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I dreamed I got turned into a leopard. Probably has something to do with the little Photoshop tutorial I did last night. I was intelligent, and could still talk, but I had a leopard body. I was very powerful, and could move very quickly when I wanted to, but for the most part just meandered everywhere at a leisurely pace.

At one point I started wandering through an area of very bad humans, although I had a couple of allies by my side. These humans were not out and out evil, and none of them broke the law or anything, but they were still cruel and mean and petty and thoughtless, and I saw very little, if any, good in them. I don't remember what they did specifically to set me off, but I do know that they antagonized me intentionally. It got the point where I wanted to scare her just a little, just to teach them a lesson, so I knocked her down and put my teeth to her throat, but I did not bite. Not only did the other bad humans around me become frightened at this horrible beast (even though I what I had done was done calmly and deliberately, and was far milder than most of what these people were doing to each other), but my friends and allies also became scared, and I could hear talk of the zoo.

I released the woman and walked away. I realized that because of my form, I had to behave far more than human, and even so, would always be perceived as less.
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While I napped, I dreamed that there was a woman who ruled. She was beautiful and cruel, and many people served her. A man, I got the impression he was a reporter of some sort, and his "comical, bumbling assistant," was in her domain for some reason. While watching her make a speech, he photographed her from very far back in the amphitheater (it was shaped somewhat like the ruins of some of the Roman amphitheaters I've been in, though the dress of the people and the decorations and technology were all very modern). Suddenly, there were many people in front of her, holding guns in her direction, blocking the photographer's view so that he couldn't see her. After a few moments, nearly everyone in the audience drew guns, and also had them pointed up towards the dais where the woman should have been, but could not be seen. Then some one, not the woman, ran, and everyone chased after him or her, except for the few that stayed behind to see that the woman was okay.

The story unfolds! Cut for length. )

And then I woke up.

ARGH! Luna!

May. 8th, 2007 06:44 am
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Freaky-weird dreams about Xaaron brainwashing Fleetwind all firking night long.

No, I don't remember many more details than that. Thank gawd.

Needless to say, I blame you, Lunatron.
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I dreamed this morning that I was Jay Garrick (the original Flash, for those of you who don't know; he's the one with the Hat). I don't remember much about what I was doing... running around dealing with some crisis (or possibly even some Crisis) with the Justice Society, I suppose. I remember Alan Scott (original Green Lantern) and Wildcat being there.

It was kind of weird; I don't often dream I'm a male, and this is certainly the first time I remember dreaming I'm a geezer male. It was also in the comic book style that my comic book based dreams sometimes are. That is, a comic bookish art style, with thick lines and comic-style coloring, and a belief, during the dream, that I was actually moving, but an inability to remember anything but still scenes afterwards.

Well, at least I got to wear the Hat.
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Sorry, this is all I remember. I'm a bad girl and don't write down what I remember about my dreams when I first wake up, so by the time I get to this time of day, they're pretty well gone.

Dreams that read like the plots to really, really bad fanfic behind cut. You have been warned. )

Mind Tricks

Dec. 4th, 2006 01:08 pm
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I woke up rather abruptly at about 5 AM this morning because I heard someone (it sounded like my mother) shouting my name.

Now, my mother is in another state, and there was no one there. I'm pretty sure I was just hearing things; this isn't the first time a dreamed or imagined sound has startled me out of bed.

It was kind of annoying, though. For one thing, it interrupted a dream that I was curious to see the ending of (it involved some sort of a police investigation and a school bus, is all I remember; it's hard to hold onto dream fragments when you're jolted out of bed like I was). For another, I have to wake up at seven, and I couldn't get back into a good sleep. :(

NOT Funny!

Oct. 4th, 2006 12:50 am
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*kicks her subconscious*

No, brain! Dreaming that I am MUSHing, and that getting fired from the MUSH was, in fact, the dream, is not a funny joke right now. Cut it out!
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I was the commander of a submarine or an underwater station or both. It seemed to slip back and forth. We were fighting with the Other Side over a new technology, although damned if I know which side developed it first. I do know that we weren't able to implement it before we had either stolen it or stolen it back from the Other Side (again, some parts of the dream seemed to lean one way, other parts seemed to lead the other way).

The technology required some sort of installation into the people using it, making them, I guess, cyborgs or bioborgs or something, although visually, you couldn't tell the difference between an enhanced human and a normal human, and if you were an enhanced human it felt no different. There were two modes. There was a partial activation mode, that made people amphibious and able to cope with extreme pressures and such, and this mode we had pretty much at the beginning. It wasn't until we had dealt with the Other Side that we could use the full activation, or clear-water mode.

Clear-Water mode basically made being underwater like being in the air. All it was, though, was basically a very complex illusion that tricked the already amphibious humans into perceiving the water as being like air, and into no longer feeling the pressure of the water, and such like that. So you could 'fly' (swim) around without having your vision obstructed. Ambient light seemed a lot greater than it normally is. I particularly remember one scene where myself and a couple of others were walking across the ocean bottom, but if you looked up, high, high, high overhead the 'sky' had a ceiling that looked... like the surface of a pool of water looks when you look down at it, assuming that pull of water is glowing from within. One of the people I was with complained that one downside of the illusion is you could be walking through ribbons of blood in the water and never know it, because the illusion filtered such out.
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I had a really long, meandering dream this morning, and I don't remember all of it, although I do remember one clear and frequent theme of me being generally groped, pawed, and harassed by the males in my dream. This was very annoying.

So, towards the end I was trying to get dental work done, but in order to do so I had to prep the area by laying out wires on a board with nails in it in certain patterns. The procedure was suspiciously similar to what we do at work to create an internal wiring harness for the equipment we manufacture, actually. I finished that, and then had to watch a training video before I could get my dental work done. This was one picky dentist! The training video involved rampaging giraffes and sudden floods. I was part way through it when I realized another patient, this one male, had draped himself across me and put his arms around me! Given that I had already had to deal with far too much of that, I was furious, and thought to myself, "Screw this shit. I'm waking up." The most curious thing about that thought, though, was until that moment I was not aware of being in a dream. There was no moment of realization, either. I just suddenly went from not knowing I was in a dream to not only knowing, but so pissed off that I was ready to condemn all the dream characters to non-existance. So that's what I did. I pushed myself to the left, up, and right into wakefullness.

In other news, I got an email from one of the people I had just won a bid from. This was a very, very large lot, and the reason I kept mentioning that I knew I had duplicates is that I had purchased that large lot. From examining the pictures, it looks like it contains two Vulturas, one each of all the other Golden Girl dolls, 14 different She-Ra toys, numerous fashions, two She-Ra carrying cases... a lot of stuff. So the lot was expensive... yes, I admit it. I spent a few hundred on Barbarian toys. To be precise, the lot was set to begin bid at $289.00... but had a buy it now option at $299.00. Considering the buy it now was only ten more than the start bid, and we're talking about a collection that included ALL the female dolls, all the shields, all the weapons, and all sorts of other stuff, I took the plunge.

The reason I'm telling all this is that the email I got today informed me that she had found a few NRFB She-Ra and Golden Girl dolls about that she had forgotten about, so she was ADDING THEM TO MY LOT as a gift! I'm just, like... wow! I mean, granted, I just gave this person $300, but they were in no way obligated to give me these NRFB CONDITION extras!

I'm suddenly very glad I blew that money!
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I had... some really disturbing dreams this morning. I don't remember everything, but a lot of the bits I do remember make me cringe.

Behind the cut. )
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So I dreamed I was in a horror movie. The movie was in theaters, although I was living it as though it was happening at the moment. However, I was aware that it was in theaters, and since the production was already finished and I was still alive, I was obviously going to survive until the end of the movie, even though I didn't yet know what was going to happen. Very weird, circular logic... dream logic!

In my dream, the movie kept getting referred to as 'an Omen,' which implied that it was part of The Omen series, but I have no idea why, since whatever plot I could distinguish had nothing to do with any of The Omen movies. For the record, I have not seen the new Omen, and it has been many, many years since I've seen the original.

For the earliest bit I can remember I was on my wheel chair rolling through a very narrow hallway with lots of sharp turns and strange angles. Everything was kind of grayish, there were thick cobwebs over everything, and a weird, dusty goo-slime piled up in corners. Now, why was on a wheel chair, you may ask? Because I was Barbara Gordon. Obviously. Occasionally I'd have to get off the wheel chair and 'walk' around using my hands to investigate stuff.

Eventually I rolled my way out of that hallway and into the house proper, which was bright and homey and lived-in looking. In fact, in my dream it was my Aunt Francine's house, even though the layout was all wrong for Francine's RL house (no creepy goo filled hallways, for one). The colors and feel fit right, though. Why Aunt Francine was still my Aunt Francine despite me being Barbara Gordon is beyond me, but it was one of those things that, in dreams, you don't really question.

There was this doll possessed by pure evil in the house. She was some sort of weird Raggedy Ann variant. She'd start upstairs, where she would commit random destructive acts. Then she'd walk downstairs (and usually converse with me at some point during this part of the process), then go through the door leading to the basement. Then, after awhile, thanks to the power of pure evil, she'd appear upstairs again and start the destruction and trip over again.

I would eventually have to investigate where she was going, which I knew was where the climatic final scene and confrontation of the movie would take place (I knew this because when I looked at the door at one point, the set of clothes stapled to it in the general, flattened figure of a person, moved it's right sleeve to pat the door fondly, as though it had a hand in it's sleeve), but for whatever reason first I had to go upstairs to investigate where she was appearing. It is important to note that, while the Devil doll was causing a lot of general destruction and breaking a lot of my Aunt Francine’s possessions and such, I 'knew' that she would not harm any people as long as (a) we were nice to her, and (b) she thought I loved her. So I was always very nice and friendly and pretending to be interested during her trip down, when she'd stop and talk to me with her weird, flat voice (her Raggedy Ann mouth didn't move or anything, BTW... no magic animated blinking eyes or anything. She'd just look at me, and I'd hear her talking without seeing her do it).

I had gotten off my wheel chair and was pulling myself up the stairs with my hands when the doll passed on her latest trip down the stairs, and meanwhile Aunt Francine appeared at the top of the stairs. She was kicking a few evil animated toys out of the way, but it was more nudging them with her feet so they couldn't trip her up and stuff; there was no violence or anything like that. She also seemed to take the situation in her house fairly well, and was very chipper, having the same wide, warm, friendly grin that I associate with real Aunt Francine. "I knew they were doing a horror movie here, but I didn't know it was an Omen!" she observed at one point. She was mostly there to provide friendly background chatter. For whatever reason, I wasn't too worried about her safety. Probably because (a) like me, her being alive proved that she survives, somehow, and (b) I hadn't upset the Devil doll yet, so she should be safe.

Anyway, at that point the Devil doll told me, "I had a headache. I cut it out, but it still kind of hurts." This prompted me to shift so that I was sitting on the stairs (and could therefore use my hands) and pick her up and inspect her. I turned her around. On the back of her head was another Raggedy Ann face, this one sadder than the face on the front side, but it had been sliced horizontally and something had been removed, so it was loose and open. I suddenly knew/remember that that particular Raggedy Ann variant had a little stuffed cloth heart that was sown into the back of their second faces, and it was supposed to increase their charm and their value and was part of their distinguishing traits (Yuh, because having a heart in your head is pretty unusual). When I saw it, I was sad, because now the little doll would be less valuable and such (because, when it wasn't being possessed, it was my aunt's doll). I was about to give it a reassuring little cuddle-hug (as part of the whole keeping it convinced that I wuvved it!) before setting it down and allowing it to continue on its trip to the basement when the alarm went off and I woke up.

Overall, I found the dream to be vaguely creepy and disturbing as I was experiencing it without being out and out frightening.
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So I dreamed about Planetary last night. Specifically, I dreamed about the version of Planetary that showed up in the JLA/Planetary cross-over, where Planetary was more or less filling the role of the Four, while the JLA were more or less filling the role of Planetary.

They controlled not just one Earth, but several. And they were anding them. As in, they were Boolean anding Earths together. They were also oring them, noring them, xoring, and nanding them, and all of these were considered bad, but anding, for whatever reason, was the worst. Boolean functions apparently should not be performed on planets. It makes evil-Planetary more powerful and causes bad things to people who are not evil-Planetary.

I don’t remember what I had to do with all this, although I do remember a rather frightening encounter with Jakita Wagner. Only she had curly hair and looked more like Wonder Woman, but damnit, it was Jakita Wagner.

The colors in my dream were very rich, but the lines were a bit thicker than you’d normally see in Planetary. Not real thick… standard pretty-good comic book art, something of a cross between modern style and eighties style, with modern coloring techniques. Thankfully, they didn’t have any of the awful “on the EDGE!” deformed mutant stylings that were so popular in the 90’s. I don’t remember any actual motion in the dream… it was odd, because I remember in the dream being certain there was motion, but when I look back, I can only remember still captures.

Like comic book frames.

The city we were in looked pretty much exactly like the Imperial City in Oblivion, only it was just after dusk, with a bit of orange on the horizon fading up to the stars overhead. In other words, very pretty and very Roman-esque. The lines on the background/city were much thinner than in the foreground (with no lines in the stars), and much closer to the ink style in the actual Planetary books I’ve been reading.

I blame this dream on [ profile] doom_bees.
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I had a dream that Long Haul got his own comic book six issue limited series. Not the Constructicons as a whole, just Long Haul. However, the writers had Long Haul doing all this cracked out martial arts stuff, so the series got nicknamed by the fans, "Long Haul, Super-Ninja" as a joke, or "LHSN" for short. In my dream, [ profile] doom_bees is the one who told me about it. He was reading issue four... for some reason he never thought to mention to me that it existed before then. Gee, thanks a bunch, [ profile] doom_bees!

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