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Not [i]old[/i] old. This isn't from when I was nine or anything. Probably more 2000-2001 timeframe. Just a random seamonster. With boobs. Done in pencil and colored pencil.

Rawr. )
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This time I worked through a tutorial on Adobe's actual site. It's for Photoshop CS, but everything in it works just fine for Photoshop 7, the version I'm using. Back when I snagged this tutorial from the web, it was an actual webpage, but it looks like it's been replaced with a pdf.

The pictures they use aren't available for download so you can work through them, so I used some of my own. Final results are... mmmm, mixed. I mean, it looks okay, but I'm not wowed or bowled over or anything. But still, I did learn a lot about blending modes that I didn't before, and that's important.

Original pictures and final result behind link. )
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Arts. )
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This picture is a few years old. Not as old as the pictures I posted the other day, mind you... I was in the Navy when I did it. But still, old.

I'm putting up two versions. One is black and white, and the other is where I just decided to muck around in Photoshop a bit. I really don't intend on doing a 'proper' color, because I quite like the black and white version.

Art behind cut. )
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As threatened, here are the first scans from my sketch book from when I was a kid. I originally got the book for Christmas of 1985, and at first tried to keep it as an art-diary of sorts, but then... I got lazy. But anyway, if the pictures in it look like what a little kid would draw, well, they were. I have the book dated 1985-1988. Most of the earlier pages have individual dates on them, but I eventually got too lazy even for that. Either way, my own personal age range on these masterpieces was nine to twelve.

Some of the pages have words on them that don't always make much sense, because at some point I decided my book needed chapters and the logic of how I grouped the pictures was, at times, ill-defined at best. Also, many of the pages are damaged because at another point in time I decided it would be a fine idea for my sketch book to double as a photo album, and I went through and just glued photos to the backside of art.


Anyway. 'Arts.' )

And just think! More crap tomorrow! XD
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Finally got around to finishing the Robot Girl WIP I showed awhile back. Crap background, as usual.

And here it is! )
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Putzing around with online Photoshop tutorials again. This one seems kind of neat for the making of backgrounds and stuff. I'm sure there are other possibilities, too. As I worked through it, I made use of Photoshop's task recording option, so now I can fill random empty documents with water-like liquid anytime I want! Uhm. Yay.

It's just a bit of filter putzing. No actual artistic ability required. The tutorial is titled "Reflective Water" but it's not 'reflecting' anything in particular. Nor is it quite the right color for water. It's blue liquid with lights in, really.

For anyone who wants to see it, here are the results of me running through the procedure three times. )
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Righto. Largely just to let people know I'm not dead, I'll post arts.

I'm more amused than I should be by the Marvel version of Arcee. While comic books often... enhance certain feminine attributes, Marvel's version of Arcee is flat. Flatter than her cartoon counterpart. Flatter than most of the male Transformers. Flatter, indeed, then any other version of Arcee that's popped up since. So, randomly, I decided to sketch up some cheesecake poses of her to see if she can still be sexy. Well, you know. For a robot in candy-pink and white. Right away I ran into problems with her poses, though, because her those bits that stick up... they're not attached to her back behind her shoulders, as they are in just about every other version of Arcee out there, but they're on her shoulders/part of her arms, and twist when she moves her arms. Kind of a pain for some of these postes!

Oh well. At least she has girly-girl legs.

Scribbly-sketches behind cut. )
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Did another "anime" coloring tutorial. I found this one a lot closer to what it was advertised to be, so I'll go ahead and link you guys to it. I downloaded it onto my computer a... couple of years ago, but yay! It's still there. The line work isn't mine, and is from the Powers Coloring/Activity Book I uploaded previously.

I didn't follow this tutorial exactly (and probably blurred the light and shadow layers a bit too much, losing some of the sharp-edged shading you should get in animation), and I've got a few tricks beyond what they go over (and used them, too). The lame background is just a combination of different filters, a duplication here, a change in blending mode there. I quite like the glowy cubes. The shades were easy - just put them on their own layer and make them somewhat transparent. If I had done this all in one sitting, it wouldn't have taken me all that long at all, and that's on my first run-through. It's a bit cutsie in some places but... eh. I managed. I'll definitely keep some of the tricks I picked up here, as simple as they are.

And here you go! )
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Yeah, I don't know who he was, either, besides being the 7th Earl of Oxford. He doesn't have a page on Wikipedia (although he's listed on the Earls of Oxford page), and a quick Yahoo search reveals a few genealogy entries that confirms that he existed. And had kids.

So why am I drawing him?

Well, interspaced in my art books is a book of "Medieval Knights Paper Soldiers" by A.G. Smith. I happened to grab that book, chose a page and figure at random, and he's what I ent up drawing. So there you go.

I'm including the picture I was drawing from. Some of the differences were intentional, as I didn't find the original pose particularly interesting or dynamic (my first art book was "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way," don't'cha know?). Some of it is genuine screw-up. But the thing is here... I'm not trying to draw true-to-life or exact-to-source. I am trying to draw a picture that is recognizable as a representation of the source, but looks like I drew it and, to my eyes, looks good. This sketch doesn't thrill me or anything, but its decent enough, and meets my rather lax requirements.

Original pic and sketch behind cut. )
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So here is Deadzone Long Haul in alt mode. Now, to cut off the two questions I anticipate:

"But he doesn't look anything like his War Within self?" and, "But there's no way he can transform into that?"

I don't have War Within with me, and have no intention of trying that style or level of detail, anyway. For this, I had only the G1 treatment of Cybertronian alt modes in mind: rounded, recognizable, and generally impossible for their robot modes to actually transform into. My primary references were, consequently, Long Haul's Earth alt mode and Kup's alt mode (as I believe Kup to be a Cybertronian pick-up truck, and thus would have some simularities in build). Inked with Sharpies. >_> And you can see clearly why I don't often ink.

Pic behind cut. )
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Those who have known me since I... joined the fandom will probably remember my first Transformers sketch ever. It's still up in my journal, although up in the scraps section. I just did one of my rare dA check-ins, and it appears to be getting a random upsurge in popularity, garnering more favorites and comments. All the, "So HOT" comments have me pretty amused, really.

The Starscream and Megatron as My Little Ponies is getting a lot more +favs, too, though not so many comments. Thankfully no, "So HOT" comments. That'd be kind of scary.

Heh. It's kind of weird to see Transformers so popular again, after having been in the fandom for so long when it wasn't.
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As mentioned before, back in my old figure class, if I started getting bored with what I was seeing I would instead draw it as something I wasn't seeing. This is a different female from the geometric figure-ish one I showed before, and is the one where I decided to turn the girl into a robot. Right now, all I've got is the original pencil sketch and some inks, and I'm not sure the inks will be there in the final version. Since I used the path-tracing method, and I still have those paths saved, I can go back and ink it in a different style pretty much anytime I want to with only a couple of clicks of my mouse.

Please remember that these pencils date to the late 90's, and it's not like I've got the original figure, or even a photograph, to verify things with when going back over and inking, so some bits will be wonky.

Pencils, and then inks. )
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Now I'm pretending to be a real artist! XD It's the shape-figure from a few days ago, colored in with a freaky scatter brush, slightly blurred, with various other blendings and filterings going on. I've been putzing about with this, or, pretty much all day. XD Part of what took me so long, though, was a result of me starting using one method, deciding I didn't like it, and going to a much earlier save point before moving forward again, so I lost a lot of time on stuff that didn't make any sort of a final impact on the picture. I doubt I'll do anything more with the original sketch anytime soon. I'm tuckered out.

Look how ARTY I am! )
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Working from another art book, but this book is just a collection of poses from different angles.

Nude poses. )

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