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I did this last time I was on 2k5 during an Olympics, and I enjoyed it, and folks seemed to enjoy it, even the non-2k5ers, so I'll do again this year.

Anyway, every year, 2k5 has an Olympics where both sides call a truce and particpate in a bunch of games, plus have a combat tournament in 2-3 different weight classes (this year we've got four!). There are two types of tournaments: Gladatorial, which is melee only, and Full, which is, well, everything. This year we're also trying two vs. two team 'bouts as well.

This year, I am kind of hampered in that there are a lot of active OCs that I really haven't seen very often in combat. Also, this is the first year of a new combat system, one where knowing how to use it makes a big difference in outcome, thus there are times when the fight will not necessarily go to the most powerful but to the player who can play the system the best. On top of that, a couple of the heavy hitters just got a nerf, so it's hard to really guess how they'll fare, but I'll do my best.

Humans, by the way, have exo-suits.

Anyway, below cut is the line-ups and my picks.

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After having irritated myself all to heck by reading Rodimus Prime's wiki entry, I am badly in need of recommendations for good Rodimus Prime fic, possibly AU or post-series fic or something, where in he gains/regains command and stays in charge. Recommended fics should, ideally, not involve him screwing Galvatron or any other Decepticon.

Edit: [ profile] invisiblemoose has made me a fic-comic employing his MS Paint skills.

I'd still appreciate actual fic-fic recs, but this made me smile. :)
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Clearly, there is something villainous about combining the colors of green and purple, and no good can come of it. And to support my random assertation, I'm going to make a list of evil green-and-purple wearing dudes! Feel free to add any I forget

Lex Luthor
Green Goblin
The Constructicons
The Lizard
Chameleon (suggested by [ profile] invisiblemoose)
Dr Octopus (suggested by [ profile] invisiblemoose)
Scorpion (suggested by [ profile] invisiblemoose)
Fin Fang Foom (suggested by [ profile] the_baron)
Kang the Conqueror (suggested by [ profile] invisiblemoose)
Immortus (suggested by [ profile] invisiblemoose)
The Melter (suggested by [ profile] invisiblemoose)
The Skrulls (suggested by [ profile] invisiblemoose)

I am debating putting Hulk on here on an honorary basis, because, although he's technically a good guy (usually), he's frequently on the wrong side of the law and causes a rather lot of desctruction.

I'm sure I'm missing bunches. This is but a small sampling!
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Well, okay, technically she's going biblical. I just read too many Transformers comics. >_>
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I pick up my comics every other week these days, and I'm not even close to working my way through the latest batch, but I figured I'd make a few comments over what I've been reading so far. Spoilers ahoy!

Transformers Animated: The Arrival #1 )

DC Universe Last Will and Testament - While I've read it, I won't be posting my thoughts until it gets added to the Final Crisis Annotations blog, since it is apparently scheduled to be added. Mostly because I want to see what they have to say first, and because I'm hoping it'll clear up some personal confusion, such as when the heck this takes place. By the way, for anyone following any of the Final Crisis books or tie-ins, I highly recommend that blog. Do I consider it essential to make sense of Final Crisis? No, I don't. But it's nice for clearing up the small points. And for pointing out continuity errors that I might not have picked up on otherwise. As a side note, Final Crisis, and DC comics in general, is an example of books that provide enough enjoyable content (stories, action, characterization, etc) that I'm willing to tolerate quite a bit in the way of continuity self-contradiction.

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, 1 of 5 )

Runaways - Runaways ends old runs and starts again at number one on a regular basis, and this is their newest number one. I don't know what the hell volume they're on at this point. I do know that the new art style just does not do it for me. What's more, they seem to have lost... something. I'm not sure. But the level of wit that I've seen in previous runs just isn't there. I'll give it one or two more issues, but this book is definitely on the, "In danger of being dropped" list.

Batman/Superman #51 )
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At the end of the Cybertron series, the Autobots are re-initiating the Spacebridge project. Seen in the right light, this is a far more ominous move than the cartoon suggests.

The first time Vector Prime ever explains how the Cyber Keys work to the Autobots, he claims that they are able to "turn any planet into a mirror image of Cybertron." This almost makes them sound akin to the Key to Vector Sigma! When he explains what they do to the children, however, he changes his story almost completely. Funny, that.

Supposition: the Spacebridge project was, in fact, one of conquest. Easier to hold together an empire if you've got good roads, after all. Just ask the Romans.

Further Supposition: if you were to revisit that universe a hundred years or so after the ending of the Cybertron series, you'd find that the human race has been turned into Transformers.

This is ominous, but... not entirely uncool.

So, with that question in mind, I ask you all this: what's your alternate mode?

I'm a robot archaeopteryx. For one, that was one of my first ever OCs, back when I was a little girl and watching G1 for the first time. For two, like the G1 Dinobots, I would still be able to eat fish, because fish is nummy.

So what about you?
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This episode makes it very clear that the Dinobots are still being kept in the closet at this point in time, only letting them out when they need the Dinobots to go smash the Decepticons. Which makes it rather unshocking when Grimlock is surly over being given orders. Wheeljack, in response to Grimlock's obstinence, grumbles, "I have got to work on their personality circuits!"

Conclusions drawn:
1) It really is no wonder that the Dinobots like Rodimus Prime so much better. In his time, they spend their time either fishing or actually hanging out with the other Autobots (Grimlock often doing the second more or less by himself).

2) Wheeljack's reaction to them is pretty strong canon evidence against the, "Wheeljack is a loving and caring father" fanon mindset.

3) Wheeljack's reaction is also strong canon evidence against the, "Wheeljack didn't program the Dinobots" fanon idea.
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So I went to Sheetz to grab me some breakfast this morning, and came out with a knock off. It's very cheaply made - the wheels are a molded part of the rest of the body, and I'm not positive it can actually transform (vice being build to look like it should be able to transform). It's labeled as a "Transmogrifier" in G1-style Transformers font, and there is a symbol that bears more than a passing resemblance to an Audobot symbol with the edges sawed off. There were others at the store, including a yellow one labeled, "Hot Slick," but I decided to go with "Positivus Prime."

The story on the back is almost worth the price of the toy alone.

For centuries war raged on the distant world of Substandrotron, a planet of living machines. The machine society was divided into two diametrically opposed camps: The heroic Virtuobots and the evil Decievocons.

When Ubertron, undisputed leader of the Decievocons gained control of the BigSpark, he used its raw power to destroy Substandrotron, scattering both the Virtuobots and Decievocons across the universe.

In search of a new home, Positivus Prime, leader of the noble Virtuobots located a remote planet called Earth. However, Ultratron and his wicked Decievocon army followed, thus continuing the war here on Earth...

I almost ache from the laughter.
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Aunt Pauline: "So is someone going to watch a movie with me or not?"

Cousin David: "I will!"

Pauline: "Well, which one do you pick?"

David: "Harry Potter!"

Pauline: *exasperated sigh* "Oh, all right."

David: "What's wrong?"

Me: "She said she wanted to watch the Nativity Story or, if not that, Transformers."

Pauline: "Because they're similar, right? The story lines?"

For Grabs

Dec. 16th, 2007 07:48 pm
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One Energon Steamhammer, loose, one Cybertron Sky Lynx vs. Thunderblast Mini-Con two-pack, still on card, and one Armada Happy Meal Smokescreen, loose.

Comments screened so you can include an address if you'd like.
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... I would totally approve a female original-character from the Marvel G1-verse whose explanation for being female was, "Like all Transformers, he never really understood the concept of gender one way or another, but after going to Earth and meeting Arcee, he decided he, or rather, she, has always been a female but just never realized it."

That'd be cool. ^_^

(Well, okay, it still need to be a good application otherwise. I'm just saying that such a background would contribute to it being a good application.)
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Righto. I just got approved for Rodimus Prime on Deadzone, so of course I made a few RP (which, in this case, stands for role-play or Rodimus Prime - they bth work!) icons to switch out between on the bboard. Since icons that fit there also fit here, I'm uploading them here as well. All the pictures are from Marvel comics because, well, I'm playing Marvel Rodimus.

The facepalm one and goggles one are equivilents to Luna's Scourge facepalm and goggles icons. The last one is actually Primus. See, I always knew that Marvel Primus looked like Rodimus anytime they showed him in flashback and stuff, but to me, the big old Primus head in the center of Cybertron never looked particularly like him. Until Luna pointed out the helmet design. So I grabbed it, photoshopped out all the random colors at the bottom of his face, and changed all the yellows in the picture to red, and there we have it. Even big ol' Primus head inna middle of Cybertron looks like Rodimus! (Or Rodimus looks like Primus, if you want more in-universe accuracy).

If you want them, grab them. If you don't want to credit to me, at least credit to Marvel.

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Random and disjointed observations and notes made while watching G1 Transformers, More Than Meets The Eye pt 3 )

As a random side note, the more I rewatch old cartoons or read old comics with Optimus Prime, the more I like Rodimus. Funny how that works... ¬_¬
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Not very good. I've let these go too long, and now I've lost the mood.

Daring Fleetwind )
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Deadzone related ficbit posted today in the (where else?) Deadzone comm. Set during the theoretical "re-aging" plot that oft gets discussed in chat. Rodimus Prime makes a very disconcerting discovery concerning young Kup's behavior. Slash, but nothing explicit. Apologies for those getting doublespammed, and remember that this is not a complete fic - just a scene.

Link to fic, yay.
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People who call Rodimus the angsty one have never read the comics.

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Inspired by conversation in DZchat. Unrefined ficbit. Cartoon universe past, set sometime between the Second and Third Great War on Cybertron.

Forgotten )
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Decided to go ahead and upload my icons for my other Deadzone characters. The exception is Needlenose; the Needlenose icon I use was a gift for someone else, and although I have her permission to use it on the board, I don't want to use it here.

In addition to cranky old Kup, I've also added Screwdriver.

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