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I had to do my grocery shopping today (ugh), which meant tolerating the sappy music they had going over the loud speakers. Of course, since this is the sort of music that gets played over and over in supermarkets across the country, the songs, whether I like them or not, are drilled into my subconscious, and at one point I realized I was singing along with the refrain of one of them.

Of course, by "singing along with," I mean that I was singing words at the same time that they were singing words. However, they were not the same words, but rather, a variation I of the refrain that I have often heard my mother singing.

So there I was, in the middle of Food Lion, and every time the refrain of one particular song came up, I was singing out loud, for anyone nearby to hear me:

"Every time you go awaaaaaaaay, you take a piece of meat with you..."

Needless to say, I blame this on [ profile] nan_sea.
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There are these little... coffee shacks around town called "Mountain Mudd Espresso." They aren't full coffee shops, but tiny little shacks that sit out in the parking lots of things like strip malls and what have you. You drive up to the window, order your coffee or espresso or frozen drink or Italian soda, pay... about the same as you would there as for any similar shop (actually, I think it's a little cheaper, but not much), and drive off.

They don't know how to do a proper (not frozen) iced coffee, but a lot of places don't know how to do a proper iced coffee, so that's not all that much of a hit. Their hot drinks and their frozen blended drinks are pretty good. At least, they're better than Charbucks Starbucks, but considering I tend to rate Starbucks dead last among coffee shops as far as taste,* that's not saying much, really.

The most significant thing I've noticed about these little shacks, though, of the four or five times I've been to them, is how amazingly cheerful the girls they have making the coffee are. We are talking about tiny, pathetic little shacks that sit in the middle of ugly little parking lots and only have room for a single employee. And yet, every time I've used one (and I've been to two different shacks and haven't gotten the same girl twice on either of them) I'm greeted with this huge, genuine seeming smile, like the inside that teeny little shack in that ugly little parking lot is the best place in the world, and they absolutely couldn't be more delighted to be there and making coffee for me!

My guess is they keep the really good stuff for themselves. It's the only explanation I can think of.

* Yes, I will go to a Starbucks, but usually that's when I can't find any other coffee shop in an area. And often I'll go to a donut shop over them.
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Egg Salad Sandwich + Old Bay = Awesome.
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As many of you are aware, I have a nuke-a-meal for dinner each day, both because it's a lot of effort for me to prepare an elaborate meal just for myself, and because even if it wasn't, I hate cooking, anyway. This is not normally a big problem, because nuke-a-meals have actually gotten pretty good over the years, and I find myself quite enjoying most of the food I eat.


Today, ladles and jellyspoons, I have decided to share with you the most amazingly bland food I have ever tasted.

I realize that "amazing" and "bland" are two words that normally seem to be at odds with each other, but I assure you, this is special case. You see, the word "bland" usually implies "lack of flavor." This can usually be countered with the generous application of salt, pepper, garlic, other seasonings, maybe a little Tabasco sauce... whatever it takes.

(Naturally, as someone who eats nuke-a-meals quite regularly, I have all of these things on-hand.)

What I have discovered today was the existence of Negative Flavor.

This was not mere blandness, not merely an absence of flavor. This was a void of flavor so effective that no amount extra spices and seasons can actually succeed in giving it any taste at all.

It comes in the form of LeanCuisine Butternut Squash Ravioli. Be wary, my friends. Be alert. This bizarre, unnatural dearth of flavor may be found in your own supermarket freezers, lurking, waiting...

(For the record, LeanCuisine makes a number of nuke-a-meals that I'm quite fond of, including their Spinach Alfredo pizza, but the Squash Ravioli is a complete miss.)

The second most impressive accomplishment in blandness is Navy Potatoes au Gratin. Navy Potatoes au Gratin are an unnatural, eye-searing shade of bright, bright orange. Believe it or not, not only did I try them, but I would try them repeatedly, thinking, "Nothing that bright can possibly be as tasteless as I remember those being." Time and again, I would prove that thought false and myself a fool, for they are completely and utterly without flavor. They do not, however, have Negative Flavor, and so, with the addition of sufficient quantities of salt and Tabasco sauce you can make Navy Potatoes au Gratin taste like... salt and Tabasco sauce. Which, depending on your taste, can actually be better than tasting like nothing at all.

(Another favorite trick in the Navy is to mix up a sauce of Tabasco sauce with either Ranch or blue cheese dressing and apply that to... damn near anything. This serves to make damn near anything taste like hot wings dipped in dressing, which can be a good thing if you like hot wings dipped in dressing.)

This is your public service announcement for today.
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So I'm sitting hear munching on some baby cut carrots from a Green Giant snack pack, and, as I'm occasionally do, I'm reading the package and thinking far too much about it, and... No, there are no warnings about the package containing trace amounts of carrots, now shush!

Anyway, as I was saying, so there's a little picture of "Sprout" (Green Giant's Mini-Me) to the left of the package logo, and a thought bubble to show he's thinking, "carrots contain beta carotene, which helps build healthy hair, nails, and body tissues!" Because such are obviously the sorts of weighty matters that Sprout often thinks on.

And it just kind of occurred to me how advertisers tend to list selling points in the order of "most likely to sell a product" to "least likely to sell a product." It kind of amuses me to think that eating carrots helps promote pretty hair and nails would be bigger selling points than them promoting healthy body tissue.

Not that I can talk, since I'm eating them so my pants to wear out at the crotch as quickly. XD
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So I was munching on a Nutri-Grain "Berry & Almond Fruit & Nut Bar" which, as you might expect, has the big letter warning about containing almonds and peanuts. But that's not what I'm posting about. I'm posting about the second item on the ingredients list: "Strawberry flavored cranberries." Guh? Strawberry flavored cranberries? Can't I just get, I don't know, strawberry flavored strawberries and cranberry flavored cranberries?

They're actually pretty tasty, but still...
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Never, ever eat a temporal singularity, no matter how yummy it looks!

They are not good for you!
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Guh. Looks like I may have to start locking my posts against anonymous posters. I don't want to have to do this, as I have family members who don't have LJs who read (and occasionally want to comment) in my journal, but I may have to. My troll (last year) wasn't enough to get me to start locking stuff, but now I've started receiving spam-mail in my Live Journal.

That's right. Spam-mail. In my Live Journal.

Someone stuck an ad for a cell phone ringtones service in my daily food log entry. My food log entry. "Oh, wow, these calorie counts are fascinating. Better stick and advertisement in here!"

Now, even so, I'm going to let this pass this time, but if it happens again, I suppose I'll have to start locking. Sigh.
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For those who, like me, end up eating a lot of nukables:

Stouffer's Corner Bistro Paninis are wonderful.

They are also very useful for as far as at-work food goes, if you've got one of those jobs that keep a fridge and a microwave in a break/kitchen sort of area. Just toss one into a bag, go to work, put it in the freezer, when it's lunch time nuke it, grab some chips from a vending machine, and you've got a very nummy lunch.
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I picked up some gummi worms today. They have strong nostalgia value for me. Back in my high school genetics class, my instructor would sometimes demonstrate genetic principles through the use of gummi worms. When we were done, we'd be allowed to eat the demonstration. The main thing I learned in that class that has stuck with me over the years is that DNA strands are yummy!

I also picked up a few Mad Libs books. These also have strong nostalgia value for me. I always loved Mad Libs! So I thought I could play them with my friends on my flist. If you want to play, respond to this post with a list of words matching the types of words I request. Then I'll reply to you with the completed Mad Lib. Simple! If more then one person wants to play, we'll just have multiple filled out versions of the same Mad Lib, which is cool by me.

To play, please respond to this post with the following:

1 Animal
The names of 3 people on my flist, or 3 characters from either (Fox's) Peter Pan or the Transformers, or combine these in any way to get 3 names
1 Occupation
4 Nouns
1 Place
1 Type of Liquid
2 Adjectives
1 Adverb
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Details Of My Weekend With My Parents )

Oh, and the new icon was drawn by the wonderful [ profile] neverwench. Isn't it keen?
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On Thursdays, the meal truck that comes around here has the most awesome creamy crab soup ever. You all needed to know this.

For those who haven't seen it yet, the Navy's newest recruitment video:
Cliiiiiiiiiiiiiick! I command you!

IMVU Resources I've Come Across )
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First the questions from Ironbite )

Now the questions from Demonqueen666. )

And now, the story of my watch last night while on duty, which I shall call 'Roving Through Hell and High-water' )

Besides all that, I got to watch the dolphins playing in the basin today. One kept picking something (probably a piece of trash thrown in the water by some Sailor :p ) up with his nose and tossing it behind him. They were very cute.


Oct. 13th, 2004 03:37 pm
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Mmmmm. Pig left-overs. )

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