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Some people may remember my reviews on the Radical Comics Caliber and Hercules, both titles which I enjoyed mightily. Well, now I've decided to give another of their titles a try. "Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead." The art is fantastic, which appears to be the norm for Radical, and I think its possible that some of you may recognize the author's name. Warren something-or-another, I dunno.

Not really all that spoilerish, but cut anyway. )

So in summary, I like it, I'll definitely be buying issue #2, and with 28 pages of beautifully colored art and only four pages of ads (five if you count the inside back cover) for $2.99, I recommend it to anyone with an interest in unusual setting cop stories or the Cyberpunk/dark near-future genre in general.
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While "Balance of Terror" never left me nearly as confused as "Conscious of a King," I'm still finding that I get more out of this episode viewing it as an adult than I did when I last watched it as, oooooooh, a young teen. I wonder if the original Star Trek series will continue to (pleasantly) surprise me in this way.

A brief summary, for those who have never seen it: Federation star bases are being attacked and taken out near the Romulan neutral zone. It seems that a lone Bird of Prey has crossed over, and intends to demonstrate to its own government the weakness of the Federation by taking out their star bases and sneaking back, thus encouraging the militant Romulans to give up all pretenses of treaty and wage an all-out war of conquest. At this point in time, no Federation personnel have ever seen a Romulan, as all previous communications took place via voice-only radio signals. The goal of the Romulan vessel is to make it back into the neutral zone. The goal of the Enterprise is to stop it while still in Federation territory. The problems? Not only are the Romulans' weapons far more powerful than the Enterprise's, but they have an effective cloaking device. In the Enterprise's favor, the cloaking device and high-yield weaponry is a tremendous drain on power, so much so that they can't fire and remain cloaked at the same time. Also, the Enterprise is capable of moving much, much faster. Just forcing the Romulan vessel to expend enough energy that it can't make it back home would be enough to prevent a war that would cost millions of lives. But hey, we're talking James Tee here. Since when is good enough, good enough? This episode actually does a pretty spiff job of demonstrating that, although Kirk is an over-dramatic space cowboy who can't keep his hands off the alien chickies, he's actually Starship captain for a reason.

While 'Balance of Terror' doesn't have as many snappy soundbytes as some other episodes, here are a few quotes I liked, plus further comments. )
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With honorable mention to Superman Beyond 3-D, which is getting delayed for the same reason as Last Will and Testament. Full review to come, but a quick note of: I really, really liked it. Also, some of the pages looked pretty darned awesome with the 3-D glasses on, but for best impact you should already have them on the first time you turn to those pages.

Erm. Potential for spoilers.

Robin #177 )

Rann-Thanagar Holy War #4 )

Reign In Hell #2 )
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I pick up my comics every other week these days, and I'm not even close to working my way through the latest batch, but I figured I'd make a few comments over what I've been reading so far. Spoilers ahoy!

Transformers Animated: The Arrival #1 )

DC Universe Last Will and Testament - While I've read it, I won't be posting my thoughts until it gets added to the Final Crisis Annotations blog, since it is apparently scheduled to be added. Mostly because I want to see what they have to say first, and because I'm hoping it'll clear up some personal confusion, such as when the heck this takes place. By the way, for anyone following any of the Final Crisis books or tie-ins, I highly recommend that blog. Do I consider it essential to make sense of Final Crisis? No, I don't. But it's nice for clearing up the small points. And for pointing out continuity errors that I might not have picked up on otherwise. As a side note, Final Crisis, and DC comics in general, is an example of books that provide enough enjoyable content (stories, action, characterization, etc) that I'm willing to tolerate quite a bit in the way of continuity self-contradiction.

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, 1 of 5 )

Runaways - Runaways ends old runs and starts again at number one on a regular basis, and this is their newest number one. I don't know what the hell volume they're on at this point. I do know that the new art style just does not do it for me. What's more, they seem to have lost... something. I'm not sure. But the level of wit that I've seen in previous runs just isn't there. I'll give it one or two more issues, but this book is definitely on the, "In danger of being dropped" list.

Batman/Superman #51 )
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