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Now, let's say that, theoretically speaking, I started considering tormenting myself with one of those "28 fic memes." Only let us just assume, for the sake of discussion, that I had a huge list of characters that I might be interested in making a stab at, only I couldn't make up my mind. Let us also assume that the list is firking huge, and I'd really only like to try one just now (if any at all).

Polls upon polls upon polls, my friends. :) Answer pick one for each category, and I'll pit the winners against each other in a future poll for the right of being made into a 28 fic meme! Unless, of course, I decide that I'd really rather do a different one, after all. And I put the "other" options all in their own category because I'm weird like that. Specify which particular "other" you want, and if you have no "other" preference, just... don't answer that question!

This is no guarantee of anything, not even that I'll start one of these memes, and certainly not that I'll go with the eventual winner, no matter how badly you all want to see "28 That Really Loud Woman Who Co-Owns Yesterday's Gift." But still, I would appreciate input and suggests as I try to cull this list down a bit. I also won't go too fast on these... I get burnt out easily, so I plan to pace myself.

(If anyone wants to complain that I left out Ogra, just fill him in under "Other other.")

Anyway, thanks in advance for the clickety-clickety!

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I totally was not going to do this, because I figured everyone would just request romance, and I'm not interested in that enough, really, to write that, not even for a challenge. This is not to say absolutely no romance out there interests me, but most of what does has already been written by someone else, and seriously, if romance is what someone wants to read, there are already many, many, many places to find it. No one needs it from me on top of everything else.

Then Becca told me that the person she got this meme had a restriction on it. Score! So here goes:

Name three fics you think I will never, ever, ever write. In return, I will attempt to write a snippet of one of them.

No romance or porn requests. I really will never, ever, ever write those.

Well, mostly. For those who want the challenge, you can make one of your three a romance request in an attempt to see what pairings out there I'll bite on. But no more than one, because I'm not up for the challenge of dealing with three requests that bore me. ;)

Transformers is not my only fandom. And... I occasionally dabble in original fiction, too.

Crit Meme

Apr. 21st, 2007 04:23 pm
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This has been going around my flist, so I figured I'd gank it, because anything that appears on my friend's page is automatically mine, right?

What are the recurring quirks and flaws you've recognised in my writing? Please be honest, open, and constructive.
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The story books called them the Fair Folk. Those who knew what they were really like, however, had much worse names for them. They had had a rough time of it lately, what with more and more humans taking the proper precautions against them. Of course, for them, 'a rough time' means they were forced to dine on dumb beast instead of tender young human, their preferred meat.

And so these two, small ones with wings of gossamyr and teeth of needles, were delighted to find a house unwarded against them. They scrambled inside through the gaps in the ancient wooden walls and were further pleased to find that this house, this house without mystic protections, held a family, and that family included a young one, very young indeed.

The Fair Folk, the Faeries, looked down on the babe greedily, smiling their needle sharp smiles. One removed her thin, sharp blade, while the other prepared a spell to put the little human down into a much deeper slumber. The little fools had forgotten that a house lacking magical wards doesn't always lack protection. Neither saw the glowing eyes until it was far too late.

The family cat ate very well that night.

I think I'm getting a little burnt out on these (which is why the last few have been too short). I really would like to do a Discworld one before it's over with (that being one of my few major fandoms that I haven't covered yet), but right now I'm just feeling drained. :/

Tonight's entry combines Devi and Becky's suggestions.
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The Knowledge of Stars

Some said the stars could think. Though without brains, they still had minds, and that over the course of their long, long lifetimes, they pondered many things.

Some said the stars thought hard and thought deep. That over their countless eons of existence they learned many incredible things, things that could destroy worlds, or create them - perhaps both at once. The knowledge of the stars, it was said, could enlighten a man or drive him insane. Just as both life and death flowed from their physical being, both salvation and destruction could be gleaned by their intellects.

This was in part true. The stars could think, and they certainly had a long time to do it in, but being a huge ball of energy really wasn't conducive to higher learning. While on the outside the stars shone with a light beyond countless candles, on the inside they, well, they weren't very bright.

Mostly, they just thought, "Gee, I'm really, really hot."

I was originally thinking about doing something based off of Narnia (in one of the books the characters meet a person who is normally a star), but then this goofy-arse gag popped into my head and demanded to be told.

Suggestion by Devi. To make suggestions for tomorrow, reply to this message.
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Yes, I am aware that the families described in the story have something of a modern-day American feel, and I am also aware that historically, no armies fitting this description never appeared on American soil. Now ask me if I care. I'm just making crap up here. It is, after all, fiction.

Inspiration comes from Luna's suggestion. To make suggestions for tomorrow, include them in the replies to this post.

The Battle of the Town of Twicebuilt )
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Suggestion by Luna. I... really have no idea where this came from, beside the phrase, "Angel Holograms."

Make suggestions for tomorrow by replying to this post.

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The Dayspring

Winter bowed. Summer curtsied. They approached each other, then stopped. Each rose to their toes and began circling left around a common center.

As they circled, they began to vary their moves. One foot would hang in the air just a bit longer. Another gave a double tap as it came down. Sometimes they would spin, Summer throwing off the sent of flowers, Winter washing it away with frost. The ground grew cold where Winter tread, and warmed up once more when Summer's foot fell upon it.

They never touched. Always dancing, never touching, they danced their dance throughout the year. Equals and opposites, each longing for the other, kept forever separate. Only twice a year did their dance bring even bring them close.

Summer and Winter paused and looked across the center of the circle at each other. Winter looked into the deep warmth of Summer's eyes while Summer was entranced by the pale sparkle in Winter's. They reached toward each other, closer, closer, so close that Summer's fingertips iced, while Winter's began to melt... and then they stopped. They held still, almost but not touching, for just the briefest of moments, then dropped their arm.

Summer curtsied. Winter bowed. Each turned and danced away, as the song brought them further apart. But the next day dawned a bit warmer. The dayspring.

Yes, I am in the middle of reading Wintersmith right now. Why do you ask? ;) Topic suggested by Luna, although she was referring to a somewhat different Dayspring. :)
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Yeah, this one's kind of weird. It's probably best to view it as taking place in its own little reality, as I certainly wasn't concerned with anything resembling historical accuracy. It's also not fanfiction. Using [ profile] raisedbymoogle's request for mermaids.

As usual, make your suggestion for tomorrow in response to this one.

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Looks like I've caught a case of the drabble meme.

So there's that fanfic-drabble-Advent-calender meme going around, which is fairly neat. Except I'm thinking, "Why limit myself to fandoms?" So I'm going to run a variation.

You can suggest a fandom. You can suggest a character. You can suggest a situation. You can NOT suggest a pairing (well, okay, you can, but I probably won't write it). Or you can just suggest a theme, a feeling, or a quote. I will write a drabble and post it tomorrow (probably a really crappy one, and that's even assuming I actually get around to doing it). Maybe a fandom one. Maybe I'll just make stuff up. In response to my post tomorrow, you make suggestions for the day after, and on it goes, until Christmas.
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Snagged from just about everyone at this point:

If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, fanfiction or NaNoWriMo or what have you, post one sentence (or more) from each of your current work(s) in progress in your journal. It should probably be your favorite or most intriguing sentence so far, but what you choose is entirely your discretion. Mention the title (and genre) if you like, but don't mention anything else -- this is merely to whet the general appetite for your forthcoming work(s).

In my case, I'm going with anything I've written at least a couple of sentences on and still intend to finish, although in at least one case 'a couple of sentences' is all I've written so far.

Snippets behind cut. )
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I think I'm going to actually edit Breaking Out Of The White. Nothing major or anything, just a little cleaning up here and there. Granted, I can count on one hand the number of people who have read it and given me feedback, and I still don't know whether the problem is that it's not romance/slash/smut, that it's not fanfic, or that I'm just a shittier writer than I previously believed, but still, it's mine. From my perspective, it's the best thing I've ever written, and I'd like to go back and tweak the little things.
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Not Needlenose the Decepticon. Needle Nose the pliers.

Inspired by my previous post.

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