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"Fan" is only one letter away from "fun." Too often, however, a "serious fan" isn't very close to "serious fun" at all.
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Those who have known me since I... joined the fandom will probably remember my first Transformers sketch ever. It's still up in my journal, although up in the scraps section. I just did one of my rare dA check-ins, and it appears to be getting a random upsurge in popularity, garnering more favorites and comments. All the, "So HOT" comments have me pretty amused, really.

The Starscream and Megatron as My Little Ponies is getting a lot more +favs, too, though not so many comments. Thankfully no, "So HOT" comments. That'd be kind of scary.

Heh. It's kind of weird to see Transformers so popular again, after having been in the fandom for so long when it wasn't.
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Killtron must be entered into the Transformers fanon wiki! You cannot allow Gigimas Prime to get all the glory!

(You may want to think about adding that rooster/leech fuzor, Cocksucker, too. Or was he [ profile] yartek's?)

Edit: Come to think of it, Sapphirebreeze would probably feel right at home there, too. I'll see about adding her later.

Edit 2: Muahahahahaha!

Edit 3: I've been corrected. Cocksucker belongs to Susan. Maybe she ought to add him?
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I am now a Cookie Cop fangirl! XD
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[ profile] sapphirebreeze: Optimus Prime can't count. Or he was thinking of Superion.
[ profile] sapphirebreeze: But it's more fun to think that he can't count.
[ profile] beckyh2112: *snickers* He was thinking of Supes.
[ profile] sapphirebreeze: Ah, I'm sticking with my version.
[ profile] beckyh2112: I love the Aerialbot introduction. "For Fireflight, we will show you the back of Optimus Prime's head!"
[ profile] sapphirebreeze: Optimus Prime: "Let them think for themselves, to grow in knowledge and wisdom, and let them always value freedom and life wherever they may find it."
Vector Sigma: "... Dude. Megatron was WAY easier to work for."
[ profile] beckyh2112: I blame the "to grow in knowledge and wisdom" for the reason the Aerialbots are dolts early on.
[ profile] sapphirebreeze: And, of course, they're really only shown much of early on.
[ profile] sapphirebreeze: Even so, my earliest memories of making up my own Transformers stories involved watching the first half of War Dawn and then turning it off so I could go away and imagine my own ending, where in my Mary Sue arrives out of nowhere, not so much to save the day, but to slap some sense into them. XD
[ profile] beckyh2112: *giggles*
[ profile] beckyh2112: Silverbolt would love her.
[ profile] sapphirebreeze: They pissed me off enough that couldn't watch that episode all the way through the first time. But I was a kid, y'know?
[ profile] sapphirebreeze: *didn't invent Mary Sues to save the day or fall in love with particular characters, but to slap sense into characters that were annoying her and grow invulnerable hair-nets.*
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I used to read fashion magazines. Hey, it was a deployment, and those are good for thoughtless entertainment! However, the mindset promoted by so many of those things was so disturbing that I eventually quit.

That said, y'know, I think I'd totally be willing to read a magizine directed towards 'geek girls.' There are certain hobbies that we need to be promoting among our gender! So, when a link to this poll showed up in the [ profile] chickswithdice community showed up, I figured I'd link you guys in case anyone was interested, since a large number (not all, of course) of my flist have the following in common:

1) They are female
2) They are geeks (nerds, dorks, whatever, for those who draw innanely fine lines of distinction)
3) They aren't on the [ profile] chickswithdice community.

Anyway, here's the poll.
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I seriously loved (and still love) the Chronicles of Narnia. At times (and it comes and goes) I almost hunger for more of that world. I always found Narnia to be completely spellbinding, but at times I find it disappointing that there are only seven slender books to encompass the world's entire existence, from creation to destruction. It's a little sad, really.

With most works of fiction, when I get into this mood, I go hunt up fanfiction for it, but for Narnia, I don't dare. Fanfiction is such a gamble. Sure, I know there are plenty of good fanfiction writers out there, but there are many, many, MANY more bad ones, and while I'm willing to chance it for other fandoms, I think a bad Narnia fic would just about break my heart!

Not to mention I don't even want to contemplate some of the pairings that you just know exist out there. :/

(And yes, I realize that I actually wrote a quick piece of Narnia-fic, but the thing is, even if that is crap, at least it's my own crap!)
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There's something wonderful about being able to tell someone, "Omega Supreme. Peanut butter. Discuss," and getting the start of a proper drabble in return. ^_^
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Fanfiction writers are used to taking other people's characters as their own and doing pretty much whatever they want with them. That is, after all, pretty much what fanfiction is. And at the end of the day, there's relatively little moral or philosphical difference between taking Hasbro's characters without permission and doing what you want to with them in a fic, and taking a friend's fancharacter without permission and doing what you want to with them in a fic.

There is, however, a very strong personal difference. When you take a friend's fancharacter without permission and do whatever you want to with him or her, you risk annoying or angering that friend.

With that in mind, I would like to set forth the following informal policy when it comes to the use of fancharacters that I, personally, have created:

For most fics, you may use any of my characters without prior permission, provided I am informed when the fic is written so I may read it myself (since I don't always keep up with the latest and greatest in the fandom).

If someone wishes to use one of my characters in a slashfic/romancefic/smutfic, I request that they ask first, and describe to me how they intend to use them.

Gash may never, ever be slashed.

All that said, if someone ignores what I have written here and chooses not to honor/respect my requests, there's nothing I can really do about it.

But a friend would respect my wishes.
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My internal stupid, squeeing little fangirl cannot help but be amused when I overhear statements like, "Yeah, sorry. I couldn't get to my email for a couple of days there because I was over in Crystal City," at work.

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Basically, it's the tendency of fans to pick and choose what portions of canon suite them, and to rewrite for themselves any bits that don't fit. It stems, mostly, out of the tendency for fictional universes with multiple writers to contradict themselves at one point or another. You just kind of chose the version that fits you, rather than simply accepting the current version as canon.

I like it. Let's face it, we all do it from time to time. It just amuses me that there's a term for it. My refusal to accept Beast Wars and anything Beast Wars retconned in (particularly those things that contradict G1)? My Krypto-revision of the Transformers universe. Those people who rewrite the Robo-smasher out of the Constructicon origin? Another Krypto-revision. Merging the comic universe and the cartoon universe? Another Krypto-revision.

Does it bother me that the term is obviously drawn from Superman fandom? No more than it bothers me that the terms "Mary Sue" and "slash" are both derived from the Star Trek fandom. Besides, whether you like Superman or not, as the first Superhero, it's hard to deny that Geekdom in general owes a lot to the big guy.

Does this mean I'll stop bickering with other fans about what's canon? Of course not. I'm a fan. That's what fans do. :)
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This week: Infinite Crisis #5 (of 7) and Detective Comics #817.

Cut for length and spoilers. )

So anyway, that's my week in comics (if anyone's wondering why I didn't post any reviews last week, it was because I didn't get any new ones last week). Apparently it was a very DC week, but hey, I still enjoyed it.
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*Breezy just melts into a big puddle of fangirly goo.*

(No doubt I got a couple of these lines wrong, especially those around the Navy part... feel free to correct me.)

"Very Well. If I must die, I will encounter darkness as a bride and hug it in my arms. For I, at least, have lived a full life, Peter Pan. I have been a child, I have been a youth, I have been a man, a scholar, and a gentleman. I have sailed the world in the finest Navy ever to see sun, moon, or sky set. In short, I have lived a full life. Where as you are a pathetic creature forever locked in the self-serving egocentricities of childhood. You have never been a youth, and you will never be a man. So finish me now, and be done with it!"

Keep in mind, for those not familiar with Fox's Peter Pan, this is Tim Curry's voice, a bit more Legend then Rocky Horror.

And this was a children's show. Good Gawd! I'm going all melty inside just thinking about that scene!

Obviously, I watched "Ages of Pan" again today.

I swear by my Waccom, they so need to put the full run of that show out on DVD!
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For those who follow me here but aren't on the Padded Cell, here is my "illustrated story," The First Rule of Survival. Transformers, very short, quite silly.
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I ramble all over. )
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Today, we have art, musings over the nature of FPP&P Hook fangirls, and an update.

Ramblings and Hook art. )

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