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Not very good. I've let these go too long, and now I've lost the mood.

Daring Fleetwind )
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Horrible, horrible, cheap cop-out, I know. Sorry, DE, but I just couldn't get inspired. So instead I'm only barely above the 100 word limit these things have.

Drinking Fleetwind with Stunticons claimed by [ profile] dragoness_e

The pale yellow Seeker was absolutely terrified, though he hid it so well that no one around him knew it.

It was a tough bar in a remote part of Cybertron, the sort of place that those who knew Fleetwind would never expect to find him. Which was, of course, exactly why he went there when he needed to not be found. Granted, it was the sort of place where they would tear you up and dine on your fluids if you showed even the slightest hint of fear, but Fleetwind, for all that he was a coward, was a very practiced coward. If not showing his fear was what got him through alive, he could handle that.

So if there are short periods of time when Fleetwind didn't want to be found, periods not worth a repaint, he went to that rough bar, and usually it worked out just fine.

This time, however, the Stunticons were there.
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This one was hard, because I had to figure out what Fleetwind was greedy for!

Greedy Fleetwind. )
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I like to play games with words. But sometimes words are poor sports. :(

Dancing Fleetwind )
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All Seeker names, with the exception of Fleetwind's, created using Koi's Random Seeker Name Generator. And seriously, Fleetwind's name might as well have been created that way... >_>

Naughty Fleetwind requested by Dragoness_e )
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Gen, and short enough that I'm not cutting. 233 words.

On Vacation Fleetwind requested by [ profile] raisedbymoogles

Fleetwind darted and dashed about the ragged metal chasm, battling air currents and dancing to the tune of the wind which howled against the razors' edges. The Seeker tilted and twisted, ran first towards danger, then fled it, before he finally climbed up and out of the rift, where the breezes were calmer. With little effort, he drifted towards a nearby overlook, transformed, and gently touched down.

The pale robot surveyed the run and smiled. Fleetwind was loathe to leave his damaged and desolate paradise, but duty called, or would after he had called in a favor.

Three weeks prior, Fleetwind's unit had been sent out on a suicide mission. It happened from time to time. His sort was very expendable. During the resultant battle, one pastel yellow Seeker was damaged by enemy fire, crashed, went missing and was now presumed dead. At least, it looked like he was hit; there was a shot in his direction, and there was smoke, and he crashed. At least, it looked like he had crashed; everyone had been too busy trying to avoid dying (and usually failing) to really watch that closely.

The vacation had been pleasant enough, but if he waited much longer, even cranial damage and memory malfunction would not be sufficient to excuse his absence. The Seeker sighed a bit wistfully, then leapt into the air and transformed once more. It was time to go home.
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Okay. My first warning is that I am both drunk and high on chocolate. I've had two bottles of wine over the last few hours, and am still so far out of it that when I started the previous sentence, my first instinct was to spell "My" as "Mi." So what follows is, in all likiehood, complete and utter crap.

Apparently it takes a bottle of wine and a bar of speciality chocolate to get slash out of me. Sadly, at two bottles of wine, I get tired and cut off my fic-bits or mini-fics or claims or whatever early. So anyways... yeah, I gave out early. Feel free to imagine a lot of wing-stroking and hand-rubbing as follow-up. I will. I'm just not in a mood to type it out.

If anything underneath the cut is even vaugely coherent, it should be counted as a minor miracle. It should also be counted as vaugue sequel to a ficbit Luna has already posted.

These only need to be a hundred words, right? I'm over 300, so I should still be good, right? )

ARGH! Luna!

May. 8th, 2007 06:44 am
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Freaky-weird dreams about Xaaron brainwashing Fleetwind all firking night long.

No, I don't remember many more details than that. Thank gawd.

Needless to say, I blame you, Lunatron.
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The title of this post should be a rather strong clue as to who I'm going with for the 28 fics meme. Fleetwind and Kup were actually tied for first, but rather than going into a third round of polling, (thus putting claims and fics off a little longer) I just went with the guy who's easier for me to write, since this is my first attempt at something like this.

For those curious (but who don't feel like scrolling down the page to see the other results), Captain Hook and Sharpshooter tied for second (making Captain Hook the highest ranking non-Transformer on the poll), and WoG Starscream (my vote, BTW) tied with Vimes. Two Face, Queen Adder, and WoG Fleeting got no votes.

Anyways... 28 Fleetwinds. Go ahead and post claims. Feel free to post more than one. I reserve the right to write the ones that no one claims, anyway, but I'll try to concentrate on the ones that get claimed first. I also reserve the right to twist the meanings of any descriptors in whatever direction I can make them go (and do recall what I did when someone asked me for "Neverland gone soft and sweet").

Edit: Do not request Stunticons. I will not write them. DE's request for Drinking Fleetwind with Stunticons is exempted because it was made before I came to this decision (although even I admit I did a damn lame cop-out on that one), but that's it.

28 Fleetwinds )
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Request by Luna. Takes place in my Transformers: War of the Gods AU *points to the 'war of the gods' tag.*

Fleeting )
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Note: Some of you have already heard some of this.

One of the cool things about Oblivion is the way they have useful lessons applicable to day to day life worked into the game. For example, they following tip on proper etiquette is used on one of the loading screens:

“People do not like it if you talk to them with your weapon drawn.”

See! This isn’t just useful in the game, but important information for life!

Other handy things I’ve learned from the game:

  • Many people prefer the taste of sheep to the taste of dog (useful while catering).

  • If your romantic inclinations tend towards the vitality-challenged, human settlements make better choices for habitation than elven one (okay, this one doesn’t have very broad application. It still cracks me up).

  • Combining bread, ham, lettuce, and cheese does not produce a tasty sandwich, as you’d expect, but a restorative potion.

I reserve the right to share more wisdom from the land of Tamriel as it occurs to me.

Also: Fleet art! Squee!
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As folks who are on the MUSH right now (1045 EST, Thursday) may suspect, Fleet is only mostly dead. He's not completely dead.
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*Breezy dies. She just... dies.* This was so TOTALLY out of the blue, and I'm so absotively, posolutely THRILLED. And the funny thing is, it never even occurred to me to turn my own trine of fan-Seekers into ponies!

My Mixed Trine are now Ponicons, and I'm just thrilled! )

Oh, and for those following the pony business, there have been a bunch of new Ponybots, too, and they can all be found in this ezBoard thread.

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