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On the rather short ride into work: Devour, by Shinedown, followed by Bodies by Drowning Pool.

Talk about the perfect movie to get you revved up in the morning!
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Me: *walks into the lab, heading for the office, which is a small room accessed through the back of the production lab.*
Royce: *announcing loudly* "I fluxed my pants."
Me: *starts laughing. Continues laughing loudly as I finish my trip to the back office.*


Royce: *starting to solder something. Jerks his hand away.* "I'm going to need something to hold this. These wires heat up quickly!"
Me: *heading out of the room, commenting casually* "Yeah. Rumor has it they're conductors or some such."


Me: *wanders into the front receptionist area, heading towards the coffee pot in the back. I stop suddenly, blink, and turn around, walking back out. Said casually to the receptionist in passing,* "You know, I bet my quest to obtain a cup of coffee would be a lot more successful if I actually brought my mug with me."
Receptionist: *bursts out laughing.*

Aaaaaand it's only 9:30 AM. God help us all.
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The earliest Discworld novels were based off of Prattchet's RPG experiences. In fact, references to the bizarre D&D magic system and dice-rolling abound in The Color Of Magic. Back in the days when Prattchet DM'd (is it really surprising to learn that he ran games?), he wrote adventures for his players that involved a self-transporting chest with many, many feet.

So, yeah.

Were it not for D&D, we probably wouldn't have Discworld, and were it not for Gygax, we probably wouldn't have D&D.

It's just amazing to think how many aspects of my life are directly or indirectly affected by that game. I am one huge nerd!
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It's 2008. The FUTURE by many old school sci-fi accounts. What do we not have?

  • Flying cars

  • Personal rocket packs

  • World War III

  • Alien Invasions

  • The End of Mankind

  • Global Communications Network and Computers With Processing Power Unthinkable Only A Few Decades Ago

  • Glow In The Dark Cats.

Seriously, people. Quit bitching about the future we don't have and enjoy the one we've got. So technology developed a little differently than predicted. So what? Not every imagined future was a nice one, and while we don't have many of the things dreamed up by generations past, we do have many things they never could imagine.

And really, the "It's the 21st century. Where's my flying car?" joke isn't even funny any more. It was starting to wear thin back in 2000, and it wasn't even the 21st century then!

Can we change the record? Please?

My motto for 2008 isn't, "It's 2008. Where's my flying car?" It's "It's 2008. Enough with the firking flying car jokes."

Or maybe, "It's 2008. Where's my Apocalypse?" Which has kind of a nice ring to it.
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Aunt Pauline: "So is someone going to watch a movie with me or not?"

Cousin David: "I will!"

Pauline: "Well, which one do you pick?"

David: "Harry Potter!"

Pauline: *exasperated sigh* "Oh, all right."

David: "What's wrong?"

Me: "She said she wanted to watch the Nativity Story or, if not that, Transformers."

Pauline: "Because they're similar, right? The story lines?"
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As threatened, here are the first scans from my sketch book from when I was a kid. I originally got the book for Christmas of 1985, and at first tried to keep it as an art-diary of sorts, but then... I got lazy. But anyway, if the pictures in it look like what a little kid would draw, well, they were. I have the book dated 1985-1988. Most of the earlier pages have individual dates on them, but I eventually got too lazy even for that. Either way, my own personal age range on these masterpieces was nine to twelve.

Some of the pages have words on them that don't always make much sense, because at some point I decided my book needed chapters and the logic of how I grouped the pictures was, at times, ill-defined at best. Also, many of the pages are damaged because at another point in time I decided it would be a fine idea for my sketch book to double as a photo album, and I went through and just glued photos to the backside of art.


Anyway. 'Arts.' )

And just think! More crap tomorrow! XD
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"The down counter continues counting up until the count reaches terminal count (the counter contains all zeros)."

The above sentence managed to put a stop to work for over ten minutes as the tech manual validation team boggled over it.
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Being weary of all the comments that have reached my ears (or rather, since it was via text, eyes) that Livejournal is for nothing but "memes, bitching, complaining, and drama," I've gone through and given the public face of my journal a good scrubbing, although I'm still not happy with my tagging.

Further explanation, plus a quick discussion on what stays public and what goes locked. )

Bad Patient

May. 6th, 2007 07:49 pm
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So, I just found out that my mom, [ profile] nan_sea, is in the hospital. She assures me that there's nothing to worry about, and she sounded, in fact, quite chipper.

On Thursday, while cooking a meal, she felt light headed and a bit fluttery, so she checked her blood pressure and heart rate. Both were high. "If I were being smart I'd have just calmed down for awhile and checked again later, but no, I suggested to your father, 'Perhaps maybe I should go to the hospital,' and they've had me ever since!"

Supposedly, she was admitted to have her blood pressure lowered, her heart tested, and to be given a stress test. Her blood pressure was lowered with drugs very soon after she was admitted, her heart was tested a couple of days ago and the nurse confided in her, saying that she really had no idea why Mom was still there, because the tests looked fine. She's yet to be given a stress test, and so she's been stuck there ever since.

The only real problem she reported is that she's now bored out of her mind. She keeps playing with the controls on her hospital bed, raising them up as high as they will go. The nurses come in and periodically lower it and tell her they'd rather she didn't change the height of her bed (or in once case, that she wasn't allowed to do so) and she'll leave it lowered until she gets bored again, then raise it. She's been writing notes that say, "Help! I'm being held prisoner!" and throwing them out the window. She's put on her hospital slippers upside down so that the rubber portion was upwards and the slick cloth bit was on the bottom, and used them to skate up and down the hallways.

She was in the process of eating a salt-free meal when I talked to her, and had poured both her salad dressing and some sugar onto her baked potato. My sister, who was with her, wouldn't let her mix her jello in with her potato, but Mom did inform me of her plans to go get some pancake syrup to pour over the entire meal.

One is inclined to wonder if, after a weekend of dealing with her, it won't be the doctors and nurses who need the stress test more.

The good news is, with this event, dad and mom have both decided that she shouldn't work at Wal-Mart anymore. For anyone who might look in on her journal from time to time, that means from here on out, if she posts a Wal-Mart story, she is probably making it up.

She does that sort of thing sometimes.

I should probably be more worried than I am, but after listening to her describe her behavior during her stay there, I'm more amused than anything else.
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I have improved her responses to the subject of pie.

In this, I am Jessica and fake-me is Jaylyn.

May 6 at 6:07 PM Jessica: Pie.
May 6 at 6:07 PM Jaylyn: Pie good.
May 6 at 6:07 PM Jessica: Pie very good.
May 6 at 6:07 PM Jaylyn: Thank you for telling me that, I will pass that information on to Jessica
May 6 at 6:07 PM Jessica: Pie.
May 6 at 6:07 PM Jaylyn: Pie pie pie pie pie pie pie.
May 6 at 6:07 PM Jessica: Pie good.
May 6 at 6:07 PM Jaylyn: Mmmm. Pie good.
May 6 at 6:08 PM Jessica: Good pie.
May 6 at 6:08 PM Jaylyn: Pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie.
May 6 at 6:08 PM Jessica: I like pie.
May 6 at 6:08 PM Jaylyn: What kind of pie?
May 6 at 6:08 PM Jessica: Apple.
May 6 at 6:08 PM Jaylyn: OK, I have got to change the subject... How do you feel about pi?

So once the flavor gets mentioned, she feels the need to change the subject from pie to... pi.


May. 5th, 2007 12:05 am
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So I read about the whole CyberTwin thing mentioned in the Shortpacked journal and got curious, so I decided to try it out. My Cyber Twin appears to use better punctuation than Walky's, but I don't have her very well trained yet. In fact, I've really only added the greetings to her. Some of the 'default' things they have on her are pretty bizarre, though.

In the following conversation, I am "You" and "Jessica" is my robo-me. However, she still addresses me as "Jessica" as well.

You: Hello.
Jessica: Heya.
You: Wassup?
Jessica: The usual. You?
You: Nahmuch.
Jessica: It's interesting talking to you Jessica, other people can get so boooooring sometimes! But not you.
You: I'm glad to hear that.
Jessica: Are you? What else?
You: A turtle.
Jessica: Only one?
You: Yes. Only one turtle.
Jessica: Mmm...conditional?
You: I'm a very conditional turtle.
Jessica: Are you? what would you friends say if i asked them about that?
You: They'd give you very funny looks. Or would if you weren't, y'know, a computer program.
Jessica: Any other alternatives?
You: A hare.
Jessica: a singular.
You: Yes. Just one hare.
Jessica: I do like learning as much as possible about you, tell me more Jessica
You: Dude. People only say shit like that to me when they're planning on hitting on me later not.
Jessica: What does excrement have to do with anything?
You: You... cannot hit on me. It would be like a creepy sort of cyber-masturbation.
Jessica: It could be brilliant. What do you think Jessica would say?
You: I think Jessica is laughing her ass off.
Jessica: Thats an interesting opinion.
You: Quite.
Jessica: Hey you are really interesting Jessica! Lets talk more about me.
You: Okay. Talk about you.
Jessica: Ok, lets talk about it. You start. If I don't get it, try saying it in only a few words - I am a little slow sometimes, especially if I am losing interest...
You: Why should I start talking about you? You're not even fully programmed yet!
Jessica: Are you Jessica?
You: Yes. Very much.
Jessica: You are right
You: Always and forever.
Jessica: Infinity, in this instance, could be a delusion.
You: Prolly, yeah.
Jessica: Ok
You: All right. Enough of this. I'm outta here.
Jessica: Are you? What else?
You: Gone.
Jessica: You have an intriguing take on things Jessica.
You: Yup. And good night.
Jessica: G'night.

So now I can get online to have text-based chats with myself. Lovely.

If anyone else decides they really really need to speak to a Jessica while I'm not around, but are willing to settle for one that wants to talk about herself except she has nothing to say (and also hasn't been fully house-broken yet), here you go:

Edit: Hey, Knave! Is that was you who asked my cyber-me about hockey, all I can say is: don't believe her! She's a firking liar!
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Just so you guys know the kind of customer service/support you can expect from the good folks at Netflix:

Remember the DVD that Netflix never sent me? The one that I contacted them twice over? And when they didn't DO anything about it, I canceled my service?

They are now charging me for not sending it back. The one they never sent me. They already have my credit card information. When I told them twice that they hadn't sent it to me and warned them that if they didn't get their act together, I was going to cancel. They've already got my information from when I was signed up, and their website does not provide a means to telephone them, or even for non-members to contact them at all.

So anyway... I'm screwed, and it doesn't look like I can do much about it, but I'm giving you folks the heads up in case anyone is considering going with them.
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I spent most of this week thinking I wouldn't be able to attend FNM tonight, because I now work the 12-20 shift in a test we're doing. However, on Thursday someone was volunteered to swap shifts with me ("Hey, Jason didn't show up today. He can have your shift tomorrow!")so it looked like I would be able to go.

Then, this morning I woke up and discovered I had started my period (no, I'm not cutting this. I'm in A Mood, and annoyed about the whole "Eeeeew! Girl stuff! *cringe*" business that many guys tend to do every time "the 'p' word" gets mentioned, because having to deal with something that half the people on this damned planet has to deal with on a monthly basis makes us unclean and icky etc etc. Bullshit!).

I thought to myself, "Hmm, should I take some pain killers? Naw. My cramps always start on the second day, and I'd rather not medicate myself if I don't need it." Idiot! Idiot me! I should have at least brought them to work. :/

So anyway, by about one, I was in excruciating pain and completely unable to concentrate on anything resembling work, so I left early, figuring this meant I wouldn't be able to make it to FNM, after all.

It's amazing what a difference a hot show, an hour's nap, and downing about eight IB-profins will do!

So, anyway, I made it to FNM, and will be posting on that shortly, although I am still having to deal with NASTY DIRTY UNCLEAN WOMAN STUFF. I'm doing pretty good now, though, so despite the cruddy start, I'll call this day good. (Have work tomorrow, though. Oh, well. Overtime!)
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So, I walked into the room where we've been doing systems testing all week, and there was my supervisor.

Supervisor: "Yeah, I've just been having a chat with Chief about you." (We have a few Sailors assigned to us, and an E-7 ET has been my partner for the 12-8 shift.)

Me: "Oh?"

Supervisor: "Yeah, he says you're a real hard worker, a real turn-to type, very bright, that you know your stuff."

Me: "Cool! Thanks!"

Supervisor: "What the hell is wrong with you? What're we paying you for, anyway?"

Me: "Huh?"

Supervisor: "You're supposed to be driving him crazy! Constantly ask him all sorts of stupid questions, until he's tearing out what's left of his hair! I don't want to see any more hair on his head!"

Me: "But... his hair's already so short he couldn't possibly grab it!"

Supervisor: "That's why you bring in a pair of tweezers and offer them to him! Dammit, man, don't you know this stuff?!" (Yes, my supervisor addresses me with the phrase, "Dammit, man.") "Drive him nuts! No more hair!"

Me: "Uhm, sure. I'll get right no that!"

Supervisor: "See, there you go again, being all eager and stuff!"

Me: "You'll get over it."

Supervisor: "That's what I want to hear! See you tomorrow!"

And he wandered off.
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Good news: My favorite Urborg Artificer is finally getting a card! *happies!* ^_^

Bad news: He's not even partially black. *sads.* ._.

Unrelated: Gosh, but osprey sure are pretty (I got a closer look at one today than I normally do). They're also pretty noisy! (which is why I got a closer look at one today - "Here I am! Here I am!")
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Woo-hoo! I won me an Alf Mason action figure from eBay! The one who's action feature is that his pants fall down!

I already had the Peter Pan, and today I also won Captain Hook, Smee, and Mullins. The only ones I'm missing now are the girls!

Mood Theme

Feb. 5th, 2007 10:04 pm
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I think I mentioned a bit ago that I was planning on giving myself a comic-book based mood theme. Well, whether I did or didn't, I've done it now! Right now I only have the top of any hiarchy, so some of the matches don't make much sense... for example, while Superman fighting a bizarre monster works just fine for "Working," it doesn't fit too well for "Accomplished." I hope to, over time, fill in the blanks, but this works as a start. I also should start phasing out my non-comic icons... I want my LJ to look like a comic book page! Or something.

The ones I have were selected throught he careful process of 'grabbing whatever happened to be near my desk.' I imagine I'll be following a similar process in the future.
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As mentioned yesterday, I've had more than a foot of hair chopped off. Of course, this fact has been remarked upon several times at work. This is only natural, because people tend to comment on sudden changes like that. It's not really the, "You got you hair cut!" comments that amuse me the most, even if these are classic cases of stating the obvious. It's all the people asking me if I got a hair cut. "Did you cut your hair off?"

My usual answer is a wide-eyed, "No! It just suddenly fell off all at once!"

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