Oct. 15th, 2007 09:56 am
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Could someone explain to me what is up with shy-skittish-clingy-little girl type characters who are afraid of other females? I mean, seriously. Why is this even a trend?
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You know, I have, of late, heard a lot of commentary on how "cracky" the G1 Transformers cartoon was compared with, say, RiD or Armada. And you know, between episodes where the Transformers were toy sized compared with the locals, to mermaids, to random time travel devices sitting out in the open in the middle of Europe, yeah, G1 gets pretty cracky.

This doesn't really bother me, to be honest. For me, it's part of the charm. On the one hand, it's fun to point out the silliness, the contradictions, the out and out absurdity, and laugh at them. And on the other hand: it's a cartoon about giant transforming robots from outer space. Why let the fun get bogged down in too much realism, especially when you're starting with a premise like that?

But there is one bit of crack that never, ever crops in G1, and yet seems an expected, recurrent feature in those other continuities:

In G1, never, ever do you see one of the bad-guy robot characters (and I'm not talking about some basically nice guy who just woke up, didn't know what was going on, and signed up with the bad guys because his buddy was with them without really understanding what they were all about; I'm talking about a bad guy who's been a bad guy for years and years and years before coming to Earth, and had no problems before) go all mushy and SNAD and out and out defection-y over some snot-nosed human kid.

Does not happen. And it does not make sense. These guys have been ruthless killers and war machines on other worlds for years. Why suddenly go sappy because you're confronted with some big-eyed anime brat?

So. In the end, I guess it comes down to this: I know my series is made of silly and crack, and I'm cool with it. Don't delude yourself into thinking yours is so much more logical and realistic and whatnot, though.

(I mean, we're talking about giant transforming alien robots from outer space, for crying out loud!)
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Just so you guys know the kind of customer service/support you can expect from the good folks at Netflix:

Remember the DVD that Netflix never sent me? The one that I contacted them twice over? And when they didn't DO anything about it, I canceled my service?

They are now charging me for not sending it back. The one they never sent me. They already have my credit card information. When I told them twice that they hadn't sent it to me and warned them that if they didn't get their act together, I was going to cancel. They've already got my information from when I was signed up, and their website does not provide a means to telephone them, or even for non-members to contact them at all.

So anyway... I'm screwed, and it doesn't look like I can do much about it, but I'm giving you folks the heads up in case anyone is considering going with them.
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Okay, I understand the little allergy warnings that are written after ingredients lists for people with allergic reactions. Some times an item may not actually contain more than trace amounts of nuts, but hey, at some point in their existence they may have been within a couple of miles of nuts, and I guess there are people out there that are that sensitive to them, and the companies that make the candies have to protect themselves. I get that.

What boggles me, however, is seeing that little "Allergy Warning: May contain trace amounts of peanuts or other nuts" on foods with names like, oh, "Almond and Peanuttery Nut Bar" and similar! Okay, I've never seen just that product, but I have seen candies with names that include "Peanut" or "Almond" or just plain "Nuts" that contain the nut warning on them. And I'm just... no! No! NO! If someone who has an allergic reaction to nuts is eating something with that name, it is a case of natural selection! That person has earned any negative consequence. They deserve it! We should leave them to their fate!

*prepares for the hate-comments.* :)


Jan. 18th, 2007 04:47 pm
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Why is *molests* now included in lists of cutesy-snuggle things that are done between couples? Molestation is not cute. Molestation is not friendly. Molestation is unwanted on the part of the molestee, and to try to paint it as being adorable-cutesy-snuggly is frankly disgusting. That's like going, *tackleglompRAPES.*

Guh. I'm sorry, but trying to present molestation in a cutesy light is... it's just beyond my ability to grasp, the idea is that alien to me. Am I the one whose thought processes are goofed here?
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So, like the good little Magic geek I've lately become (which, like many things, is totally [ profile] lunatron's fault), I've been watching the official Magic site for Planar Chaos previews and what-have-you this week (just in case my rambling about red Akroma a few days ago wasn't a big enough clue). The professional-play guy covered Mirri the Cursed (Vampire Cat!), while the flavor guy covered Radha.

Pictures and Time Spiral novel spoilers behind cut. )
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I hate April Fool's day. Seriously. The first reason is because I'm extreamly gullible, of course. The second reason is because I do not like to have to be paranoid... I don't like having to question everything my friends tell me, to suspect a lie in every sentence. It annoys the hell out of me to have to doubt every word of people who are supposed to be honest and straight forward.

Well, actually the second reason boils down to the first reason... or even explains the first reason.

Thus, I shall not participate, except for to stupidly fall for every dumb prank people play on me, like I do every year. For those of you who get one over on me: CONGRATULATIONS! You betrayed someone's trust for a cheap laugh! Hope you naughty word ) choke on your gaffaws, you more naughty words )!

One last bad word. )

Okay. Now that I got that out of my system, on to... comic books! I didn't actually get anything new this week (none of my pulls came in! It breaks my heart!) but I did finally get around to reading the last of the Countdown to Infinate Crisis mini-series graphic novel collection things.

Naughty-word free spoilers. )
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From the Technical Manual and Maintenance Instructions for the Digital Interrogator AN/UPX-37:

"The EXT STAGGER TRIGGER MODE is one of the two trigger modes that can us an external trigger to synchronize the challenge sequences, and is the more clear forward to describe."

Yes. Especially to people who are inclined to use phrases like, "more clear forward."

But that's okay, because according to its technical manual, the AN/APX-118(V)7 Transponder Set "reduces the possibility of fratricide."

It is very important that all of you know these things.

Edit: Bah. I left out two words in my fratricide reduction paragraph. I blame the fact that my brain's been turned to mush due to having to make sense of sentences like, "For this trigger the path from the CNT DOWN EXT TRIG passes through the RADAR AUTO PRETRIGGER DELAY circuit before becoming the REF TRIG. This delay circuit has a MINUS delay effect (i.e. the delay from a given counted-down trigger is actually the time of the counted-down trigger's period MINUS the RADAR AUTO PRETRIG DELAY value entered)." I really wish I had brought my crayons to work with me. It's a lot easier to make sense of this stuff when you can trace out the signal paths in forest green or violet.
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A Nice Piece of Brass: A Christmas Story )

Royce-22 )

Lightning Needs To Stop Striking )
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So. I wake up this morning and start stumbling towards the bathroom. My housemate stops me and asks me, "Hey, did I leave a jug of milk in there?"

That's right. Wants to know if he left a jug of milk. In the bathroom.

I look in, and sure enough, there's an open gallon jug of milk sitting on the back of the toilet. He grabs it and heads off to put it in the fridge.

The first thing going through my head is "EEEEEEEW!" The second is, "I am so glad I don't drink milk."

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"Surely he didn't believe the Buick had killed his father, why would he? Bradley Roach was safely on the hook for that, Roach had unspooled him up the side of a pulled-over sixteen-wheeler, leaving a bloodsmear ten feet long and as tall as a State Trooper, about six-feet-two in the case of Curtis Wilcox, pulling his clothes not just off but inside out as well in the scream of brakes and all the while the radio playing WPND, which billed itself Western Pennsylvania's Country Fried Radio, what else would it be but country with a half-drunk low rider like Bradley? Daddy sang bass and Momma sang tenor as the coins were ripped out of Curt Wilcox's pants and his penis was torn off like a weed and his balls were reduced to strawberry jelly and his comb and wallet landed on the yellow line; Bradley Roach responsible for all that, or maybe you wanted to save some blame for Dickey's Convenience in Startler that sold him the beer, or maybe for the beer company itself with its goodtime ads about cute talking frogs and funny ballpark beer-men instead of dead people lying on the highway with their guts hanging out, or maybe you want to blame it on..."

And on. And on. And on, continuing in the same vein for a total of well over twice that length. I think I must have drifted off to la-la-land at least five times trying to get through that paragraph. I'll try again when I'm done ranting, but I may need to put 'From a Buick 8' aside for awhile. This book does nothing to change my mind on the topic of whether or not Stephen King is a very good writer who NEEDS AN EDITOR.

And a quarter for every time he describes something as 'terrible' in this book or 'just wrong' would provide vending machine money for a month. How is it terrible? How is it wrong? Describe it!

Fudgegummit, but the next time I pull out crap like this on the MUSH, please shoot me! Just fugging shoot me! Although in my own defense, at least I've never tried to get someone to pay me for stream of conscious dreck along those lines.

I don't have an editor, either. :P

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