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Clearly, there is something villainous about combining the colors of green and purple, and no good can come of it. And to support my random assertation, I'm going to make a list of evil green-and-purple wearing dudes! Feel free to add any I forget

Lex Luthor
Green Goblin
The Constructicons
The Lizard
Chameleon (suggested by [ profile] invisiblemoose)
Dr Octopus (suggested by [ profile] invisiblemoose)
Scorpion (suggested by [ profile] invisiblemoose)
Fin Fang Foom (suggested by [ profile] the_baron)
Kang the Conqueror (suggested by [ profile] invisiblemoose)
Immortus (suggested by [ profile] invisiblemoose)
The Melter (suggested by [ profile] invisiblemoose)
The Skrulls (suggested by [ profile] invisiblemoose)

I am debating putting Hulk on here on an honorary basis, because, although he's technically a good guy (usually), he's frequently on the wrong side of the law and causes a rather lot of desctruction.

I'm sure I'm missing bunches. This is but a small sampling!
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I pick up my comics every other week these days, and I'm not even close to working my way through the latest batch, but I figured I'd make a few comments over what I've been reading so far. Spoilers ahoy!

Transformers Animated: The Arrival #1 )

DC Universe Last Will and Testament - While I've read it, I won't be posting my thoughts until it gets added to the Final Crisis Annotations blog, since it is apparently scheduled to be added. Mostly because I want to see what they have to say first, and because I'm hoping it'll clear up some personal confusion, such as when the heck this takes place. By the way, for anyone following any of the Final Crisis books or tie-ins, I highly recommend that blog. Do I consider it essential to make sense of Final Crisis? No, I don't. But it's nice for clearing up the small points. And for pointing out continuity errors that I might not have picked up on otherwise. As a side note, Final Crisis, and DC comics in general, is an example of books that provide enough enjoyable content (stories, action, characterization, etc) that I'm willing to tolerate quite a bit in the way of continuity self-contradiction.

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, 1 of 5 )

Runaways - Runaways ends old runs and starts again at number one on a regular basis, and this is their newest number one. I don't know what the hell volume they're on at this point. I do know that the new art style just does not do it for me. What's more, they seem to have lost... something. I'm not sure. But the level of wit that I've seen in previous runs just isn't there. I'll give it one or two more issues, but this book is definitely on the, "In danger of being dropped" list.

Batman/Superman #51 )
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So I finally got around to watching Spider-Man 2 (yeah, I know. 'Bout time, huh?) and all I've got to say is this:

How the heck do they manage to make Doc Ock that cool, and then make an inherently awesome villain like Doctor Doom suck?
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Righto. Largely just to let people know I'm not dead, I'll post arts.

I'm more amused than I should be by the Marvel version of Arcee. While comic books often... enhance certain feminine attributes, Marvel's version of Arcee is flat. Flatter than her cartoon counterpart. Flatter than most of the male Transformers. Flatter, indeed, then any other version of Arcee that's popped up since. So, randomly, I decided to sketch up some cheesecake poses of her to see if she can still be sexy. Well, you know. For a robot in candy-pink and white. Right away I ran into problems with her poses, though, because her those bits that stick up... they're not attached to her back behind her shoulders, as they are in just about every other version of Arcee out there, but they're on her shoulders/part of her arms, and twist when she moves her arms. Kind of a pain for some of these postes!

Oh well. At least she has girly-girl legs.

Scribbly-sketches behind cut. )
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Righto. I just got approved for Rodimus Prime on Deadzone, so of course I made a few RP (which, in this case, stands for role-play or Rodimus Prime - they bth work!) icons to switch out between on the bboard. Since icons that fit there also fit here, I'm uploading them here as well. All the pictures are from Marvel comics because, well, I'm playing Marvel Rodimus.

The facepalm one and goggles one are equivilents to Luna's Scourge facepalm and goggles icons. The last one is actually Primus. See, I always knew that Marvel Primus looked like Rodimus anytime they showed him in flashback and stuff, but to me, the big old Primus head in the center of Cybertron never looked particularly like him. Until Luna pointed out the helmet design. So I grabbed it, photoshopped out all the random colors at the bottom of his face, and changed all the yellows in the picture to red, and there we have it. Even big ol' Primus head inna middle of Cybertron looks like Rodimus! (Or Rodimus looks like Primus, if you want more in-universe accuracy).

If you want them, grab them. If you don't want to credit to me, at least credit to Marvel.

Many Rodimii Behind Cut )
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*sighs.* You guys know I'm not an uber-slasher. You know this.

And yet, I couldn't avoid a Brain/Gutter collision with this particular image.

But I will spare anyone who does not click this cut. )
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Just when I think I'm going to run out of icon room and am going to have to start actually deleting some, I find I've... got more icon room! Hoorah!

It's a Rodimus Prime icon! How very odd for me!
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From the original G1 Marvel series, during Matrix Quest:

"He falls -- through the past, seeing the Matrix as it was, pure, unsullied -- a force for good! Seeing it now, tainted, its pristine form defaced by the Graffiti of Evil!"

You know, I've never really paid all that much attention to it before, but "Graffiti of Evil" really is such a hilariously weird metaphor for what's supposed to be a very dramatic moment.

I'm not sure whether to declare it awesome or just damned goofy.
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As many of you know, I pretty much grew up reading comic books, and although my first ever comic book was a Transformers one (#5, I think it was? That one with Shockwave on the cover?), most of what I read growing up were the X-Books... well, in the early days, the Uncanny X-Men, some New Mutants when I could get them, and Alpha Flight, which was sort of like an X-Book. So as you might imagine, my young, impressionable mind was highly influenced by John Byrne's artwork. This was back in the days when he was better known for being an artist than an asshole (I figured I'd get the "John Byrne is an asshole" comment out of the way now, since it seems to come up any time I become involved in a conversation concerning John Byrne. Oh, and... what else? Oh, yeah. "We can thank/blame John Byrne for Wolverine's popularity," and, uhm, "He's really fallen, and is not as nearly as good as he used to be." Got it).

Now, as much as I try to hide it, I do have a girly side. Part of me likes pretty things and pretty female characters, and to my childish mind, in the world of comic books, there were two female superheroes whom I viewed as unequaled in their beauty: pre-Mohawk Storm and Snowbird, from Alpha Flight. Dave Cockrum was the artist when Storm was originally added to the X-Men, but it was Byrne's (rather long) run on the series that I was most familiar with, and his artwork I remember most, while Snowbird was most definitely a Byrne creation (he loved him some Canadian superheroes).

I still own a good many of the comics I had when I was young, but at one point I did give away my copy of Alpha Flight #1 to a friend in Germany as a means of thanking him for giving me a number of German comics. I have regretted that ever since, so you can imagine my delight when I learned that Mike not only owns several copies of Alpha Flight #1, but that he'll be selling one to me for $4.00 here shortly! Seeing that issue had me thinking about those old character designs, so I decided to do up some fanart of Snowbird. Only got the line art so far, and that took me about two hours. Guh! I'm just not very fast, I'm afraid. She looks a bit more Asian than she's supposed to (and indeed, more Asian than Byrne tends to draw even Asian people), and the hands and feet aren't great, although I was also somewhat attempting to draw them in traditional John Byrne e-z hands and feet poses (a lot of comic book artists, even the good ones, have little shortcuts that they'll use consistently which you can spot if you look at them closely enough. Given the amount of art they have to churn out on a monthly basis, that's understandable, and I have no problem with it, but when it crosses the line into "sloppy" or "bad" I start getting annoyed).

Anyway, here we go. Although I am painfully aware of its shortcomings, I likes it anyways.

Maybe someday I'll color this! )
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Whew, this went long! Now you guys can see why I don't do these too often!

Spoilers and graphics behind the cuts. Big spoilers.

Grimm Fairy Tales )

Civil War: The Initiative )

Mystery In Space with Captain Comet )

Sandman Mystery Theatre: Sleep of Reason )

Spider-Man: Reign )

Tales of the Unexpected, Featuring The Spectre )

52 )

And... that's it for this week. Don't expect another one of these next week, darnit!
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My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Reverend Lady Sapphirebreeze the Cannibalistic of Westessexchestershire
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title


Don't expect anymore Advent fics from me this year. They've become too much of a chore and too little of a fun. I think next year I'm going to try a fic Advent Wreath instead of a fic Advent Calendar. :)

Mom pointed out to me that House of 1000 Corpses is meant as an homage of sorts to horror movies in general, which explains why it has all the obvious horror movie clich├ęs in it. That said, I'd still rate really really old Warner Brother's cartoons over it.

Among the recorded tapes my dad sent me was a documentary called, "Superheroes Unmasked." It was, of course, about the history of superheroes. They were respectful of the subject; the only time "Pow!" "Bang!" or "Zoom!" were mentioned was in reference to the Adam West TV show where they talked about what that show did to the image of Comic Books. It was also very fascinating, with a very large number of interviews with a lot of real notables in the field. What they chose to include and what they left out seemed a little strange at times. For example, while they mentioned the 12 year lawsuit between Superman and the company that produced the comics that Captain Marvel starred in, and talked about how that lawsuit ended with the company agreeing not to publish Captain Marvel anymore, there was no mention at all about how DC later purchased the company and the rights to the character and have, themselves, made Captain Marvel stories since. Also, despite having Joe Quesada and Stan Lee as interviewees, it seemed very DC-centric, and I'm not just talking about before the creation of the Fantastic Four (although Marvel, obviously, did get a fair degree of attention from then on). As one example, although Wolverine was listed as a forerunner to the grim and gritty era of comics, the primary triggers for that age were listed as Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns. Of course, this is probably pretty accurate, anyway, so I guess that's all right.

Anyway, fascinating, if incomplete viewing. It's a History Channel one, so if they ever show it again and any of you guys get a chance to watch it (or order from their site or whatever), I highly recommend it. Especially to my fellow comic geeks.
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Not cut for spoilers, because I'm pretty vague, for the most part, or only specific about events that run very early in each respective storyline.

So I finally got around to reading Kingdom Come, something that yes, I should have done awhile ago. However, I'm kind of glad I read it now instead, because otherwise I might not have noticed something:

Civil War is Marvel's Kingdom Come.

Now, I'm not accusing them of directly or intentionally copying or anything, and certainly, they do have their obvious differences. There's a lot more government involvement in the Marvel version, for one (although this does go back to something I've said in the past about the DC universe heroes tending to be bigger on self-regulation than the Marvel ones... this is one of multiple cases where even they go too far about it), and the fact that Kingdom Come is potential-future Elseworlds that exists outside of normal DC canon (whatever normal DC canon happens to be at the moment), while Civil War is part of current Marvel continuity.

On the other hand, there are a lot of undeniable similarities in story-line, basic conflict, and so forth. Even the trigger situations that lead to crisis-point in both are very close, differing, primarily, in scale. In Civil War, only one town was destroyed. Because Kingdom Come isn't part of the normal continuity, they had leeway to do something far more dramatic, so instead we lose all of Kansas and big chunks of the surrounding states.

And, of course, there's the fact that we don't yet know how Civil War is going to end. And, while Marvel is promising big, dramatic, irrevocable changes, again we come back to the fact that Kingdom Come has more leeway because it exists outside of normal continuity.

Don't let the title of this entry fool you. I was thinking about this as I drove home from work, and that song came on the radio. I was amused by the appropriateness. I have no intention of not following Civil War through to its end. It just kind of hit me today, though, so I thought I'd share that thought.
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Cut for, you know, spoilers and stuff )
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Made my trip to the comic book store this week. On my pull list for this week was Runaways #13 and Beast Wars #1.

Cut for length and scans. )

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