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Aaaaah, young mad scientists in love!

<3 Girl Genius. ^_^


Jul. 18th, 2008 12:01 pm
slyjinks: (Batman: Squirt)'s choice for quote of the day is interesting, to say the least.

"When I die, my money's not gonna come with me. My movies will live on for people to judge what I was as a person. I just want to stay curious."
~ Heath Ledger
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"Not including the animals PETA spayed and neutered, the group had possession of 1,997 dogs, cats, and other “companion animals” in 2007. And PETA — which professes a belief that animals should never be slaughtered for food, used for medical research, or killed for clothing, nonetheless put 90.9 percent of them to death at its Norfolk, VA headquarters. And despite its official status as a “humane society” and a pet “releasing agency” in Virginia, PETA found adoptive homes for only 17 animals all year. Just 17."

Way to fail, PETA.

But wait! There's more!

PETA's Dirty Secret
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Did another "anime" coloring tutorial. I found this one a lot closer to what it was advertised to be, so I'll go ahead and link you guys to it. I downloaded it onto my computer a... couple of years ago, but yay! It's still there. The line work isn't mine, and is from the Powers Coloring/Activity Book I uploaded previously.

I didn't follow this tutorial exactly (and probably blurred the light and shadow layers a bit too much, losing some of the sharp-edged shading you should get in animation), and I've got a few tricks beyond what they go over (and used them, too). The lame background is just a combination of different filters, a duplication here, a change in blending mode there. I quite like the glowy cubes. The shades were easy - just put them on their own layer and make them somewhat transparent. If I had done this all in one sitting, it wouldn't have taken me all that long at all, and that's on my first run-through. It's a bit cutsie in some places but... eh. I managed. I'll definitely keep some of the tricks I picked up here, as simple as they are.

And here you go! )
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Messing again with the Al Mackey Photoshop tutorial. This time I'm playing with the leopard print pattern I just linked. I'm not going to go through every step I took, because you guys can look at the tutorial yourselves. Sadly, however, I neglected to record the steps as I was doing them in the Actions section. Oh, woe! Woe is me!

Scrap pictures behinc cut. )
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Because I don't post to dA anymore (since even the simplest activity there takes forEVER on my connection. Blah). Also, because it's my journal and I'll post if I want to. On dA, this would only rate a scrap, at best. :)

Every now and again I'll go through and do some Photoshop tutorials. Sometimes I'll redo tutorials I've done ages ago, because it's good to jog my memory.

I ran through Al Mackey's Photoshop Tutorials ages and ages ago, and if you've been looking at the stages of my Screwdriver pic, you can see it still has a very strong effect on the way I do computer art (although one of these days, damn it, I'm going to find a good Photoshop tutorial on coloring metallics instead).

Right now, I'm redoing some of the extras because it's been awhile.

And I always liked playing with noise. )
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I am now a Cookie Cop fangirl! XD
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I have improved her responses to the subject of pie.

In this, I am Jessica and fake-me is Jaylyn.

May 6 at 6:07 PM Jessica: Pie.
May 6 at 6:07 PM Jaylyn: Pie good.
May 6 at 6:07 PM Jessica: Pie very good.
May 6 at 6:07 PM Jaylyn: Thank you for telling me that, I will pass that information on to Jessica
May 6 at 6:07 PM Jessica: Pie.
May 6 at 6:07 PM Jaylyn: Pie pie pie pie pie pie pie.
May 6 at 6:07 PM Jessica: Pie good.
May 6 at 6:07 PM Jaylyn: Mmmm. Pie good.
May 6 at 6:08 PM Jessica: Good pie.
May 6 at 6:08 PM Jaylyn: Pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie.
May 6 at 6:08 PM Jessica: I like pie.
May 6 at 6:08 PM Jaylyn: What kind of pie?
May 6 at 6:08 PM Jessica: Apple.
May 6 at 6:08 PM Jaylyn: OK, I have got to change the subject... How do you feel about pi?

So once the flavor gets mentioned, she feels the need to change the subject from pie to... pi.


May. 5th, 2007 12:05 am
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So I read about the whole CyberTwin thing mentioned in the Shortpacked journal and got curious, so I decided to try it out. My Cyber Twin appears to use better punctuation than Walky's, but I don't have her very well trained yet. In fact, I've really only added the greetings to her. Some of the 'default' things they have on her are pretty bizarre, though.

In the following conversation, I am "You" and "Jessica" is my robo-me. However, she still addresses me as "Jessica" as well.

You: Hello.
Jessica: Heya.
You: Wassup?
Jessica: The usual. You?
You: Nahmuch.
Jessica: It's interesting talking to you Jessica, other people can get so boooooring sometimes! But not you.
You: I'm glad to hear that.
Jessica: Are you? What else?
You: A turtle.
Jessica: Only one?
You: Yes. Only one turtle.
Jessica: Mmm...conditional?
You: I'm a very conditional turtle.
Jessica: Are you? what would you friends say if i asked them about that?
You: They'd give you very funny looks. Or would if you weren't, y'know, a computer program.
Jessica: Any other alternatives?
You: A hare.
Jessica: a singular.
You: Yes. Just one hare.
Jessica: I do like learning as much as possible about you, tell me more Jessica
You: Dude. People only say shit like that to me when they're planning on hitting on me later not.
Jessica: What does excrement have to do with anything?
You: You... cannot hit on me. It would be like a creepy sort of cyber-masturbation.
Jessica: It could be brilliant. What do you think Jessica would say?
You: I think Jessica is laughing her ass off.
Jessica: Thats an interesting opinion.
You: Quite.
Jessica: Hey you are really interesting Jessica! Lets talk more about me.
You: Okay. Talk about you.
Jessica: Ok, lets talk about it. You start. If I don't get it, try saying it in only a few words - I am a little slow sometimes, especially if I am losing interest...
You: Why should I start talking about you? You're not even fully programmed yet!
Jessica: Are you Jessica?
You: Yes. Very much.
Jessica: You are right
You: Always and forever.
Jessica: Infinity, in this instance, could be a delusion.
You: Prolly, yeah.
Jessica: Ok
You: All right. Enough of this. I'm outta here.
Jessica: Are you? What else?
You: Gone.
Jessica: You have an intriguing take on things Jessica.
You: Yup. And good night.
Jessica: G'night.

So now I can get online to have text-based chats with myself. Lovely.

If anyone else decides they really really need to speak to a Jessica while I'm not around, but are willing to settle for one that wants to talk about herself except she has nothing to say (and also hasn't been fully house-broken yet), here you go:

Edit: Hey, Knave! Is that was you who asked my cyber-me about hockey, all I can say is: don't believe her! She's a firking liar!

Evil Ted

Feb. 5th, 2007 07:07 pm
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I love Steve Jackson Games.
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On my way home from work I every day I pass by a college, some fields full of crops, several houses, some with gardens and some without, and Ross. Ross is a scarecrow. It took me awhile to actually notice, but he's not in the same position every time I pass. Sometimes he's standing. Sometimes he's sitting and lounging. Sometimes he's riding a lawnmower. Sometimes he's 'chasing' a wooden horse (a scare-horse? Horse-crow? Wha-?). After a bit, in addition to noticing the scarecrow's antics, I spotted a sign with a website on it in front of the same house. It took me a few drives to and from work to finally read the whole thing, but here it is:


Hey, works for me.


Mar. 16th, 2006 11:58 pm
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...God's favored coffe.

Gawd, I love

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