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One of the things I've come to love about the DC comics universe is its generational aspect. That is, the way hero names and legacies get picked up and carried on from one generation to the next, a fact that doesn't always require the death of the previous name holder (see: multiple active Flashes, Wildcats, etc), although it usually calls for the incapactiation of a previous nameholder, temporary or permanent. After awhile, though, you can't help but notice the way DC seems to use this method to slowly introduce more ethnic and gender diversity in what is largely a white male hero population. Pretty clever, that! I'm not here to defend or condemn the practice, but just to look at as many examples of it as I can dig up. Some people can't stand replacements - me, I tend to have my favorites in each group, and sometimes they're the new guys, and sometimes they're the old guys. Often, I like one better than the others but still like them all enough that I'd want to see everyone active, even if I realize that's not always likely.

I'm going to be using a list of JSA members and JLA members, and probably at least look over the Titans members, mostly because in the DCU, just about everyone ends up in the JLA, the JSA, or some team with 'Titans' in the name at some time or the other, and bring up a list of characters who were replaced with "more diverse" versions. In some cases, the replacements were, themselves, replaced, but still, I'll include them. This isn't really an exhaustive list or study... just me poking around Wikipedia for awhile, and giving my thoughts on some of the characters.

The fact that I'm putting this up on MLK day is complete and utter coincidence.

The list behind cut! )

Okay. I missed lots. I know I did, mostly because I got tired of making the list. Anyone else have any to add on?

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