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Nothing in particular set this off, but this is a pattern of behavior I have observed in the past and find confusing.

But basically, why does, "Some Christians are intolerant, rude, dicks. Therefore, it is all right for me to be insulting, rude, and intolerant towards all Christians and all of Christianity" an acceptable mindset in this enlightened age? "I'll do this because it'll piss off the Christians" is, apparently, an acceptable reaction to "some Christians pissed me off." I, erm, just don't quite get why.

The funny thing is, I'm not really sure I even consider myself Christian these days, but people who want to make blanket statements about Christianity are making blanket statements about the vast majority of my family, so my hackles tend to rise on their behalf.

Ah, well. Hypocrisy is essential to the human condition, I guess.
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I'm normally not much for unnecessary swearing, but I'm beginning to think that "It's 2008. Where's my fucking Apocalypse?" has a better ring to it, as T-shirt slogans go, than just, "It's 2008. Where's my Apocalypse?"

What do you think?

*eyes Zazzle.*
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It's 2008. The FUTURE by many old school sci-fi accounts. What do we not have?

  • Flying cars

  • Personal rocket packs

  • World War III

  • Alien Invasions

  • The End of Mankind

  • Global Communications Network and Computers With Processing Power Unthinkable Only A Few Decades Ago

  • Glow In The Dark Cats.

Seriously, people. Quit bitching about the future we don't have and enjoy the one we've got. So technology developed a little differently than predicted. So what? Not every imagined future was a nice one, and while we don't have many of the things dreamed up by generations past, we do have many things they never could imagine.

And really, the "It's the 21st century. Where's my flying car?" joke isn't even funny any more. It was starting to wear thin back in 2000, and it wasn't even the 21st century then!

Can we change the record? Please?

My motto for 2008 isn't, "It's 2008. Where's my flying car?" It's "It's 2008. Enough with the firking flying car jokes."

Or maybe, "It's 2008. Where's my Apocalypse?" Which has kind of a nice ring to it.


Oct. 15th, 2007 09:56 am
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Could someone explain to me what is up with shy-skittish-clingy-little girl type characters who are afraid of other females? I mean, seriously. Why is this even a trend?
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Screwdriver's wide optics glimmered malevolent red in the dim light, and a wicked little smile of sheer, unholy delight painted her doll-like face. She leaned forward and, as though sharing a profane secret, whispered softly, "Some day the clock will run down, and then he'll get you." Then, before the other could react, she danced backwards, transformed, and darted off. The echo of childlike laughter faded as it chased the little red-rust motorcycle into the distance.
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"Fan" is only one letter away from "fun." Too often, however, a "serious fan" isn't very close to "serious fun" at all.
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If Hasbro ever makes an Emirate Xaaron toy, they should make it so that you can't actually transform him without breaking him.
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Quoth the Ravyn, "....."

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There are some areas of the Transformers fandom that just should not be explored.

What sort of noises Warpath and Powerglide would make while in the heat of passion is one of those areas.

*fistshakes at [ profile] dualistic and [ profile] invisiblemoose*
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You know, I really don't get why some RPers or fanfic writers get up in arms over the use of the word "orbs" as a synonym for "eyes." I mean, let's look up the definition of the word, shall we?

orb –noun

  1. a sphere or globe: a Christmas tree hung with brightly colored orbs.

  2. the eyeball or eye: He looks with blind orbs on an indifferent world.

  3. any of the heavenly bodies, as the sun or moon: He lay on the grass, warmed by that orb of day, the sun.

  4. a globe bearing a cross; the mound or emblem of sovereignty, esp. as part of the regalia of England.

And so forth.

Gee! Lookie there! It's a perfectly acceptable use of the word!

"Oh, but it's overused!" What, and the word "optics" in Transformers fandom doesn't also get run through its paces? Or, hell, just the word "eyes" itself.

Pulling out my handy dandy link and looking up the word "eyes," then scrolling down to the applicable definition, we get:

Main Entry: eye
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: optics
Synonyms: baby blue*, blinder*, eyeball*, headlight*, lamp*, ocular, oculus, optic, orb, peeper*, pie*, winker

The * denotes a slang or informal term.

With the word "eye," we do not have a lot of options, and most of them are informal, anyway (although I'm now determined to use the word "pie" for "eye" in a description at the next available opportunity).

Oh, sure, I'm sure I'll hear cries of, "But... but... it sounds silly." That's subjective (and still less silly than "pie"). But honestly, language gets misused so often on the internet, it's a little boggling that people spend so much time fussing over a perfectly valid use of a word.
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I had to do my grocery shopping today (ugh), which meant tolerating the sappy music they had going over the loud speakers. Of course, since this is the sort of music that gets played over and over in supermarkets across the country, the songs, whether I like them or not, are drilled into my subconscious, and at one point I realized I was singing along with the refrain of one of them.

Of course, by "singing along with," I mean that I was singing words at the same time that they were singing words. However, they were not the same words, but rather, a variation I of the refrain that I have often heard my mother singing.

So there I was, in the middle of Food Lion, and every time the refrain of one particular song came up, I was singing out loud, for anyone nearby to hear me:

"Every time you go awaaaaaaaay, you take a piece of meat with you..."

Needless to say, I blame this on [ profile] nan_sea.
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I've had this weird mental image of Screwdriver lately. She's battered badly, but still has her big, sweet, slightly manic smile on her face. She's pulling herself slowly up a cliff-face that she apparently got knocked down. *crunch* as her hand graps the next hand hold. *scraaaaaape* as she slowly pulls herself up, metal against stone. *crunch.* *scraaaaaaaaape.* Every now and again, she stops to pick up a piece of herself that had snagged on something while falling down and replace it. And all the while she's singing softly. "Itsy bitsy spider" *crunch* "crawled up the water spout." *scraaaaaaaape.* "Down came the rain" *crunch* "and washed the spider out." *scraaaaaaaaaape.* "Up came the sun" *crunch* "and dried up all the rain." *scraaaaaaaaape.* "And the itsy bitsy spider" *crunch* "crawled up the spout again."
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[Poll #997900]

"Right" and "Left" is from the viewer's perspective, not the cops'. If you want (or care about) the right answer, ask in comments and I'll give you a screened response. Or you can just wait until tomorrow and I'll post a picture where I circle it.
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You know, I have, of late, heard a lot of commentary on how "cracky" the G1 Transformers cartoon was compared with, say, RiD or Armada. And you know, between episodes where the Transformers were toy sized compared with the locals, to mermaids, to random time travel devices sitting out in the open in the middle of Europe, yeah, G1 gets pretty cracky.

This doesn't really bother me, to be honest. For me, it's part of the charm. On the one hand, it's fun to point out the silliness, the contradictions, the out and out absurdity, and laugh at them. And on the other hand: it's a cartoon about giant transforming robots from outer space. Why let the fun get bogged down in too much realism, especially when you're starting with a premise like that?

But there is one bit of crack that never, ever crops in G1, and yet seems an expected, recurrent feature in those other continuities:

In G1, never, ever do you see one of the bad-guy robot characters (and I'm not talking about some basically nice guy who just woke up, didn't know what was going on, and signed up with the bad guys because his buddy was with them without really understanding what they were all about; I'm talking about a bad guy who's been a bad guy for years and years and years before coming to Earth, and had no problems before) go all mushy and SNAD and out and out defection-y over some snot-nosed human kid.

Does not happen. And it does not make sense. These guys have been ruthless killers and war machines on other worlds for years. Why suddenly go sappy because you're confronted with some big-eyed anime brat?

So. In the end, I guess it comes down to this: I know my series is made of silly and crack, and I'm cool with it. Don't delude yourself into thinking yours is so much more logical and realistic and whatnot, though.

(I mean, we're talking about giant transforming alien robots from outer space, for crying out loud!)
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*shakes her fist at Armadergon.* Why, oh why, must you have added the term "battle pants" to my Transformer's lexicon?!

*collapses in a fit of giggles.*


May. 17th, 2007 10:45 am
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I'd like to work an animation error into Final Stroke that isn't "In Your Face" sometime before the end of the fic.

Maybe I'll just randomly use the wrong color description somewhere, or something.

I don't know why, but the idea of a random animation error being tossed into a semi-serious fic amuses me.
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Anyone who claims that they, when confronted with a sheet of bubble wrap, feel no urge at all to start popping those little plastic bubbles is probably lying.

Or secretly not human.
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So I logged onto the Internet, checked my friend's page, and I observe the following three entries, in order (realizing that my page-order is reverse chronological order):

"random jabbering" by [ profile] earthscorch
"Random Babbling" by [ profile] beckyh2112
"Random News Bites" by [ profile] uguardian

My, my, f-list! You're feeling rather random today, aren't you?
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"The Autobots are a highly advanced form of robot. I don't know whether they're from the past, or the future, but they can think, and have real feelings."

Spike, you dumb shit! They already told you they're from another planet!
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Egg Salad Sandwich + Old Bay = Awesome.

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