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I am quite glad I made it to FNM, as I got to test out a new deck I've been planning to build... oh, pretty much sicne Planar Chaos came out. [ profile] lunatron offerred some excellent suggestions in building it. (Along the lines of, "If you're going to do that, add x! And y!") While I was excited about my new deck, I was also nervous, and didn't really expect too much. Why? Well, my deck's central strategy is, "Give my opponent lots of life, and then beat the bajeezus out of them with it!" I didn't figure a central strategy of give-opponent-life had much chance, but it really did perform wonderfully, and I'm very happy with it, even if I did lose my third match and only came in second (I'll go into that later).

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I spent most of this week thinking I wouldn't be able to attend FNM tonight, because I now work the 12-20 shift in a test we're doing. However, on Thursday someone was volunteered to swap shifts with me ("Hey, Jason didn't show up today. He can have your shift tomorrow!")so it looked like I would be able to go.

Then, this morning I woke up and discovered I had started my period (no, I'm not cutting this. I'm in A Mood, and annoyed about the whole "Eeeeew! Girl stuff! *cringe*" business that many guys tend to do every time "the 'p' word" gets mentioned, because having to deal with something that half the people on this damned planet has to deal with on a monthly basis makes us unclean and icky etc etc. Bullshit!).

I thought to myself, "Hmm, should I take some pain killers? Naw. My cramps always start on the second day, and I'd rather not medicate myself if I don't need it." Idiot! Idiot me! I should have at least brought them to work. :/

So anyway, by about one, I was in excruciating pain and completely unable to concentrate on anything resembling work, so I left early, figuring this meant I wouldn't be able to make it to FNM, after all.

It's amazing what a difference a hot show, an hour's nap, and downing about eight IB-profins will do!

So, anyway, I made it to FNM, and will be posting on that shortly, although I am still having to deal with NASTY DIRTY UNCLEAN WOMAN STUFF. I'm doing pretty good now, though, so despite the cruddy start, I'll call this day good. (Have work tomorrow, though. Oh, well. Overtime!)


Apr. 19th, 2007 08:46 am
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Pact of Negotiation plus Angel's Grace = hard counter any spell for one white mana. In standard. :(
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I don't feel like doing a full FNM report this week, so you guys get the abbreviated version.

1) We had three new players, including Emily, a girl about Kaylyn's age. Mike claims that other store owners don't believe him when he talks about the player make-up and gender percentages at his FNM. XD

2) I got second.

3) First match, I went 1-1 against Judge-Jeff's BW Rebels/Enduring Renewal deck (a VERY interesting deck, by the way!). He expressed surprise over how many Enduring Renewals he landed in draft, and I admitted that it was such a build-around-me card that I honestly hadn't expected it to be good in draft. I guess I didn't consider the large number of vanishing and CIP-echo creatures in the environment. >_> Second game, I beat him on the fifth turn of overtime. Start of overtime: He had just cleared the board with a Magus of the Disk, I had a post-Disk Scryb Ranger, he had that black tapping Rebel, he was at six life and I was at something like 10.

Turn 1 (mine): I comment, "This looks like it's going to tie." He shrugs, "Maybe. Your deck seems to have a lot of answers to a situation like this." I look at the card I had just drawn and put down... a Pendelhaven. Jeff: "Like that one." He taps Scryb. I return a forest to hand, untap her, attack and use Pendelhaven to boost her, bringing him to 4.

Turn 2 (his): He doesn't draw an answer, and passes the turn.

Turn 3 (mine): Repeat of turn 1. He's at 2.

Turn 4 (his): Repeat of turn 2.

Turn 5 (mine): I win the game through the combo of Pendelhaven and Scryb Ranger.

4) Second match, I went 2-0 against Kaylyn's GW aggro. It was a Silhanna Ledgewalker family fued! Kaylyn actually started attacking, and one game nearly tromped me with a Griffin Guided Ledgewalker.

5) Third match, I went 2-1 against a RW CIP/Land Destruction deck. First game I one very quickly. Second game he killed my only early creature and retarded my land development. Third game I sided in my own land destruction... the interesting thing about G Land Destruction vs. RW Land Destruction? Green also has mana accel, and some of its land destruction doubles as accel, so it bounces back from losing land faster (I started that game on a one-Forest land). Also: I killed him with a 10/10 Scryb Ranger. The last few turns of my game go like this:

My turn: I shrug, declare, "I'm going to set myself up for massive card disadvantage here, and do this." I put Blanchwood Armor on a Moldervine Cloaked Scryb Ranger, making it a 8/8. He glares at it, and points, "That's an 8/8. I don't like that." I attack, and he chumps with a Skyknight Legionnaire.

His turn: He draws no way of dealing with a 8/8 Scryb Ranger.

My turn: I lay down a forest (Scryb Ranger: 9/9). I try to throw a Moldervine Cloak on my Llanowar Elf, but he Lightning Helixes it, bringing him up to 19 life. I shrug and attack with my Scryb Ranger, bringing him to 10.

His turn: No answers, and more importantly, he he's stuck on three land and holding a Wrath of God in his grip.

My turn: He chants, "Draw something to do an extra point to me! C'mon! I know you can do it! C'mon!" I draw... a Forest. Which, with Blanchwood Armor, is creature pump. I put it down and finish him with my 10/10 Scryb Ranger.

Hnh! What do you know? Timmy was right! Winning with huge creatures is fun!

6) First place winner was non-Judge Jeff. I think he was running a Boros Deck Wins, maybe. Third place was big John (non-Judge Jeff's final opponent), who was running his five color Scion of the Ur-Dragon deck. Emily got the random prize.

7) And... maybe this isn't all that abbreviated, anyway. >_>
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At the moment, I'm obsessed with beating Mr. Counterspell without going the full control route (although aggro-control, like Dredge, I can live with), so I'm netdecking like crazy (Netdeck! Netdeck!). I figure once I'm done with this little experiment, I'll go back to Budget decks that make me laugh and my horrible rogue decks (Kavu Predator+Wall of Shards FTL, baby!). So anyway, my current attempt at not losing to Mr. Counterspell involves running MGA with four Leyline of Lifeforce sided. My maindeck is pretty damn close to the standard version of MGA:

Decklist and mini-review of the Ultra-Pro official Magic sleeves. )
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Good news: My favorite Urborg Artificer is finally getting a card! *happies!* ^_^

Bad news: He's not even partially black. *sads.* ._.

Unrelated: Gosh, but osprey sure are pretty (I got a closer look at one today than I normally do). They're also pretty noisy! (which is why I got a closer look at one today - "Here I am! Here I am!")
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I suck. SO HARD. Seriously. :) This is not complaining, by the by, because I had a blast last night. But I did horribly, and it was mostly my own damn fault.

The night's adventures and my draft-list behind cut. )

FNM Report

Apr. 1st, 2007 01:23 pm
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This week I decided to give a dredge/reanimator deck a try, due to such decks' resilancy against counterspell and Damnation laden decks. Counter my creature? Okay, I'll dredge and try again next turn! Eventually they will run out of their counterspells, or I can get out Svogthos, the Restless Tomb (laying a land is uncounterable) and use its ability (almost uncounterable) to turn it into a creature! Sadly, however, Svogthos, the Restless Tomb can't trample, and this proved to be a major flaw against endless bat-token chump blockers. Also, I suspect now that my deck contains too few cards that can actually be played (or recovered) from the graveyard (I'm not counting the creatures here, as I'm generally just fine with having a creature in my graveyard, especially one I can't hardcast). I don't think I ever cast the birds once, but they served nicely to boost my Svogthos from the graveyard a number of times.

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Obviously, I am going to have to build a Mono-Green Aggro with four each of Leyline of the Lifeforce and Stonewood Invocation. But I'll get to that later.

The full report (Decklist was printed yesterday). )
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Tomorrow's Friday! Which for me means Magic. So I'm fiddling with the deck I ran last week, Dusty Ledges, because I really enjoyed it.

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For the most part I've stopped playing Magic Online and sold all my online cards, which has given me no money, of course, but an absurd number of tickets. I might still play in various Limited events from time to time, but as for Constructed games, I'm really only interested in playing against folks I know.

Adventures with Momir Vig! )
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Summary: I got second place at FNM running a varient of a deck called Dusty Ledges, which was developed by [ profile] lunatron, which is, itself, a varient of Gruul Beats. March of Cambreadth is awesome. Jeff’s birthday is going to be at the Ren Fair during Oktoberfest.

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It's been several days, so things are kind of fuzzy, but I'll go ahead and relay what I remember.

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I want to build a deck around Kavu Predator and Wall of Shards (The Gatherer can be useful for reference). Any of you other Magic players have any suggestions to help this work?

(I may not be able to do any consistant back and forth convo on the matter until later this week, as you guys know, but I figured I throw this up now and see if anyone has some good ideas).
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Does wanting to play with a deck that consists of 4 Search for Tomorrows, 4 Into the Norths, 4 Coat of Arms, 4 Life and Limbs, and 44 Snow Forests make me a bad player? (Maybe add in 4 Gaea's Anthem and take out 4 of the Snow Forests.)

Yeah, that makes me a bad player, doesn't it?

I thought so.
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Argh! There are so many decks I want to play! Boros and Gruul and Silhenna/Dust Corona (which may also be Gruul) and Concerted Effort and Blue/White fliers and Enduring Cantor and Two Ladies! And maybe something that makes use of Rimescale Dragons! And some of these decks I don't even have the cards for, and many will get rotated out of Standard this year! (Since Earthscorch is liable to point out that this wouldn't be a problem if I didn't restrict myself to Standard, I'm going to point out that, since the only chance I get to play Magic is during FNM at the store and that is strictly Standard, my own restrictions are a moot point.)


Well, I think it's 20 weeks before 9th rotates out of Standard, and around 30-something for Ravnica. Guess I'd better get building...

(Hmmm... Concerted Effort + Guardian of the Guildpact = all creatures with protection from mono-color...)
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Since Luna posted hers, I figured I'd post mine. TS-TS-PC draft, although... see below.

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On to more pleasant matters.

Wizards of the Coast revealed the booster pack art today. My reaction: pretty! I really do like the slick, metallic background and logo.

My other reactions:

1) My, but there's a lot of dragons in this block!

2) Another Akroma!?! Aaaaiiiiieeeeee!

(Must... resist... running... three Akromas... in a white/red deck...)
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I scribbled this on the back of an envelope while talking on the phone a little while back. I suppose you could call it fan-art of the new Akroma, Angel of Fury. You could call it that, but... I wouldn't suggest it. Drawn without reference, in case that isn't obvious.

My impression of the new Akroma behind this cut. )

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