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Saphirebreeze is a native of the Suniverse, an alternate dimension that is the true origin of all Mary Sues. The Suniverse is a beautiful place, with Unicorns and faeries and what-have-you and the occasional evil being trying to take over or destroy everything so that one of the Sues can have a chance to save the day. The Suniverse is also subjected to a roving interdimensional vortex called the "Plot Device" that snatches up Sues at random, rearranges their memories, and plops them into other realties (also altering the memories of those in the new realities in the process). This is how most Sues come into the fanfiction realities as we know them, but not Saph. Saph was failing Suniversity (try as she might, she just couldn't get the knack of healing people), and was offered a deal by the Council of Sue: if she would work for them as a member of Sueforce, she would be granted a diploma from the Suniversity.

Now, Sapphire's mission in Sueforce is fairly simple: travel from reality to reality and gather up all the wayward Sues (note: wayward Sues, not Wayward Sues. Wayward Sues do are usually allowed to run free). The Council of Sue consists of several very wise, powerful, and, of course, beautiful individuals who realize that the minds of lesser beings should be allowed to develop freely, and thus must not be subjected to the personality altering effects of a Suniverse-native's aura, called a Snadification field. A Sue who's had her memory altered generally has no idea that she emits this field, and honestly believes that she is reforming the object of her affections through the power of her love.

For the purpose of her travels, Sapphire's own Snadification field has been dampened, and she's been equipped with a de-Snadding ray and a memory restoration ray, plus a small assortment of more standard weaponry. Sapphire's run into several problems on her missions due to the fact that she herself is, at heart, a Sue and is forced to act against her nature. The greatest difficulty she's encountered is the fact that she's desperately in love with Starscream (any of them, from any reality), but, not only does she not have a Snadification field with which to win his heart (or fuel pump, or whatever), but she is forced, upon the completion of each mission, to nobly leave her love behind in the name of duty, after which she moves on to another reality (with a quick drop-off in the Suniverse), where she falls in love only to have her heart broken all over again.

Often, all it takes is a shot from her memory restoration ray and a harsh admonishment ("Naughty Sue! Playing with the minds of lesser beings!""Opps! Sorry!") to get her job done, but some Sues are more stubborn. She has been authorized the use of lethal force if all other means fail, but Sues are very hard to kill, and on occasion she's had to resort to "Plan Z". "Plan Z" is where she pretends to be an evil supervillain bent on total destruction so that the Sue perp can sacrifice her life nobly in order to save all reality. She's only accidentally destroyed two universes this way, but all that pretending to be evil seems to be starting to affect her mind...

Alternately, I'm an Electronics Technician. Whatever seems more interesting.
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