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I am quite glad I made it to FNM, as I got to test out a new deck I've been planning to build... oh, pretty much sicne Planar Chaos came out. [ profile] lunatron offerred some excellent suggestions in building it. (Along the lines of, "If you're going to do that, add x! And y!") While I was excited about my new deck, I was also nervous, and didn't really expect too much. Why? Well, my deck's central strategy is, "Give my opponent lots of life, and then beat the bajeezus out of them with it!" I didn't figure a central strategy of give-opponent-life had much chance, but it really did perform wonderfully, and I'm very happy with it, even if I did lose my third match and only came in second (I'll go into that later).

Decklist and game summary. )
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I spent most of this week thinking I wouldn't be able to attend FNM tonight, because I now work the 12-20 shift in a test we're doing. However, on Thursday someone was volunteered to swap shifts with me ("Hey, Jason didn't show up today. He can have your shift tomorrow!")so it looked like I would be able to go.

Then, this morning I woke up and discovered I had started my period (no, I'm not cutting this. I'm in A Mood, and annoyed about the whole "Eeeeew! Girl stuff! *cringe*" business that many guys tend to do every time "the 'p' word" gets mentioned, because having to deal with something that half the people on this damned planet has to deal with on a monthly basis makes us unclean and icky etc etc. Bullshit!).

I thought to myself, "Hmm, should I take some pain killers? Naw. My cramps always start on the second day, and I'd rather not medicate myself if I don't need it." Idiot! Idiot me! I should have at least brought them to work. :/

So anyway, by about one, I was in excruciating pain and completely unable to concentrate on anything resembling work, so I left early, figuring this meant I wouldn't be able to make it to FNM, after all.

It's amazing what a difference a hot show, an hour's nap, and downing about eight IB-profins will do!

So, anyway, I made it to FNM, and will be posting on that shortly, although I am still having to deal with NASTY DIRTY UNCLEAN WOMAN STUFF. I'm doing pretty good now, though, so despite the cruddy start, I'll call this day good. (Have work tomorrow, though. Oh, well. Overtime!)
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I don't feel like doing a full FNM report this week, so you guys get the abbreviated version.

1) We had three new players, including Emily, a girl about Kaylyn's age. Mike claims that other store owners don't believe him when he talks about the player make-up and gender percentages at his FNM. XD

2) I got second.

3) First match, I went 1-1 against Judge-Jeff's BW Rebels/Enduring Renewal deck (a VERY interesting deck, by the way!). He expressed surprise over how many Enduring Renewals he landed in draft, and I admitted that it was such a build-around-me card that I honestly hadn't expected it to be good in draft. I guess I didn't consider the large number of vanishing and CIP-echo creatures in the environment. >_> Second game, I beat him on the fifth turn of overtime. Start of overtime: He had just cleared the board with a Magus of the Disk, I had a post-Disk Scryb Ranger, he had that black tapping Rebel, he was at six life and I was at something like 10.

Turn 1 (mine): I comment, "This looks like it's going to tie." He shrugs, "Maybe. Your deck seems to have a lot of answers to a situation like this." I look at the card I had just drawn and put down... a Pendelhaven. Jeff: "Like that one." He taps Scryb. I return a forest to hand, untap her, attack and use Pendelhaven to boost her, bringing him to 4.

Turn 2 (his): He doesn't draw an answer, and passes the turn.

Turn 3 (mine): Repeat of turn 1. He's at 2.

Turn 4 (his): Repeat of turn 2.

Turn 5 (mine): I win the game through the combo of Pendelhaven and Scryb Ranger.

4) Second match, I went 2-0 against Kaylyn's GW aggro. It was a Silhanna Ledgewalker family fued! Kaylyn actually started attacking, and one game nearly tromped me with a Griffin Guided Ledgewalker.

5) Third match, I went 2-1 against a RW CIP/Land Destruction deck. First game I one very quickly. Second game he killed my only early creature and retarded my land development. Third game I sided in my own land destruction... the interesting thing about G Land Destruction vs. RW Land Destruction? Green also has mana accel, and some of its land destruction doubles as accel, so it bounces back from losing land faster (I started that game on a one-Forest land). Also: I killed him with a 10/10 Scryb Ranger. The last few turns of my game go like this:

My turn: I shrug, declare, "I'm going to set myself up for massive card disadvantage here, and do this." I put Blanchwood Armor on a Moldervine Cloaked Scryb Ranger, making it a 8/8. He glares at it, and points, "That's an 8/8. I don't like that." I attack, and he chumps with a Skyknight Legionnaire.

His turn: He draws no way of dealing with a 8/8 Scryb Ranger.

My turn: I lay down a forest (Scryb Ranger: 9/9). I try to throw a Moldervine Cloak on my Llanowar Elf, but he Lightning Helixes it, bringing him up to 19 life. I shrug and attack with my Scryb Ranger, bringing him to 10.

His turn: No answers, and more importantly, he he's stuck on three land and holding a Wrath of God in his grip.

My turn: He chants, "Draw something to do an extra point to me! C'mon! I know you can do it! C'mon!" I draw... a Forest. Which, with Blanchwood Armor, is creature pump. I put it down and finish him with my 10/10 Scryb Ranger.

Hnh! What do you know? Timmy was right! Winning with huge creatures is fun!

6) First place winner was non-Judge Jeff. I think he was running a Boros Deck Wins, maybe. Third place was big John (non-Judge Jeff's final opponent), who was running his five color Scion of the Ur-Dragon deck. Emily got the random prize.

7) And... maybe this isn't all that abbreviated, anyway. >_>
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At the moment, I'm obsessed with beating Mr. Counterspell without going the full control route (although aggro-control, like Dredge, I can live with), so I'm netdecking like crazy (Netdeck! Netdeck!). I figure once I'm done with this little experiment, I'll go back to Budget decks that make me laugh and my horrible rogue decks (Kavu Predator+Wall of Shards FTL, baby!). So anyway, my current attempt at not losing to Mr. Counterspell involves running MGA with four Leyline of Lifeforce sided. My maindeck is pretty damn close to the standard version of MGA:

Decklist and mini-review of the Ultra-Pro official Magic sleeves. )
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I suck. SO HARD. Seriously. :) This is not complaining, by the by, because I had a blast last night. But I did horribly, and it was mostly my own damn fault.

The night's adventures and my draft-list behind cut. )

FNM Report

Apr. 1st, 2007 01:23 pm
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This week I decided to give a dredge/reanimator deck a try, due to such decks' resilancy against counterspell and Damnation laden decks. Counter my creature? Okay, I'll dredge and try again next turn! Eventually they will run out of their counterspells, or I can get out Svogthos, the Restless Tomb (laying a land is uncounterable) and use its ability (almost uncounterable) to turn it into a creature! Sadly, however, Svogthos, the Restless Tomb can't trample, and this proved to be a major flaw against endless bat-token chump blockers. Also, I suspect now that my deck contains too few cards that can actually be played (or recovered) from the graveyard (I'm not counting the creatures here, as I'm generally just fine with having a creature in my graveyard, especially one I can't hardcast). I don't think I ever cast the birds once, but they served nicely to boost my Svogthos from the graveyard a number of times.

Decklist and match-ups (and meeting another Transfan) )
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Obviously, I am going to have to build a Mono-Green Aggro with four each of Leyline of the Lifeforce and Stonewood Invocation. But I'll get to that later.

The full report (Decklist was printed yesterday). )
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Tomorrow's Friday! Which for me means Magic. So I'm fiddling with the deck I ran last week, Dusty Ledges, because I really enjoyed it.

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It's been several days, so things are kind of fuzzy, but I'll go ahead and relay what I remember.

Decklist and Games and Stuff. )
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Since Luna posted hers, I figured I'd post mine. TS-TS-PC draft, although... see below.

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Goodness! I has so much fun tonight! It was such a blast! Tonight's the first FNM where Planar Chaos was Type II legal, so almost everyone was sporting new decks, and on top of that, we had a large number of new people arrive. We didn't quite make it to eight, I'm afraid, because Jeff is in Dallas judging the Grand Prix, but really, it did look like just everyone had a great time.

Decklists, match-ups, my winnings, and general chatter. )

Whew! I finally came down off the "Fun High," and now I'm exhausted!
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I don't feel like writing up a whole report, so here are the highlights:

1. I had a blast.
2. My black deck sucks.
3. Tera says you can see that I've been losing weight by my face! ^_^
4. The high school strategy club continues to show up, but have their own seperate tournaments.
5. Some idjit tore up a Damnation.
6. We had three new people, and Jeff and Hunter both showed up.
7. Jeff whupped me with a commons-only deck he built so he could loan it to new players, and then not be upset if it walks. Red/blue, uses Storm and the common build-up cards Dragonstorm uses (Seething Song, Rite of Flame, etc), only to build into things like Empty the Warrens and really big Grapeshots.
8. Hunter whupped me with, of all things, a mono-white weenie deck. He has declared that from now on he would play nothing but white. So long, Slivers!
9. As a random door prize, I won a Max Protection Ion Deck Armor, which retails for about twelve dollars. My choices were green or blue, and I went with green. It's actually a much darker green than the one in my link.
10. As usual, I purchased a bunch of boosters for all the valid sets (except Coldsnap, because they were out). The prize pull this time? Three words: Foil. Stomping. Ground.

*beams!* ^_^
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...was cancelled due to lack of people showing up! Well, kind of. Tom, Brian, and I were the only ones who showed up. So instead of having any kind of a real tournament, we just goofed around. As usual, I purchased one of each booster and a theme deck, because I am a spending-money-on-Magic fool! I got a Paladin en-Vec in my Ninth edition booster! I got a Ronin Unicorn (generally good white card that I only had one of before), a Karplusan Strider (didn't have one yet), a Wilderness Elemental (didn't have one yet) and a Field Marshal (remember me saying my first Planar Chaos deck would be a white soldier deck?) in my Coldsnap pack! I got Jaya Ballard in my Time Spiral pack (didn't have her yet, either)! I got Ovinize and Timbermare in my Planar Chaos booster (didn't have either)! All my Ravnica stuff was pretty much crap, but considering what I got in the rest of my boosters, I'm not complaining!

When we decided we were playing, I decided that if we weren't playing official Type II, I wanted to play with Planar Chaos cards, so I got another theme deck: Rituals of Rebirth. Teneb is, after all, the only one of the dragon cycle I was missing. This deck sucks with a sucky-suckiness of suckitude, but that's okay! It has Teneb and Resurrection in it, and a monowhite goober like me can always use more Resurrections! It also has Spike Feeder. Tom looked at it and said, "Spike Feeder, and Spike Tiller!" I chuckled and said, "And you can put your Feeder counters on the Tiller, and use them to make even more of your lands into creatures!" Tom frowned and asked, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Tom borrowed my Dimir deck and modified it heavily to make it more focused on decking, then he kicked my butt with it. Then I played Brian, and he won the first game of the match against me, but then I won (I got all sorts of fatties out, and was swinging for, like, 14+ a turn), and then the store closed so we ended in a draw.

Mike went ahead and awarded prizes anyway. Because Tom was the only one who won a match, he got two packs, and Brian and I each got a pack. Mike said he had been planning on giving away four packs at the start of the night anyway, so it doesn't bother him that it's just to the three of us... so now, apparently, not only will Mike still hold the tournaments if only four people show up, he'll hold them if only three show up, and if that happens, everyone wins at least one pack! Mike is awesome! This is why I keep buying so much stuff from him! Store owners like that deserve to be supported! Tom got an Extirpate, and he was thrilled, because that's one of his two favorite cards in Planar Chaos (the other being Damnation). I got a Volcano Hellion! Tom says all I need now is a Stuffy Doll (which I have, but with only one of each, I sure as heck aren't relying on *that* combo). Then Tom gave me a Blood Knight, because we realized that last week in our trading zeal, I had traded him my only Blood Knights, and now he has more than he needs. Good times! Rituals of Rebirth is getting totally disassembled! My retooled black deck still hasn't been tested! Ohwell!
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Planar Chaos is crazy! )

FNM Report

Jan. 20th, 2007 02:49 pm
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I decided to take a break from my Hibernation's End deck so, at around seven or eight the night before, I threw together my Thoughtpicker Witch deck.

Cardlist and games and spoils. )

I think I'm up to three Norins now. I want to see him team up with Rincewind. :(
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Definition of "Crisis," according to the DC Nation page in this week’s DC comics:

"Crisis: Monumental events where, on occasion, worlds live, worlds dies, and universes are forever changed. Usually involves a dead Flash."

This made me giggle, but damn… it’s pretty bad when Dan Didio is cracking these jokes.

From this week’s Shadowpact, Flippy the seal boy describes his quest to gain superpowers:

"Since I don’t know how to set up a bizarre nuclear accident, I decided to go the magic route. Magic folks sometimes advertise in the yellow pages. Mad scientists offering bizarre nuclear accidents never do."

This is obviously a niche market that needs to be filled.

My weekly Magic adventures. )
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This one's not going to include my booster list, because I got a box, what with Time Spiral and all, so... that'll take awhile.

Apparently, I suck at Time Spiral draft, because I did horribly. But I still had fun.

And I'm sleepy, so I'm not giving the blow-by-blow tonight. Just the deck list.

Behind this cut. )
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Friday Saturday Night Magic

Well, this is the last weekend before Time Spiral comes out, but I really wanted to see how well my Standard Constructed deck does. Before, you know, I had to completely retool it (Time Spiral is, I am told, going to be very, very kind to white). Because I was warned that the Constructed event they were supposed to have at my usual store this weekend would probably get switched up for a draft, I decided to go to the other store in the area (it's about ten minutes farther from me, but is on this side of the bridge; both are north), because they were having a Constructed game on Saturday. However, my normal store has my pull box. Also, Tara, the female half of the couple that owns both stores, has threatened to track me down and hurt me if I stop visiting with them. So I decided I would go to my normal store to pick up my comics, hang around and chat and stuff for awhile, then move on to the other store.

My day, the game, and my card list. )

Aaaaand... because I told Tara I'd pimp her store's web page to my flist, here it is! Now you guys can look upon the awesomeness that is my local gaming store, and wish you had one like it!

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