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It is incredibly lame to have the outcome of an extremely lengthy, hard-fought battle where one side manages, after many hours, to force the retreat of the other side completely reversed at the last minute because Retreating Side has a West Coast heavy-hitter log on, and all the East Coast heavy-hitters are already exhausted and have to go to bed.

Just saying.

NOT Funny!

Oct. 4th, 2006 12:50 am
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*kicks her subconscious*

No, brain! Dreaming that I am MUSHing, and that getting fired from the MUSH was, in fact, the dream, is not a funny joke right now. Cut it out!
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If you insist on stirring the embers of a fire that's already dying, you shouldn't be surprised when the flames not only return, full force, but you find yourself burned by them.
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...his spammy, 3-5 paragraph long scene-entry poses would be a hellava lot easier to deal with if they weren't pretty much 3-5 spammy paragraphs about how awesome he is, with very little actual substance.

Or maybe it's just me.
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Cleaned up and edited log from last year. Shaun White was Rumble, Elliot was Frenzy, Har was Shockwave, [ profile] invisiblemoose was Soundwave. This log is intended as... a gift of sorts for those who knew Shaun better than I. I'm sorry it's not much, but it's all I have to offer.

Log behind text. )
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As the 2K5ers already know, the MUSH recently lost a prominent former player in an automobile accident. I didn't know him as well as many of the others did. I missed his glory years, but he was, briefly, Cyclonus last year, and then Rumble. I have a log somewhere around here of a late night comm-channel RP from that time period that I really ought to edit and post now. It was pretty damned funny. I've also spoken to him when he would log in his OOC character.

That's not really what I want to talk about, though. What I really want to talk about is something a lot more basic. For Christ's sake, people, please please please wear your seat belts! It took me awhile to admit it to others, but one of the first things I thought when I read the post announcing Shaun's death was, "Why the fuck wasn't he wearing a safety belt?" Usually at that point the other person admitted to me was that they had thought the same thing.

It's hard enough to take the death of someone who means a lot to you, without having to add that it was probably easily avoidable on top of it. I mean, it doesn't take but a few seconds to click that thing in place, and what does the time spent save you? Well, it could save your friends and loved ones a great deal of grief and heartache, and it could save yourself your life.

My heart goes out to those who were close to Shaun, and I regret his passing. But... God damn it, folks, please, don't any of you do that to me.
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When a baby f-ing laughs for the f-ing first time... (foul language behind cut) )
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As a lot of you guys already know, I've finally gotten around to trying to learn to play Magic: The Gathering. I wasn't interested for a long, long time because the first time I ever tried to play, it went very poorly. I was in a large group with multiple players, no one really explained to me what was going on, and my deck (which, at the time, I had no idea what 'building a deck' or what have you was about) was lousy. Or all the good cards were at the bottom. I'll never know. I didn't know about taking a mulligan, I didn't have more than a couple of lands, couldn't play any monsters... so it really just amounted to me sitting there turn after turn, being completely unable to do anything, not understanding how to do anything, as the other players joyfully picked me apart.

Yeah. This experience left rather a poor impression on me.

However, I have a number of friends that are into the game and enjoy it lots, which got me reconsidering things for a bit. Then when I went to my Friendly Local Game & Comics Store (FLGCS) this weekend, they had a little kit thing (a Core Set starter kit) that was enough to get me to give the game a second try.

It's a pretty cool little kit. Kind of "Magic: The Gathering" for dummies. The kit has two smaller size decks in a preset order, two little walkthrough booklets, an expansion that brings the decks up to 40 cards a piece, a full rules booklet, a pretty shiny angel card, and a CD. You're supposed to walk through your first game with another player using the little booklets. However, I am a looser with no friends, so I walked through it with myself. Gold-player-me won, and silver-player-me lost. The upside of this is I got to keep all my cards instead of sharing them, because I am selfish. Then I opened the little booster and read the rules with that, and then I read the rule book straight through (except for the glossary and creature abilities), which is exactly what the rule book tells you not to do. Then I loaded the tutorial games, and played those. The tutorial game was a lot the guided game, with the computer helpfully walking you through everything, except that rather than playing myself, I was playing the computer. So it was a lot more fun.

Thanks to all of these guided games and stuff, by the time I was actually dealing with other people, I actually had a clue as to what I was doing. And hey, what do you know! The game actually is fun when you know what you're doing! This may explain why so many people I know like it. I feel I play reasonably well as a beginner, given the cards I have and my experience (or lack there-of) playing. I played over AIM using the honor system, and after I finished installing and downloading updates for Magic Online (which took approximately... three days. -_-; Darn dial-up), I played it using Magic Online. I lose more often than I win, but I feel like I am, for the most part, losing well. One thing that's kind of annoying, though, is that if you want to play Magic Online, after you get the initial cards that come in your Starter kit (assuming you get the same kit I did), well... if you want to play cards with Magic Online, you have to buy the cards Online. At the same price that they sell for in retail. And as a proper geek, I like to be able to pick up and hold my cards, not to mention most of my friends have larger physical card collections than they do virtual card collections. There's always AIM play, but I really do like the Online interface better. Sigh. Knowing me, goober that I am, I'll probably just end up buying two copies of everything. :/ You can also play Magic Online for free using their core decks by logging in as a guest, but then it's harder to control who you end up playing with. Strange as it sounds, I really don't begrudge Wizards of the Coast their little rotating card set dealie, because they are a business, and businesses don't stay alive if they don't make money. I certainly don't have a problem with spending money for paper cards at my LFGCS, 'cos my LFGCS is awesome and I'm all for supporting them. I just wish the digital cards weren't so pricey. Ah, well.

Now, I know I've been quiet on MUSH lately, but that's also because I'm trying to avoid burn-out and, since Magic is, in a lot of ways, easier than RPing, this may help me do that. I do hope to run a rather decently sized scene on Thursday and, whether that falls through or not, hope to be pretty active on Saturday and evening Sunday (Sunday during the day I'm going to visit my Aunt). So don't worry about me vanishing entirely from there. This is just a step to avoid the 'ehs' that lead me to occasionally having to take a week or two off at once.
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MUSH log. Very very brief random encounter on a glacier. Some tense talk, some art. As a note, our intention was just to meet somewhere random and end up fighting to give Scrapper a chance to cut off a limb or something before Kup whupped him and sent him running back to New Crystal City. How we got from there to this is a bit beyond me.

The White Rose )
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I'll detail the rest of my parents' visit another time. For now, you folks get a log. This is the scene from Thursday night, where Kup yells at Ultra Magnus. A lot of folks seemed interested in that. It actually starts at the Casino Strip with Airwolf and Pumpkin before it moves on, though.

Kup will not stand for it! )
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As folks who are on the MUSH right now (1045 EST, Thursday) may suspect, Fleet is only mostly dead. He's not completely dead.
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Omega Supreme aims his Nerf Arrow-Storm(tm) at Long Haul and fires, striking him with 0 of its 6 foam missiles.
Omega Supreme says, "wow. My aim sucks :-)"
Jetfire says, "Holy crap big guy..."
Dump Truck GRINS.
Jetfire says, "Thank goodness you're not the only guardian around here. =P"
You say, "And now, the secret of how we survived nine million years with /that/ guy after us is revealed!"
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Darn you, [ profile] dualistic! How could you have done this to me!

So [ profile] dualistic links up a My Little Pony maker in her journal, so of course I cannot resist playing with it. First, we have Fulcrum pony:

Yes, I know he should have the hammer and sickle as his little pony butt icon, but I didn't have that as an option. Fulcrum, of course, belongs to [ profile] doom_bees.

The next two ponies I did not create, but [ profile] lunatron doesn't have any more space to host them. You can thank her for Scrapper Pony (complete with pretty purple wings) and Arachnae Pony!

Arachnae belongs to [ profile] arachnae. Hasbro owns Scrapper, but to my mind, [ profile] lunatron is Scrapper, so it's all good.
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Downloaded one of the Windows precompiled copies of MUSH server code that are floating around out there and can now run a MUSH on my computer. It came with only the minimal database, and after diddling around with it it now has... two rooms beyond the minimum, and a total of three characters. The god character, Mae, a wizard, Jae, and a 'player' character, Player_One. And nothing has @descs. I are creative! Hur hur hur!

Right now ('right now' being 'when I'm not at work,' and I actually happen to be at work right now, so right now should probably be defined as later) I'm just using it to relearn MUSH code. I used to be a reasonably decent coder, and wouldn't mind getting back into it again. I've been pouring over tutorials, reviewing for the umpteenth time the wonderful but outdated MUSH Manual, and scouring the web for existing code to play with. I probably won't even get past the stage of 'diddling with code on my own computer' for quite some time.

I do have loftier ambitions, but it will most likely be two years, three, or more before they come about. If I don't lose interest and quit before hand.

I'm playing with the idea of maybe starting my own MUSH. I'm not sure. Starting from the ground up is such a daunting task... there's basic MUSH configuration. There's local commands. There's +help for local commands. There's news files. There's building. There's recruiting fellow admin. There's recruiting players. There's making sure a character application process is in place so that the players can actually get a character (definitely email. The idea of not doing an email application system for a roleplay MUSH makes me squirm). There's making sure policies are in place for the handling of conflicts that inevitably arrive. There's... it blows the mind.

And all this for what? What's the intended theme here? Well, those of you on my friends list from the Padded Cell will no doubt remember Wayward's 'create a Transformer series of your own' contest. I didn't enter. I wrote up an entry that was just a final editing run or two away from being presentable, decided my entry wasn't creative or original or interesting enough to be properly competitive, and swept it under the rug. I've since beat myself up over not sending it in, and have had multiple other people beat me up over not sending it in. Well, not physically. Over text. I haven't met most of these people face to face, so they'd have a hard time beating me up physically. For anyone curious, here's a copy of the idea in its not-yet-finalized form.

So that's right. What is basically an 'original theme' that just happens to take a few concepts from Transformers and run with it. And everyone knows that, as a rule, original theme MUSHes tend not to last. So all that work for a MUSH that's no doubt doomed to failure from the start. But, well... right now I'm just playing with coding. It can't help to learn that. And maybe if I do decide to go further... well, at the very worst it'll be a learning experience, right?

Well, back to tutorial reading.

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