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Me: *walks into the lab, heading for the office, which is a small room accessed through the back of the production lab.*
Royce: *announcing loudly* "I fluxed my pants."
Me: *starts laughing. Continues laughing loudly as I finish my trip to the back office.*


Royce: *starting to solder something. Jerks his hand away.* "I'm going to need something to hold this. These wires heat up quickly!"
Me: *heading out of the room, commenting casually* "Yeah. Rumor has it they're conductors or some such."


Me: *wanders into the front receptionist area, heading towards the coffee pot in the back. I stop suddenly, blink, and turn around, walking back out. Said casually to the receptionist in passing,* "You know, I bet my quest to obtain a cup of coffee would be a lot more successful if I actually brought my mug with me."
Receptionist: *bursts out laughing.*

Aaaaaand it's only 9:30 AM. God help us all.
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"The down counter continues counting up until the count reaches terminal count (the counter contains all zeros)."

The above sentence managed to put a stop to work for over ten minutes as the tech manual validation team boggled over it.


Sep. 20th, 2007 12:34 pm
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Another reason I like my job. The following conversation made perfect sense to all particpants, and I wasn't talking about computers.

Me: "Hey, if it's all right, I'm going to go find something mindless to work on. I'm suffering a pretty bad software crash."

Supervisor: "Software crash? Reboot!"

Me: "Man, I'm trying, but it's not coming up. I don't think I'm going to be able to run any resource heavy programs until I've had a chance to defragment."

Supervisor: "Ah, gotcha. Carry on."
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I spent most of this week thinking I wouldn't be able to attend FNM tonight, because I now work the 12-20 shift in a test we're doing. However, on Thursday someone was volunteered to swap shifts with me ("Hey, Jason didn't show up today. He can have your shift tomorrow!")so it looked like I would be able to go.

Then, this morning I woke up and discovered I had started my period (no, I'm not cutting this. I'm in A Mood, and annoyed about the whole "Eeeeew! Girl stuff! *cringe*" business that many guys tend to do every time "the 'p' word" gets mentioned, because having to deal with something that half the people on this damned planet has to deal with on a monthly basis makes us unclean and icky etc etc. Bullshit!).

I thought to myself, "Hmm, should I take some pain killers? Naw. My cramps always start on the second day, and I'd rather not medicate myself if I don't need it." Idiot! Idiot me! I should have at least brought them to work. :/

So anyway, by about one, I was in excruciating pain and completely unable to concentrate on anything resembling work, so I left early, figuring this meant I wouldn't be able to make it to FNM, after all.

It's amazing what a difference a hot show, an hour's nap, and downing about eight IB-profins will do!

So, anyway, I made it to FNM, and will be posting on that shortly, although I am still having to deal with NASTY DIRTY UNCLEAN WOMAN STUFF. I'm doing pretty good now, though, so despite the cruddy start, I'll call this day good. (Have work tomorrow, though. Oh, well. Overtime!)
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So, I walked into the room where we've been doing systems testing all week, and there was my supervisor.

Supervisor: "Yeah, I've just been having a chat with Chief about you." (We have a few Sailors assigned to us, and an E-7 ET has been my partner for the 12-8 shift.)

Me: "Oh?"

Supervisor: "Yeah, he says you're a real hard worker, a real turn-to type, very bright, that you know your stuff."

Me: "Cool! Thanks!"

Supervisor: "What the hell is wrong with you? What're we paying you for, anyway?"

Me: "Huh?"

Supervisor: "You're supposed to be driving him crazy! Constantly ask him all sorts of stupid questions, until he's tearing out what's left of his hair! I don't want to see any more hair on his head!"

Me: "But... his hair's already so short he couldn't possibly grab it!"

Supervisor: "That's why you bring in a pair of tweezers and offer them to him! Dammit, man, don't you know this stuff?!" (Yes, my supervisor addresses me with the phrase, "Dammit, man.") "Drive him nuts! No more hair!"

Me: "Uhm, sure. I'll get right no that!"

Supervisor: "See, there you go again, being all eager and stuff!"

Me: "You'll get over it."

Supervisor: "That's what I want to hear! See you tomorrow!"

And he wandered off.
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My tech manual makes a reference to "pizza video." The phrase is in an area that I suspect may be relevant to something I'm doing, and is used multiple times, indicating it's not just some sort of bizarre typo. I've never heard the term before, though, so I've been asking around to see if anyone else knows what they're talking about. Not only has no one else had an answer, but I've had to listen to the same bad joke about pepperoni now four times. -_-;

I should count myself lucky. Considering I work with IFF, a system where one of the major acronyms is "FRUIT," I'm lucky that no one's mentioned the possibility of Hawaiian pizza video yet.

Update: I have finally found someone who knows what pizza video is. It's the name of the test pattern used by a AN/SPA-25G. My apologies to anyone who thought it might be something interesting (I didn't).
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I periodically have to program microchips. I didn't write the programs or anything... I just transfer them. Of course, since we reuse everything we can, the chips have been previously programmed and need to be erased first, which is done by removing their labels, cleaning off their windows with alcohol, and sticking them under a UV lamp for an hour. To be on the safe side, I usually run it one and a half to two hours.

Today I did that, and over half the darn things weren't properly erased, so I cleaned them off again and threw them back under the UV lamp, this time for, oh, four hours. By the time this was over with, they were all nicely warmed up and completely erased. They submitted meekly to their reprogramming.

I like to think that they're now frightened of defying me again. "No! No! Not the lamp! Not the lamp!"
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As mentioned yesterday, I've had more than a foot of hair chopped off. Of course, this fact has been remarked upon several times at work. This is only natural, because people tend to comment on sudden changes like that. It's not really the, "You got you hair cut!" comments that amuse me the most, even if these are classic cases of stating the obvious. It's all the people asking me if I got a hair cut. "Did you cut your hair off?"

My usual answer is a wide-eyed, "No! It just suddenly fell off all at once!"
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For those who, like me, end up eating a lot of nukables:

Stouffer's Corner Bistro Paninis are wonderful.

They are also very useful for as far as at-work food goes, if you've got one of those jobs that keep a fridge and a microwave in a break/kitchen sort of area. Just toss one into a bag, go to work, put it in the freezer, when it's lunch time nuke it, grab some chips from a vending machine, and you've got a very nummy lunch.


Sep. 19th, 2006 04:33 pm
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One thing about being ex-Navy and working amongst of other ex-Navy folks on Talk Like A Pirate day...

...if anyone even notices you're using terms like 'head' for bathroom or 'skuttlebutt' for water-fountain, or mentioning swabbing the deck, the most that will happen is someone might chide you for not having de-Navyfied. And that's if they're not using those words and terms themselves.

You can't go around saying "avast," either, because everyone actually knows what it means.


Sep. 15th, 2006 11:53 am
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So I went out to get some lunch from the lunch truck, and there was a bald eagle chasing around an ospry overhead. Protected species battles! It was pretty spiffy, actually. I'm told it's usually the ospries chasing the eagles, because the smaller birds will gang up on the eagle, but today it was just one of each, so it was the eagle doing the chasing.

The odd thing about all that, though, is that the ospry's mate was just kind of sitting in a nearby tree, chilling.

"Eagle! Eagle! Honey, help!"
"I'm filing my nails!"

Hee hee. As long as none of them are making nests in our antennas, though, it's all kinda cool
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My internal stupid, squeeing little fangirl cannot help but be amused when I overhear statements like, "Yeah, sorry. I couldn't get to my email for a couple of days there because I was over in Crystal City," at work.


Six Hours!

Apr. 28th, 2006 08:14 pm
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Today I participated in a six hour long tech manual review meeting. This meeting consisted of two different activities.

First there was a verification of the validity of our actual technical procedures. The way we do that is we get someone who doesn't know anything about electronics and have them read the manual out loud to a standard technician who doesn't have in-depth knowledge of the system (that would be, me). You can't pick an engineer, 'cos they're wonky and prone to improvising, and you can't pick someone who has a lot of knowledge about the system, although good general knowledge is just fine. Then, if the technician, after listening to the reader's words, can figure out what to do, it's okay. A lot of other people sit around and make observations and comments and write things down and correct typos while this is going on. If the technician ever ends up holding the procedure because the reader is too confused to read it, we're probably talking about a bad procedure. We only spent a couple hours doing this bit.

The rest of the day was spent reviewing the bits that aren't procedures. This involves everyone sitting around at a conference table, staring at an overhead projection of a computer monitor containing the manual. We then go through line by line, making sure it complies with military standards for technical manuals, making sure it's grammatically and technically correct, and checking for how clear it is. This gets... rather tedious after awhile. At one point, I fell asleep. I didn't get in trouble, but everyone did laugh at me. Interestingly, I was told, 'No snoring,' but no one ever said anything against just sleeping, provided I did it quietly.

That's when I started doodling for the sake of my own sanity. This was the best doodle from today's events.

It's lopsided. That's a BAE company post-it it's on.

For the record, I did actually make useful contributions and such, too.

Dull, a bit tedious, but I look at it this way: they're paying me $20+ an hour to sit around, stare at an overhead, and doodle. Not really too bad.
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I have finally finished reading all the books included in-game in Daggerfall, and am now moving on to Morrowind. Of course, I plan to be skipping the ones that are repeats, although the difference between the two versions of The Real Barenziah amuses (they edit out the porn in the Morrowind version and later). For those who would like to join me in my quest for ultimate Elder Scrolls geekdom, the Imperial Library contains the in-game books for all the Elder Scrolls games except Oblivion; they're still getting those ones added in. If I ever wanted to run a tabletop RPG in Tamriel (and lets face it; that is a very well detailed world, and would probably make a decent tabletop setting), I'd definately make heavy use of this site.

For the record, I'm reading these things at home and during lunch. During actual working hours, I instead read things like:

Cable Bifurcation

1. In this procedure is the mating of two cables with a single connector. This procedure shall ensure that an environmental seal exists and that adequate strain relief is provided (figure 1).

Damn you, [ profile] yartek and [ profile] doom_bees! This should not make me snicker as much as it does!
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From the Technical Manual and Maintenance Instructions for the Digital Interrogator AN/UPX-37:

"The EXT STAGGER TRIGGER MODE is one of the two trigger modes that can us an external trigger to synchronize the challenge sequences, and is the more clear forward to describe."

Yes. Especially to people who are inclined to use phrases like, "more clear forward."

But that's okay, because according to its technical manual, the AN/APX-118(V)7 Transponder Set "reduces the possibility of fratricide."

It is very important that all of you know these things.

Edit: Bah. I left out two words in my fratricide reduction paragraph. I blame the fact that my brain's been turned to mush due to having to make sense of sentences like, "For this trigger the path from the CNT DOWN EXT TRIG passes through the RADAR AUTO PRETRIGGER DELAY circuit before becoming the REF TRIG. This delay circuit has a MINUS delay effect (i.e. the delay from a given counted-down trigger is actually the time of the counted-down trigger's period MINUS the RADAR AUTO PRETRIG DELAY value entered)." I really wish I had brought my crayons to work with me. It's a lot easier to make sense of this stuff when you can trace out the signal paths in forest green or violet.
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Because dA eats my computer, and I don't want to do an update on my webpage until I'm done with my move, I'm going to use LJ to toss my art out there.

Oh, as for the going ons in my life: The guys who in Maryland who interviewed me have yet to call me back, and I'm doubting they will (I used to call them once a week, got hem and haw answers, and finally gave up). The other guys in Maryland intend to hire me, but because of budgeting problems, may not be able to for several months. I got a job offer in Louisiana, and was going to move there this weekend before I got a better offer doing something that I think I'll enjoy more for better money and better benefits and in an area of the country I like better (Wallops Island, VA), so now I'm holding off on the full move to go there, but on the downside this means a slightly larger gap where I am not getting paid. Still, all is well, and I am a happy Breezy, even if I no longer have my appartment and am living with a friend for a couple of weeks.

Picture babble and picture itself. )
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Repeat after me: Sailors are not Soldiers.

And here is an example. )

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