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On the rather short ride into work: Devour, by Shinedown, followed by Bodies by Drowning Pool.

Talk about the perfect movie to get you revved up in the morning!
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I had to do my grocery shopping today (ugh), which meant tolerating the sappy music they had going over the loud speakers. Of course, since this is the sort of music that gets played over and over in supermarkets across the country, the songs, whether I like them or not, are drilled into my subconscious, and at one point I realized I was singing along with the refrain of one of them.

Of course, by "singing along with," I mean that I was singing words at the same time that they were singing words. However, they were not the same words, but rather, a variation I of the refrain that I have often heard my mother singing.

So there I was, in the middle of Food Lion, and every time the refrain of one particular song came up, I was singing out loud, for anyone nearby to hear me:

"Every time you go awaaaaaaaay, you take a piece of meat with you..."

Needless to say, I blame this on [ profile] nan_sea.
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Summary: I got second place at FNM running a varient of a deck called Dusty Ledges, which was developed by [ profile] lunatron, which is, itself, a varient of Gruul Beats. March of Cambreadth is awesome. Jeff’s birthday is going to be at the Ren Fair during Oktoberfest.

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I am a pretty big Weird Al fan, although I still need to get his latest CD. I am also a big Billy Joel fan, big enough that I even intend to get his CD of classical stuff... but I haven't gotten that yet, either. Anyway, I'm just establishing that I like both artists before I move on.

Generally speaking, I tend to be a little disappointed in an artist if I hear that they've turned down Weird Al on a parody, and if I have much respect for them to begin with, it drops. So I was a bit surprised to hear that Weird Al has done a Billy Joel parody that never made it to the albums.

Curious, I did a bit of digging. WOW! This time, I seriously can't blame the artist. This thing is down-right mean spirited! Very rarely does a Weird Al parody actually make fun of the artist who did the original song, and generally even when it does, it's light, good-natured teasing (like the way he makes fun of how no one can understand the words to Smells Like Teen Spirit), but this is downright rude. Not only does he insult Billy Joel, he pretty much insults everyone who likes Billy Joel's music. Very uncharacteristic of Weird Al's usual parodies. I'm really hope that this can be explained with, "I was young and stupid then." I'm willing to accept that excuse for rather a lot of stuff.

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My MP3 player has a 'least played' function, where it will generate a playlist of 20 songs consisting of those that have been played the least. I tend to use this function the most, actually, to more or less keep the 'times played' even and such. Just 'cos.

So I generated one little list. Top song on it is "Captain Hook" by Chips. I was cool with this. It's a happy little song.

Once that list had played through, I generated another. The first song on that list was "Captain Jack" by Billy Joel, which is more or less the opposite in mood and tone.

Still, I am mildly amused. I appear to be beset by musical Captains today.
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"We got to install microwave ovens
Custom kitchen deliveries...
We got to move these refrigerators
We got to move these color TVs...

Color TVs?

In the kitchen?

I guess that is a custom kitchen!
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Whoops! Shoulda posted this last night.

Was screwing around in Photoshop and using my Waccom. 'Penciled,' 'inked,' and everything on the computer, and you can see here why I usually use path-inking. My hands are kinda shaky, and I can't draw straight lines to save my life. Maybe oughta go through and work from a larger size, then reduce it. Also, maybe practice a no-lines style. Maybe.

I used one of the softer brushes that came with my Intuios for the background green, then, to get the streaky look, copied the layer, 'found edges' on it, and reduced the opacity. The flowers were also a matter of copying the layer and finding edges. The wings were the most complex part. Let me see... very transparent base layer in one color, on top of that was that funky multi-color-and-size daisy brush, also very transparent... crystalized the daisy layer, then found edges on that. Also drew in some veins, found edges of those. Combined all that into one layer, duplicated the layer, made the duplicate glowy and stuck that on top. Probably should reduce the spread of the top, glowy layer. :)

Edit: Whoops! Almost forgot the link!

In news of the random, I have the chorus to One Tin Soldier stuck in my head.

Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend
Do it in the name of heaven, you can justify it in the end
There won't be any trumpets blowing on the judgement day
On the bloody morning after one tin soldier rides away

Probably my favorite children's song. ^_^
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One nice thing about having things like Devo and Rod Stewart on your playlist in the car is that you can be secure in the knowledge that no matter how silly you look be-bopping about to their music while driving, you can't possibly look as silly as the singers themselves look when they dance to their own tunes.
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On Thursdays, the meal truck that comes around here has the most awesome creamy crab soup ever. You all needed to know this.

For those who haven't seen it yet, the Navy's newest recruitment video:
Cliiiiiiiiiiiiiick! I command you!

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I've always had a fondness for concept albums, musicals, and rock operas. While I certainly have no objection to good music for the sake of good music, I also like music with a good story behind it. I've been sharing that music with a friend, and to that end have been sending Jesus Christ, Superstar along.

So I'm listening to it, and I think, "Boy! It's a good thing the Bible's not the 'in-thing,' or some of these mad-slashers we have around would start slashing Jesus and Judas!"

And then I think, "Naw. Thank goodness, that would be such a level of sacrilege; I doubt anyone would do it."

And then I remember that I've actually /read/ porny Jesus fanfic. I'm not kidding! AAARGH! Serious bit of train wreck syndrome there. It involved the inappropriate use of spear wounds. :(

And then I just wish I could burn the memory of that fic from my mind. AARGH! AARGH! AARGH!
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I can't believe I've written a songfic...

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If I had any sense, I'd just say nothing because I have nothing to say. Instead, I shall print the whole words to the song I mentioned a couple of days ago, "Tomorrow Belongs To Me," and then some quiz results.

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