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Killtron must be entered into the Transformers fanon wiki! You cannot allow Gigimas Prime to get all the glory!

(You may want to think about adding that rooster/leech fuzor, Cocksucker, too. Or was he [ profile] yartek's?)

Edit: Come to think of it, Sapphirebreeze would probably feel right at home there, too. I'll see about adding her later.

Edit 2: Muahahahahaha!

Edit 3: I've been corrected. Cocksucker belongs to Susan. Maybe she ought to add him?
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I like to play games with words. But sometimes words are poor sports. :(

Dancing Fleetwind )
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It's about time I got this done, huh?

There are a few minor issues, but in all, I'm pretty darned happy.

Pic behind cut. )
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All Seeker names, with the exception of Fleetwind's, created using Koi's Random Seeker Name Generator. And seriously, Fleetwind's name might as well have been created that way... >_>

Naughty Fleetwind requested by Dragoness_e )
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I've had this weird mental image of Screwdriver lately. She's battered badly, but still has her big, sweet, slightly manic smile on her face. She's pulling herself slowly up a cliff-face that she apparently got knocked down. *crunch* as her hand graps the next hand hold. *scraaaaaape* as she slowly pulls herself up, metal against stone. *crunch.* *scraaaaaaaaape.* Every now and again, she stops to pick up a piece of herself that had snagged on something while falling down and replace it. And all the while she's singing softly. "Itsy bitsy spider" *crunch* "crawled up the water spout." *scraaaaaaaape.* "Down came the rain" *crunch* "and washed the spider out." *scraaaaaaaaaape.* "Up came the sun" *crunch* "and dried up all the rain." *scraaaaaaaaape.* "And the itsy bitsy spider" *crunch* "crawled up the spout again."
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Got back to working on that Screwdriver link from before (you can find the previous pics with the Screwdriver tag). My hang-up with Final Stroke was getting in the way of me doing other stuff, too, like getting further on this picture. Or the 28 Fleetwinds. I should hopefully be over that, though.

Pictures of different stages behind cut. )
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I've been taking your Killtron bio under careful consideration, and I've come to feel there is one essential element that you left out, although in your case, I'm not really sure there's much you can do about it.

You left out the "This is my first fancharacter" disclaimer.

"This is my first fancharacter" (or "first fanfiction," or "first fanart") is a phrase that generates a lot of confusion. You see, some people might, foolishly, assume this phrase to mean, "I have put this, my first fancharacter, up for review in a public forum because I am seeking to improve him or to identify mistakes made in him so that I can avoid them in the future, and thus I desire constructive feedback." This is absolutely the wrong interpretation of this phrase!

The proper translation is, "I know it's crap, but I'm putting it up in a public forum anyway, and not only is no one allowed to suggest that there might be room for improvement, I demand that you all now pat me on the head and congratulate me for putting the miniscule amount of effort into this that I did, and then print it out and stick it on your refrigerators with a magnet."

It's translation errors like this one that lead to so much strife on the internet, which is why it's important to learn proper translation techniques.

Anyways, [ profile] doom_bees, I think Killtron needs a "This is my first character" disclaimer, although since he isn't actually your first, I'm not sure how you're going to work that into things. *shrugs*
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ARGH! Sharpshooter has been ranting away in my head all day to some poor nameless, faceless Autobot!

Here we basically have a brief history of the war and Autobot Critics from Sharpshooter's rambling, likely partially-inebriated (although it's hard to tell) point of view. Maybe now he'll shut up.

Crime and Cruelty )

12 OCs

Sep. 27th, 2006 01:41 pm
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Taken from [ profile] ravenology

"Choose twelve of your original characters in any particular order. (NO PEEKING AT THE QUESTIONS AT THIS STAGE!) Then, answer the questions that follow and don’t forget to tag a couple of people when you’re finished."

Managed to keep it all Transformers, but it took a bit of thinking.

1. Fleet/Fleetwind/Fleeting
2. Gash
3. Haze
4. Capstone
5. Redline
6. Sapphirebreeze
7. Desk
8. Screwdriver
9. Kung-Pow
10. Sharpshooter
11. Waveguide
12. Princess Blue

If you intend to do this meme, do not look at the questions until you've picked your twelve characters. )

I don't like to tag other people. Grab the meme if you like it.
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Not by me. I commissioned Wayward for it! For anyone who wants to see, it's over at deviantArt. Omega Supreme's in it too, and although I didn't ask for him, I'm not complaining for having gotten him! :)
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*GASP!* Two updates in a week! Those of you who have this on the 'thing to get around to reading' should start looking at it now, so you have smaller chunks to deal with! ;)

The story so far.

Still not porn. )
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For the convienence of anyone who's only now starting to pay attention to my "Final Stroke" story, which is NOT porn (unless that makes you more likely to read it, in which case sure, it's porn!), I'm putting up the whole thing here, but putting each bit behind its own LJ cut to make it easier to get to whatever section you're at. The newest bits are, of course, at the bottom and mostly involve some expositionary rambling. Not much new, I fear, because I'm one of those writers who has to fight with every sentence. There have been some edits to the rest, but all rather minor.

Proof )

Useful )

Organized )

Digging )

Half (NEW!) )
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Fanfiction writers are used to taking other people's characters as their own and doing pretty much whatever they want with them. That is, after all, pretty much what fanfiction is. And at the end of the day, there's relatively little moral or philosphical difference between taking Hasbro's characters without permission and doing what you want to with them in a fic, and taking a friend's fancharacter without permission and doing what you want to with them in a fic.

There is, however, a very strong personal difference. When you take a friend's fancharacter without permission and do whatever you want to with him or her, you risk annoying or angering that friend.

With that in mind, I would like to set forth the following informal policy when it comes to the use of fancharacters that I, personally, have created:

For most fics, you may use any of my characters without prior permission, provided I am informed when the fic is written so I may read it myself (since I don't always keep up with the latest and greatest in the fandom).

If someone wishes to use one of my characters in a slashfic/romancefic/smutfic, I request that they ask first, and describe to me how they intend to use them.

Gash may never, ever be slashed.

All that said, if someone ignores what I have written here and chooses not to honor/respect my requests, there's nothing I can really do about it.

But a friend would respect my wishes.
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The Little Toymaker. )

Explanation: Believe it or not, the above is Transformers fanfiction. The 'Little Toymaker' is a Junkion fancharacter of mine, Screwdriver. Character headshot here. Transform would probably be more or less based on Energon Arcee's, because I hate coming up with transforms. She's... quite a piece of work. She's obsessed with fairy tales and children's stories, unlike most TV-obsessed Junkions (although she's fine with children's TV), and fancies herself a Toymaker, but in reality, she is a weapons designer. What's more, she tends to view people and things as toys that are not actually toys, and tries to take them apart. Humans, for example. She hasn't figured out how to put a human back together yet (and boy, are they messy), but she sure there's a trick to it that she hasn't found yet. Her world view is very selfish and self-centered, and a bit Peter Pan-esque. She is best thought of as a very selfish and clever child, the sort of child who would quite happily blow up little green army men with a firecracker - only replace little green army men with actual army men and replace firecracker with something much more potent. As it's written, she can actually be either pre or post movie, but most likely post movie, with Galvatron as the Emperor, Rodimus Prime as evil King Arther, and Cybertron as Camelot. The jolly little elves are, of course, the Constructicons, who she most likely has to work with on a regular basis, and whom no doubt consider her quite the pest. She actually loves the 'elves' and her 'Emperor' as much as she's able to love anyone beside herself, mostly because they either allow her to build her 'toys,' or help her to do so.

This is her background, as she would tell it to you if you asked her about it (assuming she wasn't too busy pulling your arms off to figure out how they were attached). So things are steeped in fairy tale phrasing. The reason I'm putting this up is I've got an idea for a different sort of interactive RP brewing about in my head, and having this here may help folks understand what the heck I'm doing when I get started doing it.
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The further adventures of Imperial Cate, summarized. )

Also, here are screencaps. Catechism may not be the sort to play dress up in the middle of a burning castle, but part of what I like about the game is being able to dress your character, so you have a few screenshots from where I was using Catechism as a virtual Barbie doll. Photobucket!

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