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So for the hell of it, last night Luna and I started talking over what jobs/roles/powers/genders our current Deadzone characters would have if they were, for some reason, in on her whole Transformers-as-Superheros thing.

Xaaron, it has been decided, will be a female politician. She is running for president. Optimus Prime does not approve. And then the following snippet of Xaaron-rant popped into my head:

Don't interferre with the human's politics? Optimus! In case you've failed to notice, we're human! I'm human! This is not just their world anymore, it's ours, and I have as much right to participate in Earth politics now as I did in Autobot politics back on Cybertron! For all I know, I'm going to spawn, grow old, and die on this planet as a member of this species, and if that's the case, I'll be damned if I leave it in the same state it's in right now.
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My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Reverend Lady Sapphirebreeze the Cannibalistic of Westessexchestershire
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Don't expect anymore Advent fics from me this year. They've become too much of a chore and too little of a fun. I think next year I'm going to try a fic Advent Wreath instead of a fic Advent Calendar. :)

Mom pointed out to me that House of 1000 Corpses is meant as an homage of sorts to horror movies in general, which explains why it has all the obvious horror movie clich├ęs in it. That said, I'd still rate really really old Warner Brother's cartoons over it.

Among the recorded tapes my dad sent me was a documentary called, "Superheroes Unmasked." It was, of course, about the history of superheroes. They were respectful of the subject; the only time "Pow!" "Bang!" or "Zoom!" were mentioned was in reference to the Adam West TV show where they talked about what that show did to the image of Comic Books. It was also very fascinating, with a very large number of interviews with a lot of real notables in the field. What they chose to include and what they left out seemed a little strange at times. For example, while they mentioned the 12 year lawsuit between Superman and the company that produced the comics that Captain Marvel starred in, and talked about how that lawsuit ended with the company agreeing not to publish Captain Marvel anymore, there was no mention at all about how DC later purchased the company and the rights to the character and have, themselves, made Captain Marvel stories since. Also, despite having Joe Quesada and Stan Lee as interviewees, it seemed very DC-centric, and I'm not just talking about before the creation of the Fantastic Four (although Marvel, obviously, did get a fair degree of attention from then on). As one example, although Wolverine was listed as a forerunner to the grim and gritty era of comics, the primary triggers for that age were listed as Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns. Of course, this is probably pretty accurate, anyway, so I guess that's all right.

Anyway, fascinating, if incomplete viewing. It's a History Channel one, so if they ever show it again and any of you guys get a chance to watch it (or order from their site or whatever), I highly recommend it. Especially to my fellow comic geeks.
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[Poll #866818]

Edit: Yes, I know I listed Sunday twice. I just love Sundays that much! No, just kidding. That was a really stupid mistake, but by the time I caught it, the poll had already been posted, and you can't edit polls once they've been posted.

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As stated yesterday, there are no promises that I'll be doing this, but I am trying to gather ideas of what people would be interested in doing.

[Poll #862755]

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Found about ten scanned in old pictures today that didn't require digital coloring or what-have-you.

And they're all behind this cut. Be warned. Image intense. )
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San Sebastian winery is a little winery in Saint Augustine, Florida. It has a webpage, if anyone's curious. They make their wines out of Florida grapes, or hybrids, and since Florida grapes are very sweet, so are most of their wines. Friends who are fans of German wines tend to be fond of them.

Why am I chattering at length about them? Well, mostly because I've just finished most of a bottle of their Vintner's White, and am thus quite toasty. I used to think I didn't like wine, but it was the taste test at the end of this winery that changed my mind. My problem was I had never had good wine!

In addition to boozing, I've also uploaded a new picture, which I have hidden behind this cut. )
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But I'm giving it its own entry because it's been several hours since the last picture, and it will be my last for today.

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Another recently rediscovered older piece.

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I can art again! Caloo, calay! Or however you spell those words.

However, I'm not going to tonight, because it's very late and I have work in the morning. And tomorrow is D&D night, so I fear those who have been watching shall have to wait until Friday, at earliest, for Deceptipony pictures (of which there are now two).

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