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This time I worked through a tutorial on Adobe's actual site. It's for Photoshop CS, but everything in it works just fine for Photoshop 7, the version I'm using. Back when I snagged this tutorial from the web, it was an actual webpage, but it looks like it's been replaced with a pdf.

The pictures they use aren't available for download so you can work through them, so I used some of my own. Final results are... mmmm, mixed. I mean, it looks okay, but I'm not wowed or bowled over or anything. But still, I did learn a lot about blending modes that I didn't before, and that's important.

Original pictures and final result behind link. )
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This morning while I was driving to work, the annoying morning DJ made a reference to ordering a "cup of Joe." This would not be why he's annoying... that's an entirely unrelated matter, but it did kind of drive me nuts because I used to know why a cup of coffee is sometimes called a cup of Joe, but I couldn't for the life of me remember! So I looked it up!

Ha! It began as a Navy term! This explains why I used to know; the USS Gettysburg Plan Of the Day used to include random Navy trivia. Joe, as it turns out, was Admiral Joseph Daniels, Secretary of the Navy during the Wilson Administration. He was the one who outlawed alcohol aboard U.S. Navy ships. After he did, Sailors nicknamed the strongest drink still available to them, coffee, after him.

Thanks, Joe!


Sep. 19th, 2006 04:33 pm
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One thing about being ex-Navy and working amongst of other ex-Navy folks on Talk Like A Pirate day...

...if anyone even notices you're using terms like 'head' for bathroom or 'skuttlebutt' for water-fountain, or mentioning swabbing the deck, the most that will happen is someone might chide you for not having de-Navyfied. And that's if they're not using those words and terms themselves.

You can't go around saying "avast," either, because everyone actually knows what it means.
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Note: I am not going to go into any of the political ramifications of what happened as a result of the events of 9-11-01, and I am not going to argue the rightness or wrongness of any responses with anyone. Responses that attempt to draw me into such arguments will not only get ignored, they may be deleted; you can use your own journals as your sounding board. The anniversary of the event put me in mind to tell my story of that day and what happened after, and that is the only purpose this entry serves.

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First off, be warned that this isn't really a very raunchy tale, as I was fairly tame in when I was in the military. I've had in my life two full boy friends with whom I did have sex, a make-out buddy that never made it as far as a more-than-make-out buddy, one one night stand, and a couple of near one night stands. This is the tale of one of the near ones, prompted by the discovery of the old card I received when it happened.

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The USS Hawkbill was nicknamed the Devilfish or the Devil Ship. It was a submarine, hull number SSN-666.

I once heard that it was the only ship in the Navy that you could turn down assignment to for religous reasons, but I haven't been able to confirm that with an online search, so that part may be bullshit.

Kinda neat, though.
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On Thursdays, the meal truck that comes around here has the most awesome creamy crab soup ever. You all needed to know this.

For those who haven't seen it yet, the Navy's newest recruitment video:
Cliiiiiiiiiiiiiick! I command you!

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First the questions from Ironbite )

Now the questions from Demonqueen666. )

And now, the story of my watch last night while on duty, which I shall call 'Roving Through Hell and High-water' )

Besides all that, I got to watch the dolphins playing in the basin today. One kept picking something (probably a piece of trash thrown in the water by some Sailor :p ) up with his nose and tossing it behind him. They were very cute.
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Yes, this is another entry about life in the Navy. If you do not care for such content, it may be best... not to read the Live Journal of a Sailor.

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Repeat after me: Sailors are not Soldiers.

And here is an example. )

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