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I did this last time I was on 2k5 during an Olympics, and I enjoyed it, and folks seemed to enjoy it, even the non-2k5ers, so I'll do again this year.

Anyway, every year, 2k5 has an Olympics where both sides call a truce and particpate in a bunch of games, plus have a combat tournament in 2-3 different weight classes (this year we've got four!). There are two types of tournaments: Gladatorial, which is melee only, and Full, which is, well, everything. This year we're also trying two vs. two team 'bouts as well.

This year, I am kind of hampered in that there are a lot of active OCs that I really haven't seen very often in combat. Also, this is the first year of a new combat system, one where knowing how to use it makes a big difference in outcome, thus there are times when the fight will not necessarily go to the most powerful but to the player who can play the system the best. On top of that, a couple of the heavy hitters just got a nerf, so it's hard to really guess how they'll fare, but I'll do my best.

Humans, by the way, have exo-suits.

Anyway, below cut is the line-ups and my picks.

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