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Mar. 12th, 2006 02:17 pm
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Yes, I'm going to start sticking my IMVU projects on here. Why not? It's my journal, and retexturing 3-d stuff kind of is art, right? Especially since I'm working without a net, erm, map. I got tired of retexturing hair, so now I'm tackling the dungeon scene.

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I've had a couple people comment that they like seeing my IMVU rants in my normal journal, so I'm going to continue to cross-post them. This can also be found in [ profile] imvu_tales

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Unless you guys want me to continue to post here. This is cross-posted to [ profile] imvu_tales, the community I just set up for sharing stories and screencaps concerning IMVU.

I set this thing up to share the wackiness that often is IMVU. Swap stories, share screen caps, show off avatars of products made... that sort of thing.

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And that brings us up to date. Now... [ profile] jazzchyk, post the ru gay screencap, durnit!

You Marry

Feb. 17th, 2006 08:02 pm
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I had another weird encounter on IMVU. Two, in fact.

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On Thursdays, the meal truck that comes around here has the most awesome creamy crab soup ever. You all needed to know this.

For those who haven't seen it yet, the Navy's newest recruitment video:
Cliiiiiiiiiiiiiick! I command you!

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I was going to talk about my day at work, and how I've somehow become a solder snob, and the entertaining (really!) training videos I watched, but now I'm being attacked by a killer headache, so I have to resort to something even more inane, so I'm talking about my IMVU avatar again.

Still working on her. Actually, I haven't even done anything today... and I'm debating on whether or not I'm going to bother designing new 'clothes' for her. The problem is, I lack the ability to create meshes, so I can't really make clothes that look like robot armor, and I'm debating whether it's worth it to make a skin-tight outfit that just mirrors Sapphire's colors. I am definitely getting her the winged jetpack and coloring that to fit, though.

But her head is fairly close... I made a LJ icon of her. And here are a couple of full pictures of her:

Sapphirebreeze cheering.

Sapphirebreeze standing calmly on the back of a galloping horse. I believe that background is supposed to make her sit down, but for some reason it's not working right. Although the sight of her just standing there as the horse runs is kind of amusing.

Anyway... ARGH! Headache. *grumblegrumble.*
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So... as is normal due to the fact that I don't actually know anyone on imvu, I got contacted out of the blue by a random stranger. This was particularly odd, as I had thought I had set myself invisible because I'm playing with settings and objects and such. But what they hey, I decided to give it a try.

My avatar is slowly being altered to look more and more like Sapphirebreeze. Currently, she has long purple hair, blue skin, and yellow eyes. A fairly normal looking (well, if you discount the fact that all avatars here have supermodel figures, etc etc) black haired female. My avatar currently has blue skin and yellow eyes.

I said, "Hello."

She said, "ur scary"

I said, "Ah. Uhm... thank you, I suppose."

She said, "im jewish"

I thought, "Well, that's an odd way to start a conversation," but before I could type anything, she added, "do u hate jews?"

I answered, "No. Is there any particular reason I should?"

She replied, "YOU RACIST!!!" in all caps, in a pointed word bubble that indicates shouting, and left.

I am highly amused. Between that and the individual I seem to have scared off due to my persistence in using complete sentences, I appear to be off to a smashing start!
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So on a whim, I went and signed up for one of those new 3-D chat things. IMVU or some such. I was playing around with the avatar, trying to make a human Sapphirebreeze (although the thought of making a human Long Haul or Fleetwind did amuse me... and note: after your first set of cloths, you're given a limited number of credits for avatar building, and when those are out, they start taking money). While that was happening, I got IMed out of the blue by some chick with cat ears and a mouse on her shoulder. We chatted for awhile, and after a bit she told me "aaauuggh complete sentences are scary" I told her that's how I typed, she responded that she was better with fragments, and a couple of my complete sentences later, she vanished.

I scared her off with complete sentences! I am amused!

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