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As threatened, here are the first scans from my sketch book from when I was a kid. I originally got the book for Christmas of 1985, and at first tried to keep it as an art-diary of sorts, but then... I got lazy. But anyway, if the pictures in it look like what a little kid would draw, well, they were. I have the book dated 1985-1988. Most of the earlier pages have individual dates on them, but I eventually got too lazy even for that. Either way, my own personal age range on these masterpieces was nine to twelve.

Some of the pages have words on them that don't always make much sense, because at some point I decided my book needed chapters and the logic of how I grouped the pictures was, at times, ill-defined at best. Also, many of the pages are damaged because at another point in time I decided it would be a fine idea for my sketch book to double as a photo album, and I went through and just glued photos to the backside of art.


Anyway. 'Arts.' )

And just think! More crap tomorrow! XD


Jul. 3rd, 2007 12:47 pm
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I have made a startling discovery today.

Apparently, contains more Pong fanfic (as in, you know, the old old old game with the ball and two paddles?) than it does, say, She-Ra fanfic.

(Meanwhile, I have absolutely no idea where to upload my Golden Girl fanfic, as their Golden Girls section is for the old sitcom.)
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Joyride )

Suggestion by Luna and [ profile] beckyh2112. The only references for Golden Girl that I could find are the descriptions on the back of the toy boxes and a child's story book that's missing a page. Apparently Golden Girl fanfiction that doesn't involve Blanche and Rose simply does not exist.

Make suggestions for tomorrow's entry in response to this one.
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I got my horses today, and this prompted me to finish off my warrior woman toy entries. I seem to get a lot of good feedback on the toy entries, though (not always in the journal itself), so I may start taking pictures of my other toys. Besides, it also serves as a sort of photo catalogue for me. :)

Pretty Horsies! )
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Pictures of toys behind cut. )

I'm not done yet, by the way (Ha! You people should be so lucky!), but that is it for the She-Ra toys, except for the booklet scan-ins. Given the way I've been cheerfully rewriting the She-Ra mythos, her fans are probably happy that I won't be messing with her anymore. :)
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More Action Dolls. Mostly She-Ra. )

Anyway, today was my comic-book shop outing. I'm not sure when I became such a DC whore, but it seems to have happened. Today I picked up all three of the Spectre mini-series... which I hadn't even seen on the shelves previously! I loved it. Seriously, loved it. I've developed a fondness for cop comics lately, and was very upset when Gotham Central ended, especially since it ended with the death of a character I had grown rather fond of, Crispus Allen.

Well, this series is narrated by and presented from the point of view of Crispus Allen. Who's still dead, by the way. He's now a ghost. A ghost cop/detective. That alone is a recipe for success as far as I'm concerned, but the series was quite good for other reasons. And it made me teary-eyed in the end, but that's only because I'm a firking weenie who really gets into what I'm reading. Good stuff, though.

On the way home I had to stop to buy a trash-can, so I stopped at K-Mart, because that's generally much less crowded than Wal-Mart. They had more of those Captain Hook toys I've mentioned previously. This time they actually had Hook and the croc. They also had a set consisting of what I assume is undead-skeletal Hook, because the skeleton's right hand is replaced with a hook and he comes with the same style hat as the not-dead version. It also comes an undead skeletal shark.

That's right. Undead skeletal shark toy. I have one. You don't. Nee-ner nee-ner. XD
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Many pictures of dolls behind this cut. )
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I figure I'll go over about five of these things a day, in no particular order. Some of them are repeats, but I'll usually include them because I got ahold of some new accessories for them or some such. When sorting these dolls, I often just made my best guess, so they sometimes might end up with the wrong bits or some such. Also, several of my Golden Girl outfits are missing parts.

Dolls With Lots Of Pictures )

And that's it for today! Tomorrow: the Blonde Brigrade, Dragon Queen, Jade, and another of those freaky space Amazon things.
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I got the large lot of dolls- erm- action figures- erm- whatever- today.

Large pictures behind cut. )

For those who were subjected to me on their friends page before the cut: eeek! Sorry!
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I got another Golden Girl toy in. This one is the male bad guy, Ogra, who is the least 'girl toy' like of the entire series.

Tremble before Ogra's eyebrows of DOOM! )
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I had a really long, meandering dream this morning, and I don't remember all of it, although I do remember one clear and frequent theme of me being generally groped, pawed, and harassed by the males in my dream. This was very annoying.

So, towards the end I was trying to get dental work done, but in order to do so I had to prep the area by laying out wires on a board with nails in it in certain patterns. The procedure was suspiciously similar to what we do at work to create an internal wiring harness for the equipment we manufacture, actually. I finished that, and then had to watch a training video before I could get my dental work done. This was one picky dentist! The training video involved rampaging giraffes and sudden floods. I was part way through it when I realized another patient, this one male, had draped himself across me and put his arms around me! Given that I had already had to deal with far too much of that, I was furious, and thought to myself, "Screw this shit. I'm waking up." The most curious thing about that thought, though, was until that moment I was not aware of being in a dream. There was no moment of realization, either. I just suddenly went from not knowing I was in a dream to not only knowing, but so pissed off that I was ready to condemn all the dream characters to non-existance. So that's what I did. I pushed myself to the left, up, and right into wakefullness.

In other news, I got an email from one of the people I had just won a bid from. This was a very, very large lot, and the reason I kept mentioning that I knew I had duplicates is that I had purchased that large lot. From examining the pictures, it looks like it contains two Vulturas, one each of all the other Golden Girl dolls, 14 different She-Ra toys, numerous fashions, two She-Ra carrying cases... a lot of stuff. So the lot was expensive... yes, I admit it. I spent a few hundred on Barbarian toys. To be precise, the lot was set to begin bid at $289.00... but had a buy it now option at $299.00. Considering the buy it now was only ten more than the start bid, and we're talking about a collection that included ALL the female dolls, all the shields, all the weapons, and all sorts of other stuff, I took the plunge.

The reason I'm telling all this is that the email I got today informed me that she had found a few NRFB She-Ra and Golden Girl dolls about that she had forgotten about, so she was ADDING THEM TO MY LOT as a gift! I'm just, like... wow! I mean, granted, I just gave this person $300, but they were in no way obligated to give me these NRFB CONDITION extras!

I'm suddenly very glad I blew that money!
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'Golden Girl vs. She-Ra' or 'Raised to Not Grow Up' )

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