed similar designs running down either leg, and his faint smile turned into a wide grin.

Oh, he should have been worried. He knew that. Sudden, mysterious new paint jobs had already proven themselves to be a Bad Thing since his arrival in this strange new universe. But even when he tried, he just couldn't bring himself to be bothered. The thought that bubbled into his head was, That was then, and this is now. Live in the now, I always say. Except he didn't. Except, well, he felt like maybe he should. It felt... right.

The next thought to wander through his head came when he finally stood completely upright, and looked down once more to view his new paint job. It was this thought that he actually took the time to voice aloud. "Wow!" he said in a voice that had somehow lost its gruffness, lost its age, lost, even, much of its maturity. "I look slick!"
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Screwdriver's wide optics glimmered malevolent red in the dim light, and a wicked little smile of sheer, unholy delight painted her doll-like face. She leaned forward and, as though sharing a profane secret, whispered softly, "Some day the clock will run down, and then he'll get you." Then, before the other could react, she danced backwards, transformed, and darted off. The echo of childlike laughter faded as it chased the little red-rust motorcycle into the distance.
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These are not really supposed to be pictures of the "real" young Kup from the good old days back on Cybetron, but the back-story is kind of convoluted. Because this is my blog, I'll tell it anyway.

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So here is Deadzone Long Haul in alt mode. Now, to cut off the two questions I anticipate:

"But he doesn't look anything like his War Within self?" and, "But there's no way he can transform into that?"

I don't have War Within with me, and have no intention of trying that style or level of detail, anyway. For this, I had only the G1 treatment of Cybertronian alt modes in mind: rounded, recognizable, and generally impossible for their robot modes to actually transform into. My primary references were, consequently, Long Haul's Earth alt mode and Kup's alt mode (as I believe Kup to be a Cybertronian pick-up truck, and thus would have some simularities in build). Inked with Sharpies. >_> And you can see clearly why I don't often ink.

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Quoth the Ravyn, "....."

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Information page for Transformers Go-Bots. Haven't looked at it yet. I hear it's got all the episodes.

Scott: better get cracking! I'll be waiting on that app!


Jul. 27th, 2007 09:06 am
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Because my red-opticed Long Haul now makes Deadzone players twitch, I have added the blue-opticed Long Haul to my icon list.

I'm keeping the red-opticed one, though. I ditched one of the Hubble pics for it.
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Weird interactions or just general weirdness that have amused me:

* Autobot Long Haul
* Omega Supreme's reaction to Autobot Long Haul
* Predacon Wheelie
* Emperor Starscream
* Alpha Starscream III
* G1 Marvel Emirate Xaaron and G1 Cartoon Kup decide that "damn punks" are multi-versal.
* The reactions of every single non-G1 Decepticon upon the arrival of Omega Supreme
* The reactions of the G1 Decepticons do the non-G1 Decepticons' reaction to the arrival of Omega Supreme ("Uhm, we did tell you guys about him.")
* Predacon Wheelie (this is weird enough for two mentions)
* Actionmaster Needlenose
* Spinister's reaction to Actionmaster Needlenose
* Dead End vs. Swerve
* Kup vs. Wreckage (Kup appears to be well on his way to gaining a starry-eyed, tag-along RID kid admirer from this one)
* Autobot Long Haul has to prove himself every time a new G1 Autobot arrives. Sads!
* Holi vs. the dragonette
* Nightbeat vs. Arcee
* Yes, he's really Starscream. Deal with it.
* Emirate Xaaron weaving flowers for the dragonette
* Shortround and Fleetwind discuss transforming toys
* Needlenose vs. Omega Supreme (Gah!)
* Optimus Prime is spare parts
* Synapse. Nodes. Need I say more?

And that's just a partial, spur-of-the moment list. Sometimes I get antsy at the pace this game is going, but really, looking back, we've only been going a bit over three months, and we've had a lot of cool stuff so far!
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Because I like posting my applications. Because I'm weird. I skipped right to the character information. Warning: I'm long winded in this one. I want potential players to know that I would generally not expect their applications to be this long. What can I say? Kup is rambly.

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